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  1. The monitor's are small 12" monitors with built in wifi that I use to access the network and run the script.
  2. Sorry it didn't take my screenshot!!!
  3. It already works as it is. Currently there is no form to make it user friendly. I did succeed in building the same thing in access but it doesn't have to farmatting propertied that I need here. I just need a form that will update the information that's all. Here is a screenshot of one of the outputs. Like I said this already works right now. It's just that when something does happen and the date needs updating, I have to do it in the code and I want a form to do it for me. That way I can let the hr people do it themselves.
  4. I have a script at my work that I'm using to display the facility safety acknowledgements. I'm displaying how many days it's been since a first aid event, a recordable, disabling, etc.... I have it all working and displaying to little smart monitors out front. It is working. So my question is how can I build a form to update it when something does happen? I have to manually update it right now through the code but the HR ladies up front won't be able to do that. Here is the code for one of the images that I'm displaying. All I need is a form that will connect to this document basically. <
  5. I dont have a preference really. Php is fine with me
  6. Nothing. It just needs to update every morning. For instance if we had an incident that required first aid today. That will be entered in the form and the output would be "0 days since first aid". Tomorrow it would automatically go to "1 day since first aid" and so on etc.....
  7. First let me give you a background of what's going on. We have what we call a dashboard here at work that shows things regarding safety like how many days it's been since had a unreportable accident, near miss, recordable, first aid or a disabling accident. It has all been kept by printing papers and hanging them manually so far. I am tasked with the job of making this electronic. We are putting up some video screens that will show this stuff. First I built a html form and had all my custom formatting and nice looking things but the way I had it, it would need to be entered everyday. So I then
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