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  1. I got it to work with your suggestion and I can't thank you enough!
  2. I am working with Advanced Custom Fields in Wordpress and trying to get some of the input fields to total in another field when certain fields lose focus. I can get this to work when the page is loaded and the fields are already on the page. However, there is a "button" (technically not a button, but this: <ul class="acf-hl"> <li class="acf-fr"> <a href="#" class="acf-button blue" data-event="add-row">Add Row</a> </li> </ul> ) that when pressed will add rows with new input fields. The script will not work unless I save the page. Is there a way for a
  3. You answered my question. Just a follow up: Would I use another script such as Perl to add those slashes before the external text file was loaded?
  4. How can I get Javascript to see a block of text as literal text without having to escape characters? I need to load a block of text and do multiple searches and replacements, but I'm going to get errors if the block of text has characters that need to be escaped that I don't know about. Is this possible and if not, what programming language should I use?
  5. Understood. So how do I reference the other statistics in each row to extract the info?
  6. I'm trying to load an XML file into a table. Each row (<tr>) has 11 stats (<td>). When I run my code, I only get the first td (the player's name). Could someone point me in the right direction? Here is my sample XML data: <nitf xmlns="http://ap.org/schemas/03/2005/nitf"> <table> <tr> <td>Player</td> <td>G</td> <td>MIN</td> <td>FGM-FGA</td> <td>PCT</td> <td>FGM-FGA</td> <td>FTM-FTA</td> <td>PCT</td> <td>PTS</td> <td>AVG</td
  7. I would like to extract data from Associated Press files and put them in tabular form for my work at a newspaper. I understand how to extract data when the nodes are obvious such as: <booklist>, <author>, but the files from the AP contain just <table>, <th>, <tr>, <td>, and I can't seem to extract the data. The file format is called NITF XML. I want to put them in a similar style table that would be printed in a newspaper. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! Here is an sample file as it appears when downloaded from their wire: <nitf xmlns="http://ap
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