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  1. I have a similar problem... the true is this forum is almost dead... no responses etc... I want understand how .ir works, by example I want image replacement for my logo, so I need a extra .class for work? like this <a class="logo ir" href="/">my site name</a> and in the class .logo I need insert the logo background image? or??? I try to understand how use the image replacement on boilerplate... help!
  2. I see in a lot "pro" sites... just show that comment at the end, I think is not a coincidence... maybe something generate thathttp://milan.adamovsky.com/2009/09/css-localization.html im courious
  3. thanks I know that, but something less extended, you know property, values and examples... you know focus to the point without the extended explanation etc... thanks
  4. hi, If anybody create large css files knows that folding using comments for group pieces of code is so useful. I was use textmate and is a little hacky but possible, see:http://css-tricks.com/forums/discussion/2783/foldable-textmate-css-groups-i-e-cssedit/p1 the question is, "how do it in sublime text" ???? or other technique for folding groups of code on css files? using sublime text? http://www.sublimetext.com/
  5. sometimes I see on the css bottom file, this: /* Localized */ what means?that comment means?why? I cant find info about that
  6. hi, Im a beginner-middle css user... and every time that I need search for a element and properties I need go to google and go to some pages... but where's the entire documentation that show EVERY SINGLE element that exist on CSS? (including css3...) with good examples of use etc...? is a waste of time search in a lot sites... and which elements are by default block or inline? any help related with my question? thank you
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