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  1. gfx42

    My first website

    Thanks for the advice. The site was made out of boredom. I got an itch to learn basic html & css, and also thought it'd be cool to have a place I could showcase some images. I agree, a scaling/dynamic (or w/e) website would be cool. At the moment I'm done tinkering with the site.It was just something to do. cheers
  2. * [sOLVED] option for threads*Search function - Is the search function broken? The search feature doesn't work for me. For example I can do a search for a known thread title or word in any given forum and it always comes back as no results.
  3. I agree with niche. Mabey one of your wrapping divs are missing something, like an ending bracket. I'd go over it with a fine tooth comb to make sure your div tags are proper.
  4. Hey thanks alot <3 This is solved
  5. So I made my main site logo text a clicky to return to the index.html page.Cool.But, the 3 div containers (class="contentleft") under the logo are also clickable and return me to the index.html. Those images/div containers arent supposed to be a link of any sort atm. I can't figure out why they are even clickable in the first place. Any ideas would be appreciated. Visit http://gfx42.com to see what I mean. index.html default.css regards,david
  6. http://gfx42.com current - default.css Current - aboutus.html (as an example) ok i'll try this. Thankyou so much guys =P Edit: It's solved now guys. I used: .nav .activePage a {color:#C00;} instead of .activepage a {color:#C00;} Thanks alot for the help
  7. Thanks for explaining. I went to each of my html pages and put in the class "activePage" for the corresponding page.Below is an example of my blog link being assigned the class. <li class="activePage"><a href="blog.html">Blog</a></li>|<li><a href="aboutus.html">About Us</a></li>|<li><a href="portfolio.html">Portfolio</a></li>|<li><a href="gfxgallery.html">GFXGallery</a></li>|<li><a href="gfxrequest.html">GFXRequest</a></li>|<li><a href="donate.html">Donate</a
  8. gfx42

    My first website

    It's true purpose will serve later on to showcase some of my image manipulation abilities if I actually get "good" at it. Cool speed art etc. As of now, the site is just a learning experience for me.I didn't need to host it to practice html & css, but thought it be cool to learn another process of web making. Aquiring a domain & hosting it, using ftp etc. At any rate thankyou for checking it out, glad you thought it was nice =D.
  9. Could you give me a code example please? I'm having a hard time understanding =/.
  10. So after getting addicted to Gimp & Photoshop almost a month ago, I figured it be cool to dabble in some actual web design.I started to learn basic html & css 4 days ago.I've created a static website for now.The content is lacking, it's basically just a skeleton template at the moment.But iam enjoying myself alot hand coding this template/site from scratch aswell as creating the images. GFX42.COM
  11. This is how I tried.I did this on all html pages.Mabey i'm just doing it wrong =/ One of my html pages as an example: <li class='activePage'><a href="blog.html">Blog</a></li>|<li class='activePage'><a href="aboutus.html">About Us</a></li>|<li class='activePage'><a href="portfolio.html">Portfolio</a></li>|<li class='activePage'><a href="gfxgallery.html">GFXGallery</a></li>|<li class='activePage'><a href="gfxrequest.html">GFXRequest</a></li>|<li class='activePage'><
  12. Thanks for the help. One question though, why don't I have to do your suggestion to the hover & visited states for them to work? If you notice in my .css, the visited & hover states are implimented the same way the active/focus states are, yet they work.Just curious why the diffrent link states need to be addressed in seperate ways. .nav a:visited {color:#fff;}.nav a:hover {color:#000;}.nav a:active {color:#000;}.nav a:focus {color:#000;} Update: Your suggestion didn't work, though I appreciate it.
  13. In "outer" try margin:0 auto; instead of margin:auto; Mabey do the same with your header div. Just throwing some ideas out there idk if they help =/
  14. Hello.I'm building my first website gfx42.com.It is a static website.I would like the navigation link(s) to the active or current page to remain a certain color whenever you are on any given page.For example while i'm on the "about us" page, the "about us" nav link should remain any given color until I leave the page. default.css aboutus.html (as an example)
  15. http://www.w3schools...tml/default.asp and/or
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