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  1. JD99

    Flash and the Web

    Great .... Thanks for the feedback. Really appreciate it.
  2. JD99

    Flash and the Web

    Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty new to Flash. I am using Flash Professional CS 5.5 and I did the following steps to create an AVI file: Opened Flash Pro CS 5.5. Selected "Animation" from "Create from Template". Selected "Animated Mask Motion Tween" from the templates. I played the animation. I then selected File \ Export \ Export Movie. From the "Save as type" I selected "Windows AVI". I clicked Save. I then played the AVI file and it played successfully and showed the animation. I'm assuming I could convert the file for mobile viewing and could use the AVI for desktop viewing ? Or can .AVI's and .MOV's be played on Mobile devices ? Thanks for the help !
  3. JD99

    Flash and the Web

    Hi ... I'm hoping someone can assist me. I am in the preliminary stages of choosing a program for creating animation and video for the Web, specifically for Mobile Devices and Desktops. I understand Flash Player will no longer be developed for mobile devices. My questions are as follows: Can I create an animation in Adobe Flash Pro, export the animation as a .MOV or .AVI and be able to upload the animation to the web so it is playable on mobile devices and desktops ? What program would you recommend I learn in order to create animation and videos for Mobile Devices and Desktops, taking into consideration HTML 5 ? I know the basics of HTML 4 and CSS but for the last 10 years I've been working as a Network professional. Your help is very appreciated. Thanks, Jason
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