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  1. ownage

    Page resize?

    correctly? where do i use the percentages, for the body width?
  2. how do i open multiple popups? like in a while loop, it will only re-open it if it is closed, i want it to keep popping up millions
  3. ownage

    id tag

    do i leave the value field as value? where u have used value
  4. ownage

    id tag

    if i do this <form><input type="password" value="" id="tfield" / ><br /><input type="button" value="Submit" onclick="chooseme()" /></form> and i make a fuction do this function chooseme(){var a = document.getElementById("tfield").document.write(a)} why wouldnt it work? also the part after getElementById("tfield") can i put functions such as tfield.funcname()
  5. ownage


    hahah, i must have somehow thought it was onclose, thanks for teh help lol,
  6. ownage


    question 1 :okay i wrote a bunch of stuff but for some reason it didnt send.. any way i got chooseme to run with mouseover which would trigger a text message and an alert box, but if i have onclose="choseme()" in the body it wont work, i actually want choose me to open another function depending on what the pword was. i dont think it can do this much calculating on close =(. any suggestiongs?question 2also is there a way to get value into a variable from a form, i mucked around with no success <form><input type="text" width="10" name="bob"><input type="button" onclick="" value=
  7. ownage

    What now?

    in the .net section it says microsoft is trying to standadize something or other, any way why dont people just use php and js as the standard instead of asp and vb script? the syntax of php and javascript are like the same as c & c++ so if u could get php to run c++ it would own, on w3schools at the end of js section they say to learn asp. so is there any other benifets of it?
  8. ownage

    What now?

    i think, perl, php and asp are all server side scripts, what are there +'s and -'s, ppl say php is for linux users coz they cant use asp, but then y is asp so much more expensive? i was leaning towards php but im not so sure now..., i read from .net asp section that it supports c++ so im thinking woot, im geussing the others dont? also can some one clarify what html dom is. and why not just stik e4x as an update for js?
  9. what do u mean by adress, sounds like a pointer 2 me
  10. they should have called em structures like in c++ its 2 easy to get confused coz they both start with function
  11. 1. im not sure just try it, variables created in a case will probable only exist in that case, having them exist for the others isnt logical (if u wanted to just use a global variable). break will get u out of the loop and continue with the code after that if any, for instance if u had case 1: case 2: and case 3:, and the variable = 1 {statment, break} it would skip case 2 and 32. depends on what you want to get done, seems like ur only letting some one in if they know the correct value, 3. not to my knowledge4. hmm, cant think of any atm, 5. u have to declare the parameters when u create a fu
  12. i have a variable which is global, not in any funtions or whateva, straight at the top of the page. this is saved in a external file with a function. the page that is linked to this js page should onload open a function inside the external script and open a prompt box which then stores the input into my variable, then i want to use the variable input in another function which uses if etc,i have this code in my html page<code><body onclose="chooseme(a)" onload="prompta(a)"></code>this in my external file for prompta, i want to have the input sent to the global variable a in th
  13. ownage


    can u give me some elements u can stick inside it?
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