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  1. I have an array full of smaller arrays. The smaller arrays contain elements, one of which is a date. (Not a timestamp, a date such as 1, 2, 3, etc.) I want to sort the small arrays within the large array in order of this date. I don't see anything in the docs for PHP on how to do this.Let me state this another way. I have an array called $eventsThisMonth. I would like to sort $eventsThisMonth by $eventsThisMonth[every][dateOfThisOccurrance]. Thank you in advance for your great help and advice. Jeff P.S. I tried sorting "manually" using an outside loop that goes 1-31 (for the possible v
  2. Hi everybody,it's been a couple of days that i'm trying to show the values inside a multidimensional array but unsuccessfully. This is my code: $i=0;$countLow=0;$fissoLow=0;for ($i=0;$i<10; $i++){ $z+=2; $fissoLow = 10*2*$z; $countLow = $fissoLow*$z; $res=array("fissi" => array($fissoLow),"conteggi" => array($countLow)); }for ($j=0; $j<count($res); $j++){ echo $res['fissi'][$j] . " " . $res['conteggi'][$j] . "<br />"; } And this is the (wrong) result: 400 8000 This should be the last row of $res array, not the only one. Waiting your replies
  3. so I've figured out how to read an array and place it into a file with a single array...$matrix[10] and have it save onto a file all of the data with a new line per databut it gets kind of unnecessary and messy, however it's still readable. When it comes to $matrix[10][10] it becomes UNREADABLE, basically what I do isrun it through [0][0-10] and then [1][0-10] etc until its done all the values which isfine because its reparsable but for convenience I want it so I can quickly edit the numberson the txt file. ex:1,1,2,3,5,6,7,2,4,62,4,5,6,7,8,5,3,1,3 instead of112356724624...etc I want some form
  4. Hi folksI'm trying to initiate a click event (and subsequent image fade in) when a user clicks on a thumbnail. That in itself isn't such a problem. The problem lies in the fact that the thumbnails are contained in an array and are displayed with an append within an each loop (see code below). I've gotten halfway there, the code below does initiate a fade in when a thumbnail is clicked - however, it fades in all the images as opposed to just the one relating to the thumbnail that is clicked on. I know this is because by the time the #test append happened all the images have loaded so it just di
  5. Okay, here is the problem, the background to it is a little bit lengthy but please bear with me as I think it's probably essential to getting to the root of it. I'm trying to design an on-site navigation system using straight javascript and jquery. The site is for a photographer who has a number of galleries of her images she wants to put up. These are displayed on the page as a series of thumbnails which are arranged in a grid (lets say 3 by 3 here for simplicity's sake). The idea is that these can either be displayed in order of size or in order of the date the gallery was updated. There are
  6. Hi,Apologies if I'm doing something very obviously stupid here, I'm fairly new to this sort of thing. What I'm basically trying to do is crop a two dimensional array of coordinates to the same length as another array called from an sql database using php and then made useable in javascript via json_encode. The good news is that I've managed to accomplish this. The code below actually does this twice with the database information called in different orders so that I have two two-dimensional javascript arrays, each with an x and y coodinate tagged onto the end of each row. (For anyone who's inte
  7. i have a 6 number array separated by (,)for example4,29,70,17,49,51,how do i get my random 6 numbers out the array?i tried...$the_number = explode(",", $number);$number1 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 1);$number2 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 2);$number3 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 3);$number4 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 4);$number5 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 5);$number6 = array_slice($the_number, 0, 6);and it did not work
  8. Hello, I would like to do some calculations in a predefined array. With the script below I can retrieve a number of the matrix.However, I want to reuse this number and do some calculations with it, for example calculate the factorial. But I don't now how I have to save the selected number and then to reuse it for further calculation. can you help me? Thx,Roger <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head><title>MATRIX</title> </head><b
  9. <?php$sites = array(array(array("Google","http://www.google.com"), array("search engine","platform","news","weather") ), array(array("Youtube","http://www.youtube.com"), array("search engine","platform","news","video") ) ); $query = $_GET["query"];if (strlen($query) > 0) {$suggestions = "";for ($i=0; $i<count($sites); $i++) { if (strtolower($query) == strtolower(substr($sites[$i][0][0],0,strlen($query)))) { for ($j=0; $j<count($sites[$i][1]); $j++) if ($suggestions == "") { $suggestions = "<a href=".$sites[$i][0][1]." target='_blank'>".$sites[$i
  10. I'm trying to write an algorithm return an array sorted by a given property in a JSON object. Here's an example of what I want to sort: obj_to_be_sorted = {'four' : {'num' : 4},'one' : {'num' : 1},'three' : {'num' : 3},'two' : {'num' : 2}} sort = function(obj, property, reverse_order) { a = [] for (key in obj) { a.push(key) } return a.sort(a, { /* I think it would involve the sort function... */ }} sorted_array = sort(obj_to_be_sorted, 'num', false); // should return the JSON keys sorted by the 'num' property, i.e. ['one', 'two', 'three', 'four'] I just don't know I would go about doin
  11. I am having problems with getting the right syntax in Javascript to access and array set up in a form (for check boxes) via getElementById The setup on the form works fine because I can access it in PHP no problem. But can't get the syntax right in JS setup in PHP as followes while($row = mysql_fetch_row($result)) { print "<input type ='checkbox' class = 'selectedsurvey' id = 'SelectedSurveys[".$x."]' name = 'SelectedSurveys[".$x."]' checked='checked'/>"; print "<label>$row[1]</label>"; print "<br/>\n"; $x+=1; } They are read from a database of surveys M
  12. honkmaster

    Help With Array

    Hi, can anyone help me with this. I have a column in my table call "machine", I want to count the number of time each appears and return the results into an array In the example below the number of times each printer appears in the column is returned to the array Cheers Chris ____________machine____________fb75001fb75002turbojet turbojet xl15001xl15002canonroland $fb75001 = '1';$fb75002 = '1';$turbojet ='2';$xl15001 = '1';$xl15002 = '1';$canon = '1';$roland = '1'; $query = "SELECT machine, COUNT(machine) FROM maindata GROUP BY machine";
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