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  1. Hi, In a responsive website, programmers usually consider three screen sizes: normal, tablets, and cell phones. When the browser reaches each size, there usually be no overlapping, however, in sizes between those three there is overlapping of content. I would appreciate if someone can explain how to prevent overlapping in between the three sizes?
  2. Hello, i am currently using this to make my table appear in the center.<table align="center">...When i look, it works, but the validator suggests to use CSS. I have tried some things like:<table style="align:center"><table style="text-align:center">But none of them seem to work. What am i doing wrong?Thanks in advance! =D
  3. Are there any peculiarities to using CSS on a WordPress site. Anybody know where I can find a CSS and WordPress tutorial?
  4. Dear all: Below code is for the header part of a responsive page. The header, 275px high, is divided into a video on the left and an aside section on the right. The video takes 60% width, the remaining 40% is occupied by the aside section. The aside comprises from top to bottom: flags area with 15% height, bottom link with 25% height, and an h1 in between, set to auto height to take the remaining height. I set the h1 area to begin at 15% height (height of the flags section) and 28% from the bottom (height of the bottom link plus 3% padding). When I checked the height of h1 using a dashed box,
  5. Dear all: I have a header with 60% width occupied by a video, to the right of which is an aside section taking the remaining 40%. The aside section has three items fixed horizontally on top of each other. So the header has four elements in total. To account for possible overlaps between the four elements, I declared a z-index of -1 to the top right element, with the rest elements getting z-index 1 to 3. Then the element with z-index -1 disappeared. I then gave it z-index 1 and gave the others 2-4. Why has z-index -1 caused the element to disappear?
  6. Dear All: In a W3school's tutorial is this tip: Tip: When aligning elements with position, always define margin and padding for the <body> element. This is to avoid visual differences in different browsers. Do we still need to do this if we have already declared the margin and padding for the whole page, e.g. *{margin: 0; padding:0;} and why?
  7. Dear all: Below is a sample nav formatting from Wschools. In playing with it, I have noticed that when I comment out the text-decoration property of the anchor link, links get underlined and their color changes to blue, which is expected. However, after this line of code, there is another line that changes color to white. Why is this last line not overriding the blue color? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> ul {float: left; width: 100%; padding: 0; margin: 0; list-style-type: none;} a {float: left; width: 6em; text-decoration: none; color: white; backgroun
  8. Hi! I modified the wordpress slideshow to make it much nicer looking and added text below, however, I am having a horrible time with the responsive aspect of it...the location of the control buttons (to move the show forward and backwards), as well as the simple text block below the slides move an enormous amount depending on the screen size! Is there anything I can do to make the location of these elements dependent on each other so that they re-locate accordingly? Otherwise, no one is going to be able to view the slides! The page I am talking about can be found here: http://annascher
  9. sspolice

    Template Form

    Hello guys am practically a day old here so i am not a pro with dreamweaver but i know sort of my way around but i am so puzzled and hope i can get help fast, so i downloaded a template and there is a form but i dont know what the ###### is goin on haha. DW has it own form but this one goes with the template so yes. below is the code , if any one could help me i would be greatful ! and yes am learning <form id="form" method="post" > <fieldset> <label><strong>Name:</strong><input type="text" value=""></label>
  10. Dear all, I have a code that is almost complete, but I am still struggling with header elements, and I am in desperate need for help. The site is using the box model and is responsive; Header area is 980px in width, 275px in height. A YouTube video is linked, occupies 60% of the left width and takes the full height (275px) I am struggling with the remaining 40%, in which I want: At its bottom, a horizontal link box: height 75px, width 40% of the window, with 'Try the Offer' text. Above the horizontal link two h1 lines on top of each other. Top h1 reads: Experience a Unique Off
  11. I know there are a lot of topics out there about the CSS position: fixed not working, but those solutions do not work for me. Here is the CSS code: #slideshow{ height: 200px; width: 1308px; background-color: #dbdbdb; top: 800px; left: -100px; border-style: solid; border-color: #b0adb0; border-width: 03px; position: fixed; } In the screenshot (slideshowDIVhidden), the div is supposed to show up between the very top box and the two bottom boxes, while still being still relative to the viewport. When it is hidden, this is because the position: fixed; code is on. The slideshowDIVshown is what it
  12. Hello guys, Thanks for some support in past. now i have been confused about this issue, yea this is my wrong cause i don't know if the projects doesn't care about responsive. the client want to keep every thing same in mobile, ipad, tablet or desktop. so i this is my simple demo , please click on it. my question is How can i remove effect responsive in bootsrap whatever the device access ? Case : The demo just a simple demo, there is img in my project i have been remove class img-responsive but the col- i don't know how to remove effect repsonsive ? will big thanks and many aprec
  13. Hi w3 Community i want to learn how to replicate this effect on the main screen of this website https://overv.io/ The traget(booklets) starts off somewhere fixed and translate/rotates towards 0 once it's reached it's original location, scrolling further down won't change any location scrolling back up with move the items back towards the location it stated. Here's something which i think it should look like.. window.onscroll = function() {var speed = 1; //this should be adapted to the height of divvar startdeg = 130; //var startx = 300;var starty =-300;var scroll = $(window).scrollTop(
  14. <head> <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-latest.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.isotope.js"></script> </head> <div class="container"> <div class="categories"> <ul class="cat"> <li class="pull-left"><h4>PHOTOS</h4></li> <li class="pull-right"> <ol class="type"> <li><a href="#" data-filter="*" class="active">ALL
  15. It seems like I have been trying to display HTML img images and not very sure of the proper syntax. "HOW TO MAKE IMAGE NOT A BACKGROUND IMAGE BUT A PHOTO FOCAL POINT" "PROBLEM IS HOW TO PROPERLY INSERT A IMAGE. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY. AND WHERE TO ADD ATTRIBUTES OF THE FILE.", there must be several ways some tend to overlap and Is that ok good or bad? seems that I have to enter the style in HTML file after the img for it to take? I have been getting mixed results over some times, It seems to me that there is many ways to do everything. there is different way to achiev
  16. I love the way W3Schools provides "Browser Support" information for HTML and CSS references! That feature has been invaluable as the development projects I'm on move to HTML 5. The move to HTML 5 is also including a better focus on Web Content Accessibility. Over the last year or so I've started to wish that you had a similar support feature with respect to Screen Readers. I know that this gets complicated very quickly due to the fact that most screen readers operate on particular OS's, and in conjunction with whatever browser (and browser version) the user prefers, but still a very basic
  17. wesley

    align form with css

    Hello, I have make a form. But the form is not align. I want to have spece between the label and the input, like in the image. The dual column example you see space between the label and the input. My question is: how can I make this? My css is: label{ display:block; color: white; margin:12px; padding: 12px; }input{ height:40px; width: 190px; font-size:20px;} thanks in advance.
  18. Hello, I'm working to create a website where you have three images side by side. I would like to justify through three align an image on a div. I have created a class, but on the one page he does this and on other page aligns he doesn't matter. My question is: can anyone advise me how I can fix this that the three be aligned the same images on all pages? Thanks in advance. page 1 here is aligned:<div id="box4"><h2>Gebouwen</h2><p class="right"><img src="images/gebouwen/image1.jpg" width="250" alt="text"><img src="images/gebouwen/image.jpg" width="2
  19. Hi, I am trying to come up with a preloader. The problem is none of the animations start. What I am trying to achieve is the following sequence: preloader_wrapper fade in, then fade out as soon as the document is loaded. JS: jQuery(document).ready(function($) {/* * Preloader */$('#preloader_wrapper').addClass('preloader_fadein');$(window).load(function(){$('#preloader_wrapper').addClass('preloader_fadeout');$('header *').css({ -webkit-animation-play-state: 'running'; -moz-animation-play-state: 'running'; -o-animation-play-state: 'running'; animation-play-state: 'running';});});});
  20. rgrisham

    Background CSS3

    html { background: url(img_flower.jpg) no-repeat center center fixed; background-size: cover;} I've put the above CSS3 in stylesheet and into the html doc directly on my laptop, which was displaying the img background using CSS, but I could not get a background using CSS3. I am running Windows 10. Is there a setting on the computer or a limit to an image? I was a jpg img. In addition, I used this same code on another computer and it worked perfectly. Different image and doc, but I've checked it thoroughly for errors in script, but haven't noticed any obvious difference. Anyw
  21. Hello Forum, Okay so this is probably the easiest question to answer but I am new to coding and CSS/HTML so I hope someone can answer this. Created a Navigation Menu on my website and added code to center the Links to the center of the page which works fine but as you can see the picture I attached, the links are sitting below the blue menu bar. It looks like there is a line height issue or something. I went through a bunch of the demos on this site and couldn't get it right. This is the code I am using to get it centered: <style type="text/css"> #primary-menu-container ul{text-
  22. guys i need your help. .a {width:500px; height:300px; overflow-x:hidden; overflow-y:auto; } i have a div which shows messages like facebook. i want to open the page with overflow-y but it wont up it will show end of div. Scroll should be down when page opens.
  23. hi friends, my webpage works fine with chrome but when i press the print screen(ctrl+p) header alignment changes. i tried to correct in many ways nothing seems to work. the twist it works fine for all sub menu the alignment problem is only with main main pages(my logo is on right corner it is moving towards center when print) <!DOCTYPE html><!--using html 5--><html lang="en-US"><head><meta name="description" content="for family safety"><meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1"><meta http-equiv="X-UA
  24. hi friends, i am asked to create a website which is compatible to chrome and IE 11. i am developing the site in html5 when i added meta tags <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1" /> its showing error in w3 html5 validator Error: A meta element with an http-equiv attribute whose value is X-UA-Compatible must have a content attribute with the value IE=edge. From line 5, column 1; to line 5, column 56 =edge" />↩<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1" /> ↩<met how to c
  25. hi all, i am new to developing, i am trying to develop a site with the help of googling. In my header title, its not aligning to center even if i give the property text-align:center #header { clear:both; height:110px; background-color:#fff; }#site_title { float: left; margin: 25px 0 0 405px; }#site_title h2 { margin: 0; padding: 0; color:#000; } waiting for the valuable inputs
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