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  1. Hello everyone, let's see if anyone can help me out. I'm creating a page with squares and rectangles div (windows 8 style) spaced from each other 4px. Each div has a title or a mini sentence. I would like: 1 - going with the mouse over the div, it shrinks slightly and changes color, all with a transition;2 - clicking on one div, this one must increase in the vertical and horizontal size because I need that, into the div will appear text boxes where you can enter data which will return a value;3 - when the div size increases, others div should always move in an orderly manner4 - clicking on ano
  2. hi there,I have 2 div's my 1st div is a menu with a bit of css3 in it and the 2nd div is animated art work from adobe edge. what i need:i need the animated div to work in the background of the 1st div and bring the 1st div to the front of the stage the problem:the 2nd div is overlapping the 1st div and stopping the menu from working properly my code: <style type="text/css">/* main menu styles */#nav { display:inline-block; width:100%; margin:0px auto; padding:0; background:#008000 url(../image/bg.png) repeat-x 0 -110px; border-radius:10px; /*some css3*/ -moz-border-radius:10px; -webkit
  3. Hi there,I really need help. Im willing to pay for that. Im trying to post an add on a website which accept HTML. The problem is I was using image maping an everything was working fine for around 3 months but suddenly stopped working. I see HTML editor from that website delete maping HTML code when I save the HTML. Well, I changed to used Fireworks and Photoshop HTML code created when sliced my image and added links. I discover I only can use table or div but each sliced image appear with a space around each one. In other words, every sliced image are separated by one space. I dont know what t
  4. Ok- hope someone can help, as this is driving me nuts! I have 2 divs, left-floated within a wrapper div. The rigth side div is set to overflow:auto. The content correctly shows up with a scrollbar at most sizes. However, when I make the page narrower, it falls to the next line, instead of making the div narrower- why? Now, I realise I can set a min page width to stop this from happening, but right now that would have to be set at something like 1300px, which seems too wide to me for a min width. But I don't understand why the right div would fall to a new line instead of just getting narrower?
  5. yoyo w3...ive been starting up on a project... but now the design is crap inside explore, and just finded out... this is how it SHOULD look like (notice the boxes are in the middle...): and this is how it IS looking right now.. : and that is the WRONG design.. i need the boxes to center in the middle...this is my setup skin: function stdhead($title = ""){global $MT;/*Stylesheet Mod...*/if($CURUSER){ $HWT['stylesheet'] = isset($CURUSER['stylesheet']) ? "{$CURUSER['stylesheet']}.css" : $MT['stylesheet'];}/*Stylesheet Mod...*/$HTMLOUT = "";/*Starting the variable...*/$HTMLOUT .= "<head>
  6. hey guys, I seem to have a few problems with my divs. I've added my .html and .css file so you can check my code. It might be a bit messy in those files so i hope it's still understandable. here are my problems. First one: there's a small white space in between the upper 2 black bars. I want this space to be as wide all the way down to the footer. Somehow it won't work and I can't figure out why. It looks like the containing div is messing it up. second problem: the small divs on the right side seem to be a few pixels too big on the right and go outside of the containing div. How can i prevent
  7. Hey, I've added a screenshot to make it easier to for you guys to help me. I'm not sure why this is happening because I haven't changed a thing and it was al perfectly fine before. My web developer program shows my <ul>'s -webkit-padding-start: 40px;. So I've tried to change it to 0 pixels in my CSS file but nothing won't change.Does someone have an idea how I can make the space around the <ul> go away. Thanks in advance! Greets,Porkypie
  8. Hey, I have to use HTML & CSS to make a project for school. I'm a beginner and i'm having a small problem. After a lot of searching on the internet and not finding a solution I decided it woud be best to ask for some help here. I've attached a .css and .html file to this post so you can see what i did . What I want to accomplish is 2 rows with 3 <div>'s next to eachother. Together they should have the same width as the menu and every <div> should have the same size. Also they should be underneath the grey bar and above the footer. As you can see right now there's 6 <div>
  9. So I'm pretty new with all this and have just been learning xml, javascript, html5 and css3 over the last week or so to work on this idea. I've got a lot of the background stuff in a rough draft and set up in place, and for the most part I'm working on just displaying it all now. I have a side column (nav) which I'm using a transition to slide on and off the page, with an arrow "button" attached to do this. The arrow is an embeded SVG on a <div> tag with an absolute position to the nav column, so when the column.left property is slid off screen the arrow slides with it. The issue though
  10. The div "rightLines" is extending past the display window in the browser, which is creating an unwanted horizontal scrollbar. Based on the CSS, I can understand why this is happening, but the confusing part is that the same thing doesn't happen for "hNavigation." Why is this? What I'd like to accomplish: To have the "hNavigation" div, and the "rightLines" div to fill the remaining space (of the window) on either side of the "mainContent" div, without having to specify a specific size for both. Perhaps this would be better accomplished with tables? Any help would be appreciated. Here is the cod
  11. Hi. I was asked to rebuild my company's website. The company gave me access to a temporary server for me to test the website and play around with. Not all menus work but here is the front page: http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~kvic I got it to look right on Chrome, Firefox and IE8, but not IE6 and IE9. In IE6, the three divs are pushed to the right (the right-most box is moved below the left-most box as a result).In IE9, the feature div is duplicated above itself but it's just a blank box.How do I fix this? I'm really new at this, having taught myself CSS in just 2months+ so the CSS is really messy. Now
  12. Hi! I have a problem with wrapping the zeroes within the 'content' div although i am using the 'white-space' property with a 'pre-line' value . I don't know where I went wrong. Help please. >_< .content{background-color:green;width:750px;height:510;padding-left:5px;padding-right:5px;border:5px solid gold;margin-left:10px;margin-top:10px;float:left;white-space:pre-line;color:black;} <div class="content">CONTENT0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000</div> Here is the code for the whole page. <h
  13. What is the html code to make horizontal boxes i need to make some boxes go from left to right but all i can find is on top of each other, you can see example here <a href="http://www.carinsurancequotesinformation.com">car insurance quotes</a> where the boxes are next to each other, and will this affect the page width on my site.Someone told me use DIV tags but how do i put this in HTML code?.
  14. Hi there, After many hours searching for the answer to what I thought was a relatively simple query, I am still no wiser. I hope an expert here will be able to help me with the following - How do you maintain the proportions of child div as its parent gets larger, when the parent is set to width:auto (to fill the browser)? For example say the parent is 1000px X 400px and its child is 200px X 100px; when the browser is resized and changes the parent to 500 x 200, what is the CSS code to ensure the child div changes size with it, proportionally, making it 100 px X 50px? This is because I have c
  15. Hello. Can anybody explain me how can I set distance between two <div> in a container? Look at the example: <div id="container"> <div id="item1"></div> <div id="item2"></div></div> I need a distance between item1 and item2. I've already played with top, bottom, margin, but nothing help me. Then how?
  16. I've been having some problems with getting what I wanted out of divs, and I am forced to come to the conclusion that CSS is broken. I've attached an HTML file to demonstrate the problems - you will need to edit its source HTML and follow the instructions to see the problems. I fully accept that *I* may be the problem rather than CSS, and at least all major browsers are suffering the same problem, but I really feel that CSS is at fault here and I was wondering what others thought? One challenge is to get a box to fit within the browser window (no scrolling required) with a 10 pixel border *a
  17. HEllo i am working on a site, but it is not uploaded so i will only post the code here for help. It is about a big large empty space, almost twice as large as the page were all the design is, maybe it goes out of the container too but i am not sure. So what do i need to do, or to remove in css for it to be ok. I notice that when i remove the "meny"boxes "wich are located to the left) the site becomes fine, but when they are there this empty space is coming up :/. What do i need to do? There are 2 css files. The one named pse5menyset.css is the one with the menys to the left you need to look in
  18. I'm having some trouble getting a form to display properly when printing. The "School of Medicine" section works fine, but section 7 (which is actually apDiv9) for SSPPS disappears when printing. I looked and it seems like it's getting shoved to the second page. Any idea how to fix that? Additionally, if there's a better way to organize the tables so that everything except the three TextAreas are on the first page (with the TextAreas on the second), I'd be happy to know about it. EDIT: Sorry, niche. Code is kind of long, so I didn't want to take up too much space. <!DOCTYPE html>&
  19. Hi,Am having a little trouble creating 2 divs so they are side by side inside a container with set width. The HTML looks like this:<div id="contenttop"></div><div id="contentmiddle"><div class="set-size"><div class="column-580 float-left">sfhsfhs</div><div class="column-400 float-right">sfhsfh</div></div></div><div id="contentbottom"></div> and the CSS is as follows/*<-- column system settings -->*/.set-size {width:980px;margin:0 auto;}.column-580 {width:580px;}.column-400 {width:400px;}/*<-- content -->*/#cont
  20. hy to aaaaavery one out there, help!!!! :Shock:I have been learning HTML on this site for over almost three-four weeks I am in HTML basics..at HTML layout,so aaplease can somebody tell me what is this: id=" " attribute it's value it's use in layout and beside that.and these <div> and <span> &<div id="container" (<<<<<<<<what's this) style="width:500px"> (a line from the example given in HTML layout)
  21. I have designed a template in dreamweaver.Problem is that my links do not link when placed within the div "container".I can only get the links to work when the ap div that they reside inside is placed outside the "container" but then they don't scale with the page.Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. Hello there, I have developed this piece of php/html code, for my custom Wordpress theme. <?php get_header(); ?><div class="layout clearfix"> <div id="content"> <?php if (have_posts()) : ?> <div id="loops-wrapper" class="left"> <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div id="article-<?php the_id(); ?>" class="article clearfix"> <div class="post-others-wrap"> <p class="categories"><?php the_category('<br />'); ?></p> <div class="khmedia-social"> <p class='st_facebook_vcount'
  23. Okay im having this problem on my footer that it wont stick bottom of the div element. So im having code like above. So in style css i have tried everything in footer footer {bottom:0px; <-- Doesnt workmargin-bottom:0px; <-- Doesnt work}<div><footer>Copyright YEAR ...</footer></div>
  24. azzam22

    css "div".

    hi everyone i'm a new member and i'm learning css and I didn't understand how to make a layout with "div"
  25. Hello Everyone, Could you please tell me how do I fix Scrolling Action in “A Segment”? Please help. Thank you.
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