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Found 7 results

  1. Select the statement that is correct about Jquery Events: a) All the events are available for all the HTML elements. b) All Events are specially for a particular HTML Element. c) Some Events are available for all HTML elements d) Some events cannot be attached to any HTML element.
  2. Hi, below, I am creating a slider. I am passing the sliding method to the click handler, but such method doesn't fire when I call it. Do you have any idea why? Thank you this.sliding = function(e) { that.slide_width = $(that.article).width(); that.slide_number = $(that.article).size(); that.max_pos = that.slide_width * (that.slide_number - 1); that.left_pos = $(that.inner).position().left; if ($(this).hasClass('article-previous') && that.left_pos < 0) { $(that.inner).css({ 'left': '+=' + that.slide_width + 'px' }); } if ($(this).hasClass('article-next') &&am
  3. Hey guys/gals, I am a bit of a coding dinosaur, and recently got back into html coding, and have slowly been developing my comedy groups website. I've been slowly working with "css", and the list functionality On my event page, I want to display rows of 3 events each, that will have a rounded rectangle background, and the information about each event (with a picture) enclosed within the rectangle. You can find what I am working on at www.standupseoul.com/test1.html My problem is that I need to: 1. Align the 3 events to the middle of the page, not to the right. 2.
  4. case1 -------- Protected Sub lnkResdept_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Dim resdept As String resdept = sender.text End Sub case2 -------- Protected Sub lnkResdept_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) resdept= CType(sender, LinkButton).Text end sub I am not able to understand difference between these two cases, case1 produces the linkbutton's value for example C1500017 and case2 also produces same result. I am not able to understand why explicit type casting is done in case2. thanks, Rhishikesh
  5. I have this issue with a function where I want to execute 4 different actions inside an if statement. My code looks like this: function deltagare(){var myTextField1 = document.getElementById('namn');var myTextField2 = document.getElementById('epost'); if(myTextField1.value != "" && myTextField2.value != "")document.getElementById("deltagare-list").value+=myTextField1.value+" "+"("+myTextField2.value+")"+"\n",document.getElementById("deltagare-emaillist").value+=myTextField2.value+",",document.getElementById('namn').value="",document.getElementById('epost').value=""; elsealert("Skriv
  6. Hi all, I'm new to JavaScript and I'm really stuck on something for a project that is probably easy to resolve but I can't seem to figure out after many trial and errors! I'm trying to get ALL of the onfocus events to work for each input field. For example, I want to create a div for the instructional message to appear whenever you click on the text field. It'll be much appreciated if anyone can help! I'm using this code but it only works for the first text field I click on and not the rest of the other text fields: function init(){ document.querySelector("#fEmail").onfocus = Einstructions;
  7. These work: (sorry about the lack of indents, result of copy/paste) //set up event handlers//change background color on element mouseoverfor(i = 0; i < numTop; i++){ for(n = 0; n < numItems; n++){ items[n].onmouseover = function(){ this.style.backgroundColor = "#CCCCCC"; } items[n].onmouseout = function(){ this.style.backgroundColor = "#FFFF00"; } } //change visibility on element mouseover drop.onmouseover = function(){ this.style.visibility = "visible"; } drop.onmouseout = function(){ this.style.visibility = "hidden"; }} And these work: menu[0].onmouseover = function(){
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