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Found 826 results

  1. Hi, I'm starting out with HTML5/XHTML and CSS/CSS3 and am soon getting around to JavaScript. I have a basic structure of my website that I've been making to practice improving my skills. Building it, it works on Firefox (No support for Chrome or IE9 yet, haven't got around to that) until I zoom in and out, then it breaks. Most speficially the Navagation bar... What am I doing wrong? Here is the HTML <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Home</title> <meta name="description" content="" /> <meta name="author" content="fromthericefields" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0" /> <link rel="stylesheet" href="main.css" type="text/css" /> </head><body> <div id="all"> <header> <h1>fromthericefields</h1> <h2>Death and life are in the power of the tounge, and those loving it eat it's fruit.</h2> </header> <nav> <ul id="mainav"> <li id="leftnav">/</li> <li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li> <li><a href="blog.html">Blog</a></li> <li><a href="advntr.html">Advntr</a></li> <li><a href="about.html">About Us</a></li> <li><a href="contact.html">Contact</a></li> <li id="rightnav">\</li> </ul> </nav> <section id="maincontent"> <article> <h2>Home:</h2> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus a turpis urna, ac rhoncus felis. Sed accumsan odio vel justo hendrerit quis egestas neque sagittis. Aliquam sit amet lectus justo, sit amet iaculis justo. Aenean molestie gravida arcu, faucibus feugiat orci viverra a. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec faucibus pulvinar lacus. Suspendisse mattis ornare mauris id tristique. Maecenas scelerisque massa ac ante molestie scelerisque egestas dui rutrum. Nunc elementum nisl eu diam placerat varius. Morbi adipiscing porta malesuada. </p> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus a turpis urna, ac rhoncus felis. Sed accumsan odio vel justo hendrerit quis egestas neque sagittis. Aliquam sit amet lectus justo, sit amet iaculis justo. Aenean molestie gravida arcu, faucibus feugiat orci viverra a. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec faucibus pulvinar lacus. Suspendisse mattis ornare mauris id tristique. Maecenas scelerisque massa ac ante molestie scelerisque egestas dui rutrum. Nunc elementum nisl eu diam placerat varius. Morbi adipiscing porta malesuada. </p> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus a turpis urna, ac rhoncus felis. Sed accumsan odio vel justo hendrerit quis egestas neque sagittis. Aliquam sit amet lectus justo, sit amet iaculis justo. Aenean molestie gravida arcu, faucibus feugiat orci viverra a. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec faucibus pulvinar lacus. Suspendisse mattis ornare mauris id tristique. Maecenas scelerisque massa ac ante molestie scelerisque egestas dui rutrum. Nunc elementum nisl eu diam placerat varius. Morbi adipiscing porta malesuada. </p> </article> </section> <aside id="sidebox1"> <h2>About:</h2> <article> <p> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus a turpis urna, ac rhoncus felis. Sed accumsan odio vel justo hendrerit quis egestas neque sagittis. Aliquam sit amet lectus justo, sit amet iaculis justo. Aenean molestie gravida arcu, faucibus feugiat orci viverra a. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Donec faucibus pulvinar lacus. Suspendisse mattis ornare mauris id tristique. Maecenas scelerisque massa ac ante molestie scelerisque egestas dui rutrum. Nunc elementum nisl eu diam placerat varius. Morbi adipiscing porta malesuada. </p> </article> </aside> <footer> <p> Copyright: 2012 fromthericefields.inc All rights reserved. </p> <nav id="footernav"> <ul> <li><a href="terms.html">Terms and Conditions</a></li> <li><a href="privacy.html">Privacy Policy</a></li> </ul> </nav> </footer> </div></body></html> The CSS is: #all {width: 900px;height: 400px;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;}header {text-align: left;border: outset #946040;border-radius: 25px;height: 100px;background-color: #945129;width: 900px;margin: 0px;}header h1 {text-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #FFFFFF;font-family:"Comic Sans MS", "TSCu_Comic";margin-left: 30px;margin-top: 5px;}header h2 {color: #00CC88;margin-left: 100px;margin-top: -20px;font-size: 15px;}/*The main navgation bar located in the header area*/nav {margin-left: 2px;margin-top: -20px;margin-bottom: 30px;width: 900px;}#mainav {list-style-type: none;margin: 0px;padding: 0px;width: 900px;}#mainav li {background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #945129 0%, #944020 45%, #944020 55%, #945129 100%);display: inline;padding-top: 2px;padding-bottom: 2px;margin-top: -5px;border-bottom: outset;float: left;}#mainav li:hover {background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #945129 0%, #d6a98b 45%, #d6a98b 55%, #945129 100%);}#mainav li:hover > a {color: black;}#mainav a {text-decoration: none;color: #ffffff;float: left;padding-left: 63px;padding-right: 63px;}#leftnav {border-bottom-left-radius: 25px;border-left: outset #944020;padding-left: 10px;padding-right: 10px;background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #945129 0%, #d6a98b 45%, #d6a98b 55%, #945129 100%);float: left;margin-left: -2px;}#rightnav {border-right: outset #944020;border-bottom-right-radius: 25px;padding-right: 10px;padding-left: 10px;background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #945129 0%, #d6a98b 45%, #d6a98b 55%, #945129 100%);float: left;margin-right: -4px;}/*End*//*The main content of the page*/#maincontent {border: outset #946040;border-radius: 25px;background-color: #945129;width: 75%;float: left;min-height: 500px;}#sidebox1 {border: outset #946040;border-radius: 25px;background-color: #945129;width: 22.6%;float: left;margin-left: 1%;min-height: 500px;}/*End*//*The footer*/footer {border: outset #946040;border-radius: 25px;background-color: #945129;width: 900px;clear: both;float: left;margin-top: 5px;min-height: 20px;text-align: center;}footer p {display: inline;margin-left: 10px;}#footernav {margin-bottom: -10px;}#footernav ul {list-style-type: none;margin-left: -2.5em;}#footernav li {display: inline;margin: 8px;}#footernav a {text-decoration: none;}/*End*/ All help would be appriticated, susgestions, and tips, as I am learning and am egear to learn all I can from my mistakes. This is what my webpage looks like, properly on my browser (Located as attachment) Thanks for your help Forgive me if this should be in another form as it regards both my HTML and CSS.
  2. Ok so I made a little scrolly box thing for my stories on my websites little html slide show thingy with all the link buttons right. Well on the first slide it worked, but on the 2nd, the scroll box wouldn't show up. I tried it again with the 3rd. Same thing, yet the first one shows up, and the page is perfect. Help please. Ill post the code. <html> <head> <title> Picture Five </title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css" /> </head> <body> <table class="SS"> <tr> <td class="navigation"> <p id="text"> Slide Show Navigation:</p> <p><a href="SSPicturefour.htm" alt="Back"> <img border="0" src="backward.png" alt="back" width="32" height="32" /> </a> <a href="SSInstructions.htm" alt="Restart"> <img border="0" src="restart.png" alt="Restart"> </a> <a href="SSPicturesix.htm" alt="Next"> <img border="0" src="forward.png" alt="next" width="32" height="32" /></a> </p><hr/> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="picture"> <h1>Old</h1> <hr/> <img src="old.png" width="10%" height="20%> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <div id="scroll"> <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum convallis blandit mattis. Maecenas vel tortor sed nisl blandit sollicitudin ut ut nunc. Quisque elementum cursus urna. Suspendisse porttitor mattis metus, eget consequat urna congue id. Aenean at tempor sapien. Sed sollicitudin enim sagittis tellus tincidunt tempor. Quisque nec eros mi, a sodales tellus. Nunc condimentum, ligula sed porttitor lacinia, quam justo interdum est, aliquam varius dui tellus pellentesque sapien. Integer in dui risus. Duis hendrerit libero in dui scelerisque ut consequat velit laoreet. Pellentesque nec urna nisl, eleifend ullamcorper libero. Phasellus ligula dolor, interdum varius imperdiet nec, consequat aliquam orci. Donec tempor tempor elit, vel pretium neque aliquam sed. Vivamus ut elementum nulla. Praesent sollicitudin ultrices leo, consequat sagittis justo egestas sed. Donec eu leo risus, id sollicitudin risus. Suspendisse augue mi, ornare sit amet sollicitudin non, malesuada non urna. Maecenas pulvinar dignissim diam, ac fringilla leo commodo ut. Donec viverra sodales mauris at mollis. Integer et quam mollis nisi hendrerit venenatis quis et arcu. Morbi sollicitudin congue enim in facilisis. Cras id pharetra ligula. Vivamus sed ipsum a quam feugiat auctor at eu erat. Ut tempor consequat enim in tincidunt. Nulla massa ipsum, rhoncus id malesuada ac, pulvinar ut massa. Suspendisse ac ante ut ante fermentum vestibulum. Cras sed mauris in sem hendrerit ultricies in at massa. In vestibulum vestibulum turpis ut aliquet. Integer facilisis ullamcorper ultrices. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Nunc in sapien et felis luctus vulputate. Cras aliquet metus ac magna imperdiet pellentesque. Curabitur sed turpis ac nisi porta fringilla in non ligula. Mauris id dolor eget velit adipiscing scelerisque vitae nec nisl. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed at magna et nisi vestibulum mollis id a nibh. Aenean sollicitudin vestibulum diam, nec faucibus lorem tempor non. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi rutrum pellentesque ipsum venenatis malesuada. Suspendisse ullamcorper, enim eget sollicitudin dictum, ante odio commodo odio, vitae aliquet est mi imperdiet enim. Sed nec massa a turpis adipiscing adipiscing. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Nunc vitae magna tellus, sit amet vehicula orci. Duis ac sagittis tortor. Vestibulum ac tortor a velit tristique porta. Vivamus eu auctor nisi. Fusce sodales, eros non pharetra fringilla, risus neque imperdiet nulla, quis consectetur orci nisl at nisl. Maecenas augue est, porttitor vel tristique non, tincidunt ut nunc. Donec tincidunt odio in sapien euismod suscipit. Sed dictum dictum vulputate. Morbi a molestie nulla. Nunc venenatis rhoncus dolor ac faucibus. Donec tincidunt fermentum tortor, et eleifend sapien accumsan eu. </p> </div> </td> </tr> </body></html> Style Sheet- a:link {text-decoration:none;} a:visited {text-decoration:none;} body {background-image:url('background.png');} table{border-color:white; width:80%; height:100%; background-color:black;} table, tr, td{ border-collapse:collapse; color:grey;} h1 {text-align:center; color:#800000 ;} h2{text-align:center; color:#A00000;} h3{text-align:center; color:#E00000;} p{font-family: courier new; color:white;text-align:center; font-size:20px;} div{background-color:black;} p.story{font-family:arial; font-size:14px; text-indent:50px;text-align:left;} ul.a {list-style-type:circle;} div.scroll{width:100%; height:20%; overflow:scroll;} iframe#bg{background-color:black;}#text{color:grey; font-family:georgia; font-size:14px; text-align:center;} #title{border-color:white; height:1%;} #nav1{width:5%; height:70%;} td.navigation{border-color:white; width:100%; height:1%;} td.picture{ width:885px; height:1%;} table.SS{width:100%;height:100%;} table.ssp{width:10%;}
  3. Hey guys, making a simple calculator.. Want to make the displaying text field show a zero after you add or subtract etc instead of adding the symbol.. but cant seem to figure it out.. heres what i got! <html><head><script type="text/javascript"></script></head><body><FORM NAME="Calc"><TABLE BORDER=4><TR><TD><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Input" Size="16"><br></TD></TR><TR><TD><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="one" VALUE=" 1 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '1'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="two" VALUE=" 2 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '2'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="three" VALUE=" 3 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '3'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="plus" VALUE=" + " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ''"><br><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="four" VALUE=" 4 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '4'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="five" VALUE=" 5 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '5'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="six" VALUE=" 6 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '6'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="minus" VALUE=" - " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' - '"><br><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="seven" VALUE=" 7 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '7'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="eight" VALUE=" 8 " OnCLick="Calc.Input.value += '8'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="nine" VALUE=" 9 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '9'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="times" VALUE=" x " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' * '"><br><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="clear" VALUE=" c " OnClick="Calc.Input.value = ''"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="zero" VALUE=" 0 " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += '0'"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="DoIt" VALUE=" = " OnClick="Calc.Input.value = eval(Calc.Input.value)"><INPUT TYPE="button" NAME="div" VALUE=" / " OnClick="Calc.Input.value += ' / '"><br></TD></TR></TABLE></FORM></body></html> Thanks in advance,
  4. Hey there. I'm trying to build a contact form from scratch (using the W3Schools tutorials pretty heavily), but I'm having some issues. First off, I'd like to write in a bit of code that grabs the username of the person submitting the form, and sends it along with the other submitted information. Also, if the person isn't signed in, they won't be able to use the form. I'm sure this will involve some PHP, which I will be more than happy to do, if someone could perhaps point me in the right direction? <div id="events"><form name="event-submit" action="MAILTO:someone@example.com" method="post" enctype="text/plain">Event Name:<br /> <input type="text" name="eventname" /><br />Start Date:<br /> <input type="text" name="startdate" /><br />End Date:<br /> <input type="text" name="enddate" /><br />Location:<br /> <input type="text" name="location" /><br />Description:<br /> <input type="text" name="description" size="50" /><br /><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></form></div> (And yes, I do have my actual email address for the MAILTO property, I just omitted it for this post.) My main problem right now is, the submit button isn't working. Buttons and I do not get along, it seems...Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated. EDIT Okay, I apparently left off a rather important caret. The button is working just fine now, but is there any way to make the email not go through Outlook, and go directly to the email address?
  5. Hi there!!!Is there any way I can code a website to redirect the page to a new one is they refresh it???(Or something similar)Many thanksMm
  6. hello w3schools... was wondering... im searching for the momment being for good and relieable sources to start up a reseller company... and the only 2 sources i find nice is ->opencart (newest version...)->BoxBilling (newest version...)... so here is my problem/question... does anyone in here knows how i can integrate boxbilling billing system into opencart?... because opencart is a shop and not recommended for hosting bills and such stuff... but boxbilling is... but i also like to sell stuff (one time)... and there opencart comes in handy and not boxbilling... so anyone... knows how to integrate the boxbilling system into the opencart?... and yeah... its a bigger project... i know... because boxbilling are running all billings automaticly... so it will be alot of ###### of coding... but still... have been looking alot and have made my mind clear... the only thing is that im needing a little help to do the first step ... so... hoping answers soon ... BUMP: Dont know if this is the right section... but also kinda discuss-able thread... so... discuss... .
  7. Is it ok to go ahead and use the new doctype for HTML5 eventhough I am not using any of the new tags, but am basically using XHTML Strict until perhaps in the future I may use some of the tags and features. Is this acceptable? So far everything validates in the validator, but wonder if this is good practice to use a HTML5 doctype where there is no HTML5 markup in the source code.
  8. HrBingR

    Cookie Help

    Hello. I'm new to the W3Schools Forums, and I'm relatively new to web developing. I have a question. My website, www.universallinks.co.za, went live not long ago. I'm in the process of developing a mobile version of the website, but I have a small problem. If a user on a mobile device goes to my website, I wish to present them with the opportunity to switch to the main website. It's easy enough to do so, except I don't know how to use cookies. Could anyone on the forum assist me in this matter? My website is primarily coded in HTML, so I hope I've posted in the right section. I did search the forum, but found nothing on 'cookies'. Thank you.
  9. Blake


    Hello, I wasn't sure if I should post this under CSS, HTML, or whatever so I ended up in the general topics. I am relatively new to we development. I had page that the back ground is an image of a color to goes light at the top to a darker shade at the bottom (gradient). So normally to save load time I assume you would just apply the color via CSS so it doesn't have to load and actually image. Is it possible to use some sort of HTML, CSS, etc to apply a gradient to the solid color? Or do i just have to load the image. I hope this makes sense. I appreciate the help. Thanks
  10. Hello W3S... i have a little trouble here witch im in a need of little help with...im for the momment being trying to make a new portfolio design... the only problem im standing with right now is the box im making... (VIEW AT PICTURE IVE ADDED BELOW...) well... what im trying to do is to make a (latest News) box... but note that i said (box)... all the elements/modifications im making on my portfolio should be places into a nice designed box...that would look alot pretty... the only problem is that i dont know how to make these boxes... orr... yeah... i can, but it would take hours/days... since im not the best when its comming to the box-making css/html part... and besides that, i also need help to code the news box so (as seemed in the picture added...),so people can see (date added,they can drop the table down with a java-klappe,ect...) but the most important part is to code/design the box...so if you could give me some sort of tutorial how to add... then i would be so freaking happy! ... thanks dudes... hoping someone can help me out. .Hoping answers soon... Regards: rootKID EDIT: If you did not understand what i just said... then leave a comment and i will (try) my best to make a new and more explained/detailed stuff of the problem i have... thanks..
  11. hi, can anyone explain to me what it's mean??i have code in the template of mibew... <form name="leaveMessageForm" method="post" action="${webimroot}/leavemessage.php"> why the action form say ${webimroot}/leavemessage.php??what it's mean??
  12. Hi I'm just learning CSS/HTML (self-taught) and am curious about the process required to achieve something like the image that can be seen on this blog page: http://theletteredcottage.net/our-house/ Any advice/info, and in particular some example code, would be fantastic. As stated, I'm only a newbie so simple explanations with limited jargon much appreciated :-) Thanks so much!
  13. Hello everyone, Lets share the best books you know related to web development. Share their links as well so that they can easily be downloaded should be in PDF formate. Thanks.
  14. Hello internet.I am using the command window.navigate() during an onclick event and it is not working for all the major browsers. Specifically I am trying to error proof firefox, IE, and safari. IE is the only browser it is working with. What command can I use to replace window.navigate() that will open a new window in the same browser without opening a completely new window.
  15. sakat

    RSS and XML

    I wonder if anyone can help me? I am trying to connect to a RSS feed - which is in a xml file format - and display selected content from the feed in a web page; I am using a Wordpress site to display the output but I do not think that is really relevant. What I am stuck on is how exactly I import [connect to] the feed and then display selected content from the feed. I am used to dynamic content using PHP, MySQL, scripts, client and server side scripting etc so I feel that I should be able to work this out but am finding it very difficult to find reading material on the subject that I want. Can someone pls advise, detail:1. connect to a RSS feed2. display selected content from the feed using XML Thanks...
  16. Hi you all, my name is Nahuel and I`m from Argentina, so forgive my bad English :s I`m new with HTML and web design and I`m getting an error that is beyond my knowledge and I will appreciate your help with this. Recently, I bought a HTML5 template and, after a lot of changes, I publish it on the internet. The URL is: www.vascogermana.com.ar/main/default2.aspx . The problem is that I`m getting a few visual error, but the most important I think is that in Google Chrome, the background Crashed. Attached is a screen of the error. Also, IE8 and older version of IE, load the image slider but It doesn`t word until you refresh the page :s Could you please help me with this? Thanks in advance Regards,
  17. Hello everyone, I know that in HTML5 frames are no more, but what is to be used with the same function? I am building a website and I would like to have the banner, navigation bar and side bar on every page on this site someone looks at. I was thinking about frames which would have solved this problem but as they are being faded out I cannot think of what to use instead. So the other option I can think of is to rewrite the code for each page which really is not an option. Please help!
  18. Does an experienced webmaster know which style sheet is best?Note that the image bg.bmp is just a white rectangle with a width of 1000 pixels. So in both cases a white text area of 1000 pixels wide on a gray or silver background will be created. So far, I always use the method with the image but i.m.o.the other way is more straight forward (and therefore less vulnerable?).CSS 1: html { background: #808080 url("images/bg.bmp") repeat-y top center;}body { margin:0 auto;} CSS 2: html { background: #808080;}body { margin:0 auto; background: #ffffff; width:1000px;}
  19. Hi guys, I need you to help me what I can do to implement this site and make it look more appealing. I am a backed coder php, but not good at design.www.jonathonleggwebdesign.co.uk/fw/Any criticism or feedback on code to add would be great. Thanks,Jon
  20. How can it effect if I don't include character encoding i.e.<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">(the above line) on my html page.
  21. Hello internet,I have completed my project and it is open for use... I am getting a lot of positive feedback.However there is just one thing that people are pointing out...There seems to be random hyper links attached to random words on my site. It shows itself by underlining random words and when they click on it – it takes them to random obscure pages that mean nothing… Sometimes it will go to Yahoo Maps sometimes it will go to CNN.com… just really weird stuff.Is this a common occurrence?Can I stop this from happening?Please help.
  22. Hello, I have an XML file called cookbook.xml as well as an XSL file linked to it, called cookbook.xsl that presents all the information found in the .xml file in an html table (with headings, seperate cells, etc.) Now I want to create an html file that will presenet the above complete table on page load, as well as some query fields above that table, so that the table is refreshed according to a user's input (filters..) More specifically: XML file: For each cookbook (represented by a recipestories element), the file contains information about its title, author(s), year and page numbers, among others As for the HTML file, the user should be able to filter the results appearing on the table as follows: for each of author, title and year, the user should be able to enter a value (e.g. 1990) as well as an operator (e.g., <, =, >) and retrieve the cookbooks satisfying the corresponding conditions (e.g., year=1990). The user should be able to enter conditions for any combination of these three properties. If no conditions are entered, all cookbooks should be returned. For author and title, the user should also be able to enter "contains" as an operator, along with some value. In this case, the system should return cookbooks where the corresponding author or title contains the value entered as a substring. For example, I might want all papers where the title contains the string "choco". The user should also be able to search for cookbookss by their number of authors. Here too an operator and value should be allowed (e.g., all cookbooks with at least 3 authors). The user should be able to specify the property (author, title, pages or year) by which the returned cookbooks should be sorted. This is where I am right now: <html> <script type="text/javascript"> function loadXML(file) //function for loading XML files{ var moz = (typeof document.implementation.createDocument != 'undefined'); var ie = (typeof window.ActiveXObject != 'undefined'); var xmlDoc; if (moz) xmlDoc = document.implementation.createDocument("", "", null); else if (ie) xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"); xmlDoc.async = false; xmlDoc.load(file); return xmlDoc;} </script> <script type="text/javascript"> var xmlDoc = loadXML("cookbooks.xml");var stylesheet = loadXML("cookbooks.xsl");var moz = (typeof document.implementation.createDocument != 'undefined');var ie = (typeof window.ActiveXObject != 'undefined'); if (moz){ var nsResolver = stylesheet.createNSResolver(stylesheet.ownerDocument == null ? stylesheet.documentElement:stylesheet.ownerDocument.documentElement); ..........} else if (ie){ var value = stylesheet.selectSingleNode(............} </script> </html> that is pretty basic I know, but I'm also pretty lost and desperate and I don't know where to start from! Do I create an html form with the fields for the queries and a submit button? Do I then take all the values entered in the above form and "spread them out" in that NSResolver function I'm trying to create above, evaluate them and reapply the stylesheet to the xml file accordingly? Help!
  23. Hello All, Is there any sort of tag that will open a default phone application like Skype. A tag similar to mailto or webcal? if not what sort of web language could access a computer directory to find and open it? Thanks!
  24. Hey guys, Trying to set up a blogging application using php and MySQL. Have the form set up to collect the information but simply isn't working when I launch it on the browser. Just want a simple way of storing the blog that the user enters into a DB that I have set up. Having trouble with it and is returning "unexpected T_VARIABLE" on line 34. Anyway hope someone can help. Thanks for the time Here's my code so far. <?php include ("top_part.php"); ?><?php include ("navi_part.php"); ?> <div id="content"> <?php // Check if form has been submitted and if blankif(isset($_POST['submit']) && !empty($_POST['Title']) && !empty($_POST['Author']) && !empty($_POST['Body'])){//storing the details entered into blog_ variables$blog_title = $_POST['Title'];$blog_body = $_POST['Body'];$blog_author = $_POST['Author'];$created = date ("Y-m-d H:i:s");$modified = date ("Y-m-d H:i:s"); // Database connection details$username = "mydb33836";$password = "mydb3383681";$server = "danu.it.nuigalway.ie";$database = "mydb33836"; //Connect to DBmysql_connect($server, $username, $password); //open the specific databasemysql_select_db($database) or die ("Unable to select database");s //blank first value leaves ID field empty. Therefore auto incriment can occur.$query = "INSERT INTO blogs VALUES ('', '$Title', '$Body', '$Author', '$created', '$modified')"; $result = mysql_query($query); //$recent_blogs = "SELECT id, title FROM blogs WHERE created = 0, 10 DESC"; // Close MySQL Connectionmysql_close(); // Echo response to userecho('<h2>Congrats</h2><p>You entered a Blog.</p>')}else { ?> <h2>The Blog</h2> <form name="blog" method="post" action=""> Title:<br><input type="varchar" size="30" name="Title"> <br><br> Blog:<br><textarea rows="20" cols="40" name="Body"></textarea> <br><br> Author:<br><input type="varchar" size="60" name="Author"> <br><br> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Submit Blog"> </form> <?php } ?> </div> <?php include ("bottom_part.php"); ?> __________________________________________________________ Also here's a link to my mock website that i have been working on in class if thats any help. Thanks again, Damien.
  25. Hello, I am working on a music website, but I don't know how to have my whole music folder play in the website. I know how to get 1 song to play with the <audio><embed></audio> functions but how would I get my music folder working in the website? Thanks in advanced (I don't get on the internet everyday).
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