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  1. Hello. I am experimenting with PHP and MYSQL because I am new at it. I am trying to use AJAX to create a query into a database that I have. It isn't working. I'm sure I've made a mistake but I cant seem to find it. Someone please look over my code and see if there is something I am missing. I know my database is working because I use it to log in. It has to be in my code. The results I get from this is blank. The AJAX does call on the PHP correctly because I do get an echo back, but only because the $results isn't working. query/users.php <?phpinclude('includes/config.inc');$sql = "
  2. hi there again... battling a bit with this issue, the category "contact us" from the joomgallery in the following joomla page loads:http://www.gamersedg...atid=3&Itemid=3but i am however, trying to make the single image in the category, automatically clicked on page load. i know triggering this is possible with jquery - but here follows my attempt after the page is loaded: <script class="jsbin" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js"></script> <script language="javascript"> <!-- var q = "option=com_joomgallery&view=category&
  3. Hello, I'm trying to put an image/video gallery together for a college project. To create the gallery I'm using: http://www.logicbox....y/simplyscroll/ , but when the user hovers over an image a small video appears on the mouse over (similar to the tutorial thumbnails on: http://www.videocopilot.net/) I've copied and combined the relevant codes to create this prototype: http://www.samuelmcwilliam.co.uk I see the image trail is working, but I don't know how to get a flash player working on the mouse over. I've got an old open source player in my root folder, but can't figure out how to use it t
  4. Hey Everyone! i have generated JSON from HTML form data, now i want to send that JSON to a PHP page. I have written this javascript. var jsondata;$.fn.serializeObject = function(){ var o = {}; var a = this.serializeArray(); $.each(a, function() { if (o[this.name] !== undefined) { if (!o[this.name].push) { o[this.name] = [o[this.name]]; } o[this.name].push(this.value || ''); } else { o[this.name] = this.value || ''; } }); return o;};$(function() { $('form').submit(function() { jsondata = $('#result').text(JSON.stringify($('form').serializeObject())); return false;});}) Ple
  5. I came across this site (builtbybuffalo.com/) and half way down there is a section that says few stars and there are 5 circles.I want to experiment similar kind of stuff. I am not a very hard core JS or JQ coder, but i can just play around with the code. So i downloaded http://anthonyterrien.com/knob/ I modified the code to generate something like this(test.eduvative.in/js/). (Not using the readOnly=true; but removing the JS code and using disabled in the input field.) How do i add the flow to the radius, similar to the one i mentioned in the starting (builtbybuffalo.com/), some glow on the ra
  6. Ok, I have an interesting problem. I'm using AJAX to pull information from in an XML file. Every thing works, however, quotes are giving me issues. I have the: <SOURCE>llSay("hello world",0)</SOURCE> as one of my elements in the XML. When I pass this in my javascript to the HTML, the source ends up looking like this: <input value="x" onchange="checkState('d4', this, 'llSay(" hello world",0)' ,'its triggered by the state')"> and I need it to look like this: <input value="x" onchange="checkState('d4', this, 'llSay("hello world&quot,0)' ,'its triggered by the state')&g
  7. Hi all, I don't know if this topic should be part of JavaScript or HTML forum, but I think here it is ok - I'm sorry if it's not. I'm developing a school work - chess game for two players. It has to be RIA and we should use HTML5 platform or Silverlight. I decided for HTML5 and I'd like to use HTML5 drag&drop.Well, when somebody clicks e.g. on white pawn on B2, the application should now make field B3 droppable and after drop the dropability should be prevented.So I'm learning HTML5 drag&drop. This is my code: function allowDrop(ev) { ev.preventDefault(); } function drag(ev) { if (ev
  8. Hey Everyone! i am writing a javascript for a button, when the button is pressed it gets the product id from url and add that product into the cart. The button is working fine but the problem is when i am pressing the button the screen hangs and a flash screen appears which is loading continously. I have also applied css in it for button.here is the javascript which i have written.. $('#detailsPage').live('pageshow', function(event) {var id = getUrlVars()["id"];var serviceURL = "http://localhost:8080/mano2/services/";$.getJSON(serviceURL + 'getmagento1.php?id='+id, displayPromotion);});va
  9. Hey all .. I do a tes for make a global varibel in Javascriptfirst time I try like it var satu = 10;var dua = 5;function hitung(){document.write(satu+dua);} no problem so far,.. and I try for second like this: I want display a tag hidden with action onClick , var mun = document.getElementById("mun");function muncul(){ mun.style.display ="block";}<a href="#" onClick="muncul();">Tes For Muncul</a><div id="mun" style="display:none;">Saya Akan Muncul Disini Baby</div> its not work so I try for the third like this: function muncul(){var mun = document.getElementById
  10. Ok. Sorry that the title was a bit confusing, but this is what I need. I have the Konami code currently working on my website. Here is what I want to happen: If you get the code wrong: I want an alert that states you got it wrong. If you get it right, a youtube video opens in lightbox or fancybox. If this is not possible, how do I simply direct the user to another page on my site? This is my site currently: http://webdesign.miad.edu/stimm/ This is my javascript/jquery code: <script type="text/javascript" src="scripts/jquery.js"></script><script type="text/javascript" src="scri
  11. I'd like to access a database that is on the client side via Javascript and was wondering how to best go about this. I was thinking it may work to use Ajax to call a C# data application, but wondered if that would be most efficient. I suppose PHP would be another alternative, but I prefer working in C# if I can. Thanks!
  12. I am making a file upload system. The user chooses where to upload using the dynamic drop down list. And this is the problem I am facing right now. This is my form. <form action="uploader.php" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="uploads"> <label for="file">Choose a file: </label> <input type="file" name="userfile" id="userfile"><br/><br/> <select id="text-one" name="one"> <option selected value="base">Select Department</option> <option value="CSE" name="cse">Computer Science Engineering
  13. Hi guys, so i've been working on this idea for quite a while now.. the only thing is.. i'm not exactly sure how to do it.. i want to make a automatic request system where you can request phone repair service trough the company website. something like: (DROPDOWN BOX) iPhone(selected) Samsung Nokia Sony Ericsson HTC ( DROPDOWNBOX which will react on first choice, like when i select iPhone something like this should come)iPhone 3(G)SiPhone 4iPhone 4 SiPhone 5 and then ofcourse the 3rd dropdown box where you will be selecting the problem(DROPDOWN BOX)Screen brokenButton
  14. I have a marquee on my website (http://blogandthecity.net). I want it to be stuck at the screen. I think it is called "fixed". You know what I mean? Right now the marquee stops at a certain point, but I want it to be the size of the whole screen/website. So I think there are two options: 1. make the marquee as long as possible (However some webpages are longer than others. And I don't know how I can make the marquee longer. I already tried some things) 2. make the position fixed. (I tried to put "position: fixed" in the code, but the result is that the marquee doesn't scroll anymore. So the mo
  15. I'm pretty new to javascript/ajax/php/html so bear with me.I am Trying to use ajax to connect to a database. The reason I am using ajax is so I can dynamically update the webpage as information is gathered about the database. So far I have is setup so that when a button is clicked: <input type="button" value="Login" onclick="sqllogincheck(this.form)"> a function is ran that will connect up to the database server side: <html><head><title>High Plains Regional Climate Center</title><link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?>"><
  16. Hi there Fellows!! I've encountered at a bizarre behavior at the underneath code snippet. what I've tried to do is to turn on the visibility of the second div element when the mouse hovers on the first div element. and then, when the mouse goes over the second div element, it triggers a CSS animation on the third div element. but strangely, when the mouse hovers on the second div element, it indeed triggers the CSS animation, but the second div element itself disapper although it wasn't requested to do so. can someone here figure out why does this occur and how to prevent it? any help will be
  17. I want to changedomain.com/profile.php?user_id=100todomain.com/Danolike facebook or youtubehow can I do that in ASP classic or JavaScript??
  18. I'm using this function to detect whether a key is being hold: var keyDown=new Array(false,false,false,false,false,false); function keys(e,isDown) {keynum=-1;if (e.which) { keynum=e.which;}else if (window.event) { keynum=e.keyCode;}if (isDown && keynum==32) alert("Spacebar!"); // Test 1if (keynum==38) { // Arrow-up keyDown[0]=isDown;}else if (keynum==39) { // Arrow-right keyDown[1]=isDown;}else if (keynum==40) { // Arrow-down keyDown[2]=isDown;}else if (keynum==37) { // Arrow-left keyDown[3]=isDown;}else if (keynum==32) { // Spacebar keyDown[4]=isDown; if (isDown) alert("Spac
  19. Hey everyone! i am creating a dynamic drop down menu in html, but the values are not coming in the drop down, it shows an empty menu. I am calling the PHP file which is echoing JSON of the data. here is the Javascript code.. $(function(){var serviceURL = "http://localhost/mano-2/";var get = ''; get = 'echo_cat.php'; var items=""; $.getJSON(serviceURL + get , function(data){ $.each(data,function(index,item) { items = items + "<option value='"+item.entity_id+"'>"+item.name+"</option>" ; }); $("#a1_title").html(items); });}); the JSON is like this {"items":[{"entity_id":"
  20. Hi, I'm newbie & just have self-learning a few weeks ago...I've tried to understand how to implement my idea into asp.net vb programming & javascript. I've done all parts except the keystroke part.I would like to calculate the keyhold time of a keypress in ms & also the inter-key latency time between 2 keys. The idea is as below:key 'A' is pressed (keydown) - record keyhold timekey 'A' is depressed (keyup) - record keyhold timekey 'A' is pressed & key 'B' is depressed - record inter-key latency time And also, I need ideas how to put my keystroke data into database. Should I rec
  21. For example, if you select the option with id="chocolate-yes" or id="vanilla-yes", the the option with id="icecreamcone-yes" will also be selected.As you can see on the image below, when you select the option with id="chocolate-yes", <select id="icecreamcone"> will be disabled. When both id="chocolate-yes" and id="vanilla-yes" are not selected the the option with id="icecreamcone-no" will not be disabled. To put it in simpler words: you always need to have an ice cream cone if you want to add vanilla or chocolate ice cream, with the exception of sprinkles Anyone know of a Javascript tha
  22. basically what i need is:there will be box in html and 2 buttons(next and previous).i have 25 links with me.when my page loads. by default it should show 5 links and when i click next button, next 5 links should be shown and for previous viceversa.please help me.
  23. HiI need to parse a SOAP response xml and display come of the nodes values in an HTML page.I have tried to do this, but it doesn't work:<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><script>if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); }else {// code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); }<!--xmlhttp.open("GET","testing.xml",false);-->xmlhttp.open("POST","http://{server}/soap/services/ICDMS_PortalFormsIntegration/Processes/LC_GetDeployedFormsList?wsdl&lc_version=9.0.0&version=1.0",true)
  24. I have a basic understanding of both HTML and Javascript but am having trouble figuring out how they work together. I wrote some code where I'm trying to check to see if a local file exists... Not sure this can be done. In the example code I want to use headshotPath (file path) to see if the file in the path exists. Not sure what code to use to perform the check... <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"> <head> <title>Player HS Verification 3</title> </head> <body> <input type="file" name="myFile" id="file-input"> <output id="list-missing"&g
  25. Hi I'm a little new to JavaScript and I am trying to make a small program using an HTML5 canvas. However, when the following code is executed:function Prog(){ var self = this; this.init = function() { var d = document; self.canvas = d.getElementById("can"); self.c = self.canvas.getContext("2d");...}var p = new Prog();p.init();The code works in the other major browsers, but in opera, it throws an error saying "cannot convert self.canvas to object" or sometimes just "self.canvas is null"Thanks in advance
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