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  1. Hey everyone! i am trying to fetch data from different file locations, every time there is a new location like this /5/3/539238_375049019231475_1212083119_n.jpg/3/0/309320_396625203733616_1897402511_n.jpg/n/i/nike.jpg I want to get data from all these locations in a single query, how do i get it? Please help me..
  2. I am creating a form that is captured and placed in an email. I have managed to do this fine with the exception of one item. when getting the value of a text area it will not maintain the user entered format. Thsi will be important when recieving the information in the email. what I need is this, when a user enters the below info in a textarea;---example---Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference line 3Reference line 4----------------- I need it to popluate in the email the same way. When I pull this infor like a normal input it comes out like this; Reference line 1Reference line 2Reference l
  3. How do I use this script for multiple element which works independently on the same page, can anyone help please.. <script type="text/javascript" >$(document).ready(function() { $(".slideDiv").hide(); $(window).load(function () { $(".toggle").click(function () { $(".slideDiv").slideToggle(800);<!----change to any amount or use presets "slow" "fast" etc-----> });});});</script> The html bit: <div class="toggle"> Click To Read More</div><div class="slideDiv"> <div class="p-text-wrap-box-1-left"> <p>We are a company providing
  4. Hello, I'm creating a Javascript military clock widget and everything appears to be correct as far as I can tell, but it's not working. Any ideas? Here's my code: window.onload = function time_func(){var ct = new Date();var h = ct.getHours();var m = ct.getMinutes(); setTimeout(time_func(), 1000);} var $time = {military: h + ":" + m} [then in my HTML file]<script type="text/javascript">document.write($time.military);</script>
  5. I need help getting a value from a rather complicated JSON string. I am using eval() in a javascript function called json and then doing the following on a classic ASP page: X = {"status": "ok","error": [],"method": "get_metadata","result": [{"metadata": {"med": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"F206": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"sty": {"action": "search", "": "3", "type": "int"},"F701": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"rtl": {"action": "mixed", "": "41.98", "type": "float"},"hev": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"use": {"action": "search
  6. OK, I have hit a snag and I want to try and make this work if I can. I am trying to add a new text field next to a current list field based on a single selected item. can anyone help me on this? I added the segments that I want this to change. *script* function DbRole(myform){if (document.myform.Accesslevel1.value=="Database Role = "){document.myform.Accesslevel1("DbRole1").setValue(""); AddFields();}} *form* <input name="Accessgroups1" type="text" size="50"> <select name="Accesslevel1"> <option value=""></option> <option value="Read">Read</option>
  7. Hi all, I am using this product rotator and I am trying to make it work with various product on the same page. Is it possible to have multiple image rotators on a page? I'm doing a site that I would love to use this on, but when I add the second one, only the first one works, the rest doesn't.. Is there a way around it? I have tried adding different: id:'productImages, productImages-2, productImages-3',But still only the first one works. Can anyone please help with the re-writing of this script.Your help would be greatly appreciatedThank You ------------------------------------------------
  8. I want to check the file exists or not at the path pointing at file..?? <li><a onclick="db_mcmm('../report_data_fe_nldm_completeness/DB_existence_PVT_report.html');"><h3><u>DB NLDM MCMM</u></h3></a></li> Above is snippet of code from html. The path to file is given as argument to the javascript function defined in header section of html. I want to check to if the "DB_existence_PVT_report.html" file exists or not. Javascript function in header section is as follows : <script ="text/javascript"> function db_mcmm(value) { var mcmm_file=docu
  9. hi i have a really big problem (for me). i have a html5 animation, but actuali is just a html file with a js, this animation was created in edge from adobe, and i got some thing like this: <html><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=9"/><title>Ribbon</title><script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8" src=".../muse/assets/ribbon2/Ribbon2_edgePreload.js"></script><style> .edgeLoad-EDGE-4268933 { visibility:hidden; } </style><!--Adobe Edge Runtime
  10. please help me..how to check all versions of IE popup blocker enable or disabled using javascript
  11. Hi, What is main difference between window.document.getElementById and document.getElementById? Could you please anyone reply it?
  12. Hi I want to access javascript vaibale in PHP on the same page. How it can be possible?Anybody can help? Thanks.
  13. Hello there. I am implementing a JavaSript menu into my company's website, but seemed to have run into a snag. An existing script on the page is interfering with the new JavaScript menu. It is the JGlideMenu found here: http://www.sonicradish.com/labs/jGlideMenu/current/index.htmlI am using the inline example found on their page. I have the menu placed in a PHP side bar that acts as a persistent navigation that is conditionally fixed. The sidebar uses JQuery to switch from a static postion to a fixed position when reaching a certain scroll point. The JGlideMenu works great until I do any scrol
  14. currently i am trying to create a dynamic table which consist 2 column name amount when i select a name from ddl n clickon add button its add the user in row and show the RESULTAMOUNT in amount cell i want when i add user then it shows RESULTAMOUNT=totalamount/totalrow in each i am getting last result i want the data like this\ total amount=100 name-----------------Amount----john------------------25------neo------------------25-------nets------------------25-----seo-------------------25----- if i again add new row then it again splits 100/5 and update all cells please help me
  15. Hi, I am designing a web application, and I have troubles when I update a view in aproximatetly the 50th time. I put the 3D object in the view using: new_view =new Viewer( 3D_Object, 250, 250, 5); document.getElementById(0).appendChild(new_view.gl.canvas); And when I want to update the view, because I manipulate this 3D object, I use: old_view = new_view;new_view =new Viewer( 3D_Object, 250, 250, 5); document.getElementById(0).removeChild(old_view.gl.canvas);document.getElementById(0).appendChild(new_view.gl.canvas); The updates work well in the firts 49 times aproximatetly, but in t
  16. just wondering if you have any guides to tutorials on Developer tools or Javascript console... also do you have a tutorial of how to create something like the following (notices it isn't complete)
  17. Hi, I intend to add a custom javascript object to the DOM of a HTML page to be able to access this object via its id (document.getElementById). Adding Nodes like Div..., that are known by DOM, works but where and how can I add the custom JScript Object. This is my testcode <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <script type="text/javascript"> function initJScript(){ var customObject = new customObjectConstructor(); var testDiv = document.createElement('div'); alert(testDiv); alert(customObject);
  18. Hello, I am trying to build a website, and never really done it before.It is a html5 website as it must work on mobile devices and uses the turn.js script.The website works like a book so you turn each page. The turn.js website has some examples of how the script can work and they have table on contents where you can click the title and it takes you to the desired section of the book.I have noticed that the url changes with each page change. My website works differently, I have each image load behind the other as you turn the page so the url does not change. Could someone please point me in th
  19. I have a script at my work that I'm using to display the facility safety acknowledgements. I'm displaying how many days it's been since a first aid event, a recordable, disabling, etc.... I have it all working and displaying to little smart monitors out front. It is working. So my question is how can I build a form to update it when something does happen? I have to manually update it right now through the code but the HR ladies up front won't be able to do that. Here is the code for one of the images that I'm displaying. All I need is a form that will connect to this document basically. <
  20. I am trying to have a link submit some form data to a lightbox ( I am using facebox) and am having some trouble. The basic code I am working with is: <form name="form" method="post" action="test.asp"><ul><li><a href="#" onclick="document.forms['form'].dept.value = 'ACC'; document.forms['form'].course.value = '115'; document.form.submit('test.asp');" rel="facebox">ACC 115 Payroll Accounting</a></li></ul><input type="hidden" value="" name="dept" id="dept"><input type="hidden" value="" name="course" id="course"></form><script type="
  21. So I have been studying this code and I have read a bit about the callback function: xmlHttp.onreadystatechange = function() { if(xmlHttp.readyState == 4) { HandleResponse(xmlHttp.responseText); } } is asynchronous although I'm not fully sure exactly what that means to me at this point. Essentially I am starting with a page bars.php: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>Daily Sports Guide Bars</title><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style/style.css"><link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style/suckerfish.css"><style>#ma
  22. Knowing several languages but rusty with javascript, I know how there can be pitfalls in learning bad habits or coming up with convoluted, less than optimal solutions that would make more sense in other languages, almost abusing the language rather than working off of what it does best. So I am wondering if anything is unoptimal with the code below. The xml file is being read in; the code expects a 'featurelist' tag where 'ideas' and 'chapters' are organised under other chapters (except the top-level ones). Right now the code doesn't acknowledge the idea tags, it just tries to render the cha
  23. Hey there. I sincerely hope I won't have to bother you good folks again for quite a while after this, but there is one more problem I'm having with my slideshow. I found a site that supplies open-source slideshow code, and found a great show that fit my needs. However.......my client wants users to be able to make the slideshow full-screen, which isn't an option for the code. I've seen this functionality at sites like Photobucket, but I have no idea how to do it myself, as I am only a beginner in Javascript. I have asked about this at the site that supplied the code, but have had no luck getti
  24. Hey Everyone! i am writing a JavaScript code in which i am getting a JSON which prints the images names which are stored in the database, the code gets these images and puts them in a img tag.Now when i am running it it brings all of the images at once and error comes in the error console that it is not a function..The code is here <script> // Then own code$(function() { // Shorthand for $(document).ready(function() { $.getJSON('getphp.php', function(json) { var images = ''; $.each(json.userdata, function(i, image) { images = images + '<img src="images/' + image.a + '">';
  25. Hi guysi would like to know if it is possible to change the orientation of a button to landscape. its and html button with some javascript code to enable it to print. If changing the orientation is possible could you please tell me how to do thatThanks
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