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Found 3 results

  1. I have been using W3 CSS references to help set up a web page and it works perfectly until I try to play with it. As soon as I try to add the extra marker it doesn't show up on the web page, but there is no indication that the script is in error. I want to add two markers to the one map so that the Church and the Presbytery are both displayed. The lat and long for the church are (-27.557692, 151.932294). The lat and lng for the presbytery are: (lat:-27.557458,lng:151.932975) This is the existing code. Can someone tell me what I have to do to make two markers appear? Thanks <!
  2. Hello Everyone I don't have a specific html Problem, but more a question how I could achieve something I'm trying to do. I'm neiter sure if this is the right forum. I'm sorry if not. So here is my idea. I have this map and my idea is to make it interactive. When I click on a textfield ond the image a new window opens, where I can add text. (to describe the the country that I have clicked) What I had in mind is to make it as a startpage on a wiki and when I click on the text area the related Wiki-entry opens. After it would be the idea to make it a collaborative tool for students,
  3. Hello All, I am stuck trying to filter results of a json response. I have a sample json response: [ { "id":0, "commentText":"Test", "createdBy":"User1", "isImportant":false }, { "id":1, "commentText":"Hello World", "createdBy":"User2", "isImportant":true }, { "id":2, "commentText":"Testing", "createdBy":"User2", "isImportant":false }, { "id":3, "commentText":"This is another one", "createdBy":"User2", "isImportant":true }, { "id":4, "commentText":"Hello World!", "createdBy":"User2", "isI
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