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  1. i want to know how to sum the numbers returned from a php query of mysql data. please guide through...
  2. sulove

    ASP.NET with MySql

    Hi all, I have 2 question need you help explain as below. Could we built ASP.NET Webform and use database with MySQL insteat of SQL Server? Could I hosting this project if I select Windows Platform on Godaddy.com? Thanks.
  3. i'm trying to select columns with multiple conditions. i want to select all 'tr_type' for all 'aid's but not 'SALES' & 'PURCHASE' for aid in '1' & '2'. i tried --- SELECT * FROM tran WHERE aid NOT IN ('1','2') AND tr_type IN ('SALES','PURCHASE') ORDER BY date it didn't work. please suggest....
  4. i came to learn that future and past dates are calculated with the simple use of "strtotime()". but this is calculated in relating with current date. i want to know if a future date can be calculated in relation with database stored date? for example, if '2014-01-01' is stored in database, how can i get the date of 30 days(i.e.-2014-01-30) ahead from this date?
  5. how can i loop a result from a php function to loop through each 'id'? like for all 'sid's, i want to use following function to get data... /* above this i calculate value for each $cqty */$cqty = $oqty + $inqty - $outqty;$camt = "select date, pqty, prate, pamt from stock stjoin purchase p on st.sid = p.sid where st.sid = $sidunion allselect date, -sqty, srate, samt from stock stjoin sales s on st.sid = s.sid where st.sid = $sidunion allselect null, oqty, oprice, oamt from stock where sid = $sidorder by date asc";$dataSet = array();$camtresult = mysqli_query($connect, $camt);while ($row =
  6. i am trying to command mysql to sum until it reaches certain value from my table 'purchase', for each 'sid' starting from the last row, i need sum of 'pqty' until the result equals a value from string (but to try i've given a certain value). let me define with the rows from my table--- the rows for 'sid=1' from 'purchase' are like this--- from this row, starting from the last row i want to 'sum(pqty) until it reaches 19(for now). it is achieved from adding last 2 rows(for 19). and stop sum here and return valus or sum of 'pqty', 'prate' and 'pamt'. to achieve this i tried
  7. why these lines are not working? $sql3 = "SELECT *,sum(amt),sum(qty) FROM purchase WHERE sid=$sid AND pvn!=0 ORDER BY pvn DESC LIMIT 2";$result3 = mysqli_query($connect, $sql3) or die(mysqli_error($connect));$row3 = mysqli_fetch_array($result3);echo $row3['sum(qty)'] . "<br />";$sql4 = "SELECT *,sum(amt),sum(qty) FROM purchase WHERE sid=$sid AND pvn!=0 ORDER BY pvn DESC LIMIT 3";$result4 = mysqli_query($connect, $sql4) or die(mysqli_error($connect));$row4 = mysqli_fetch_array($result4);echo $row4['sum(qty)'] . "<br />"; they both SELECT result from the complete rows on 'purcha
  8. funbinod

    confusing JOIN

    i'm trying to JOIN 2 tables and get their data on a single html table to display customer LEDGER REPORT. but a lot of tries made me hopeless. please create some hope on me. what i want to do is like ---- | date | sales | receipt | balance | |--------------- |-- -------- |------------- |-------------| | 2014/03/01 | $5000 | (blank) | $5000 | | 2014/03/03 | (blank) | $3000 | $2000 | | 2014/03/25 | (blank) | $1400 | $500 | -------------------------------------------------------- | TOTAL | $5000 | $3000 | $500 | ---
  9. juice

    php and mysql

    im creating a simple website and database for a project with minimal functionality. All i'm supposed to do is create a website that communicates with a database. i chose to do that project with php, ajax and mysql in xamp. Now i've decided to work on the database first, i want it to be portable where i can just put the completed code in folder on a flash drive and go to school with it. where i'll jus be able to copy it to the htdocs folder in the xamp and it will automatically create the database and run all the queries. For some reason, no matter what i try it won't show up in the phpmyadmin
  10. Ok so I have been looking for how to do this all day(Very long time) and I can't find it anywhere. What I am trying to do is power my website with what I call URL variables the things that YouTube uses E.G. Page.php?video=1 but when it comes to selecting data from my database I have an issue. I have a table for ID and some others I will call them EX1 to EX5, what I am trying to do is the URL "?" thing says a number and that number is turned into a variable(don't know how) but that variable indicates the ID, but I don't want to put the ID on the page, I want the ID to tell my PHP code where
  11. i got problem somewhere while trying to authenticate users while loging in. what i wrote to authenticate in classuser file is this-- // start authentication $safeUser = $mysqli->real_escape_string($username); $incomingPass = $mysqli->real_escape_string($password); $query = "SELECT * FROM user WHERE username = '{$safeUser}'"; if (!$result = $mysqli->query($query)) { error_log("Cannot retrieve account record for {$username}"); return false; } // no while loop for single row $row = $result->fetch_assoc(); $dbPass = $row['password']; if (crypt($incomingPass, $dbPass) != $dbP
  12. Okay I'm biulding a website for a client which is required to do the following: Financial Advisor's from the company i am working for needs to be able to login to the website (by creating a account using a code unique to the company). Then be able to add client infomation to their own client list on a database (seperate from other advisors). From there the Advisors need to be able to go back and see a simplified list of their clients (i.e. just the clients name for example with a search option to find clients easily). Then when the click on the client's name they will be taken to a differe
  13. i'm trying to make a install script. for that i wish to CREATE a DATABASE and at the same time CREATE some TABLEs for it with a single form submit? for this can DATABASE be selected within the "CREATE TABLE" query? if yes how? or there is any other idea?
  14. funbinod

    mysql to mysqli

    got difficulty on converting mysql to mysqli to these line <?php// select table$query = "SELECT * FROM vender";$result = mysql_query($query);if (!$result) die("Unable to select database: " . mysqli_error());// fetch data$rows = mysql_num_rows($result);for ($n = 0 ; $n < $rows ; ++$n){ echo "<option>" . mysql_result($result,$n,'vname') . "</option>" ;}?> please guide....
  15. i tried this $TotalSales = mysql_fetch_array($sales);$TotalReceipts = mysql_fetch_array($receipt);$TotalBalance = $TotalSales - $TotalReceipts;echo $TotalBalance; what is the problem????
  16. funbinod

    edit a record

    (feeling a bit difficult to describe) i am trying to edit a post on a mysql table. in it data is transferred from one row to previous data was recorded for "ID-1" and now data on some cell should be transferred to "ID-2" and that makes change to another table also. i succeeded to change data on another table and change on "ID-2". but i got difficulties to retrieve "ID-1" to change its value. the edit form is like this --- <form method ="POST" action="saleseditpost.php"><fieldset><legend><h1>Edit Sales Record</h1></legend><div class="form-field
  17. funbinod

    duplicate entry

    how to check for duplicate entry on a form using php?
  18. expensiveal

    Help PHP error

    Hii'am new in this forum yesterday i created an Affilatereferral program with PHP Fixthewindows.combut i'am getting an errorParse error: syntax error, unexpected '=', expecting ')' in /home/u479191455/public_html/common.php on line 9The code of common.phpcommon.phpin Dreamweaver CC i'am getting more errorsError Line : 9 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 17 ,24 , , 60 , 61,62,63,64,66 Please Help !
  19. i want to know if jquery (or javascript) can deal with mysql database?
  20. am very fresh in php and whatever i learnt is from w3schools. i am trying to create invoice script. for this i wish if automatic display of "item name" & "price" by entering just "item code" be possible. there is a table for stock item with rows "item code", "item name", "price". please guide me. thank u.
  21. i created loop for selecting from all the rows of a table like this--- <?$rows = mysql_num_rows($result);for ($n = 0 ; $n < $rows ; ++$n) { echo '' . mysql_result($result,$n,'item') . '<br />'; }?> and tried to put in dropdown menu like this ---- echo '<form action="#" id="test" name="test">';echo '<select name="item">';echo "<option></option>";echo "<option>";{echo '' . mysql_result($result,$n,'item') . '<br />';}echo "</option>";echo '</select>';echo '</form>'; but returned error "Warning: mysql_result(
  22. how to make a dropdown menu on a FORM with the datas from a column of a database table like items from all rows of a "MEMBERS" table's "NAME" column
  23. Hi please help wiith php code, im trying to retrieve data from a self referencing table types(id,name,parent,desc) this values should be in a drop down list "<li>" in html Thanks in advanced
  24. i want to know if it it possible to make desktop application using PHP & MYSQL or not. if yes please suggest any application for that or some ideas....
  25. i want to try an invoice script but got confused at one place. how to get information from a database table with MANUALLY SELECTING 'WHERE' clause? i wish a code be entered manually on a form and its details be displayed automatically. attached is the file what i made and it describes what i wish to be. please guide.
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