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  1. hello everyone, I've got a server set up as my web host. It has Apache installed and PHP (both are the most recent version). for the database I have a different server these two machines (the web host and the database server) are connected through a peer to peer connection. Now I've learned that I need to use my database servers IP address as the host address for my database connection script but are there any other settings I need to change in the php.ini in order to make this work?
  2. Hello Everyone, I have different entries in a log file in the form: ================================================[Jan 27 2012 12:10:35] - ID2PDF v.2.6 (ID2PDF.jsx)General options: [default] (ID2PDF_options.xml)================================================Loaded options from XML file: 'path/to/file/some_file.xmlextendedPrintPDF startedextendedPrintPDF: Error: Unsaved documents have no full name.; line: 332================================================[Jan 27 2012 12:12:57] - ID2PDF v.2.6 (ID2PDF.jsx)General options: [default] (ID2PDF_options.xml)=======================================
  3. Hello..I suggest that w3schools has a lesson concerning OOP in PHP..Coz i think it is also important in PHP programming
  4. I'm having a problem and i'd like some help please. I have made a script for creating an image with PHP using GD library, but the problem is when i preview it on the Firefox it shows me an error in Firebug: "Image corrupt or truncated:localhost/my_scripts/images.php". NOTE: this is not an error displayed from PHP, it seems more like an error comming from the browser.I have checked my code for syntaxes many times, i have also tried out and other gd functions, like imagegif, imagettftext etc etc but didn't have any effect. Here's my code: <?php//$image = @imagecreate(200, 20)or die("Cannot
  5. Hello I have example database where is (Few values added) ID, SUBJECT, NAME1, Hello world, Mudsaf2, Hello world2, Mudsaf Then i get the data from sql with query (querys and row works perfectly <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7/jquery.js"></script><script src="http://malsup.github.com/jquery.form.js"></script> <script> // wait for the DOM to be loaded $(document).ready(function() { // bind 'myForm' and provide a simple callback function $('#removepost').ajaxForm(function() { alert("Something happened"); }); }); </scri
  6. Hello, im currently trying to update my workplace website navigation, but i cant figure out how-to make Hidden page with required group on Website baker 2.6.7. If you have any experience about website baker please inform me. I have tried also in the demo of website baker online. Demo http://www.websitebaker2.org/en/home/online-demo.php
  7. Hi All I have a bizzar issue which is driving me nuts. I was running a php server on my pc to test my code with no issues - now moved it to the host server and get this issue when try to parse xml: Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage22/tr/ad/in/tradingbay.co/public_html/Lib/Functions.php on line 154 here is my code: $TDurl = "http://api.tradedoubler.com".$Version.$module.$Format.$TDParams.$Token;print $TDurl;$TDResponse = @file_get_contents($TDurl);$TDParsed_Xml
  8. Happy new year all, I am hoping that someone can help me with a problem I'm having. I'm using a mysql foreach query to retrieve certain data from the database. However I'm only able to get one set of information per row. Could you please advise me of where the best place is to start reseaching. If I have not explained myself clearly I can provide more information as required. I look forward to hearing from you guys soon. RegardsMatthias
  9. Hello everybody, so im wondering how to make "Download" that is secured and users cannot go just with direct link like /downloads/file1.rar. I'd like that no SQL-storing would be there.
  10. Hello, im not sure should i add this to "SQL" category since this is bit more sql-related but any fix to this. I have timestamp field in my database and it has worder ORDER BY Desc so far from oldest to newest and now at 2013 it doesn't work like that. SELECT * FROM ms_news ORDER BY newsDate DESC LIMIT 0, 1 Last 2 values Code displays this 2013-01-03 01:48:05 Should display this 2013-01-04 01:03:53 At year 2012 it worked from oldest to newest so im not sure does the 2013 year mess the desc somehow. Blargh fixed, had taken the value from Date and not Dateti
  11. Hello. I am experimenting with PHP and MYSQL because I am new at it. I am trying to use AJAX to create a query into a database that I have. It isn't working. I'm sure I've made a mistake but I cant seem to find it. Someone please look over my code and see if there is something I am missing. I know my database is working because I use it to log in. It has to be in my code. The results I get from this is blank. The AJAX does call on the PHP correctly because I do get an echo back, but only because the $results isn't working. query/users.php <?phpinclude('includes/config.inc');$sql = "
  12. Hello, Im just wondering does it strain website server if i check if port is open and server is running. So basically i have 1 php page that is has selection for example "Sitefriends" and then when user refreshes the webpage check if the website port is open and server is up (This is because my sitefriend server isn't on always) and im wondering does it make their server slower or something if test their port openings?
  13. ok i designed a multipart recruitment time editor for this site and tested and it worked fine 4 days ago no edits since then and now it is not working. here is the error: it comes up in ** elseif($p == "Schedule_TMH") { ** after submitting the data. Here is the primary code:<?phpif(checkLogin(MEMBER_NAME, MEMBER_PASS) AND checkRank(MEMBER_RANK, $pid)) {include("include/classes/class_global.php");if($p == "") {echo "<table align='center' border='1' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='3' width='600' bordercolor='FFCC33'><tr><td bordercolor='FFCC33' class='titles' align='center'>
  14. Hello, im wondering can i prevent brute-force attacks from my webpage example creating this. This should work if the user doesn't close and re-open the page after attempts are out, but i have no idea how brute-force does it. Login page <?php session_start();if(isset($_SESSION['login_attempt']) && $_SESSION['login_attempt'] < 6) {} else {//Form here}?> Login confirm page <?phpsession_start();if (isset($_SESSION['Rights']) && $_SESSION['login_attempt'] < 6) {header("Location: index.php");} elseif (isset($_POST['password']) && isset($_POST['username'])
  15. Hello everyone, sorry for the dull title. Couldn't think of anything better. So this is my problem.I was using a registration form for teachers and one for students. There are ten fields in each, first name, last name, username, password, etc being similar whereas departments (teachers have 7, students have 3) and email ids (teachers have a different domain extension and students different) being different. I am using two tables, one for teachers and one for student.Now, I know I can use one login form, query against these two tables using the JOIN property and make them login. But I want to k
  16. "Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at/) in......"
  17. guys.. i m new here and came with hope of getting solution to my problem.i m developing one site which will be accessed by customers and employees of company.my doubt is clear that i want my employee will get notification as soon as any customer will sends an any inquiry or any feedback. so that i can processed that request as early as possible and make my customer happy ;)means my question is : i just want to get notification as soon as customer edit/add his data. thats it.so how can i implement this in php. (e.g Facebook live notification is best example u can assume. take Facebook notifica
  18. how do i make this work? I need the if else statement to work.. like if i select ''samsung'' and i press submit the file must be included... but i just dont get the right code.. things that i've tried: if ($device="samsung")if (in_array("samsung" , $devices))if (in_array($devices="samsung"))and some others that i can't remember <html><body> <?php$devices = array('iphone' => 'iPhone', 'samsung' => 'Samsung', 'nokia' => 'Nokia', 'sonyericsson' => 'Sonyericsson', 'htc' => 'HTC',);echo '<form method="post">'; echo '<select>'; foreach
  19. i don't think so that i will have to give u much info about this.. because word "REMINDER" says itself everything.so i just want to use this concept in my website.if any activity i want to do after some fix timing say 2 hours. then after 2 hours my website should give me reminder about this.so i m searching some real-time functions to implement this concept if anybody have any idea please suggest me.thank you in advance.
  20. Hello everyone, I'm new to php so please bare with me on this. Before i explain my problem, let me give you guys a brief background on what i'm doing.i have a list of existing clients in my database that have a client# hence $code. Every clients will be sent an email that contain a link with their # aka $code. so when they arrive at my page, the address bar should also contain their $code.At the same time, there are also potential clients going to my webpage without client# ($code). Eventually both existing and potential clients will have to fill out a form. with their name and email. Problem
  21. guys.. i m new here and came with hope of getting solution to my problem.i m developing one site which will be accessed by customers and employees of company.my doubt is clear that i want my employee will get notification as soon as any customer will sends an any inquiry or any feedback. (e.g Facebook live notification is best example u can assume)so that i can processed that request as early as possible and make my customer happy . so please help me for this.thanks in advance
  22. Hi there!! I have copied and changed the following code snippet from the php.net site: <?php$to = 'myusername@mydomain.com';$subject = 'the subject';$message = 'hello';$headers = 'From: webmaster@example.com\r\n';if(mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)){ echo "Success!!"; }?> unfortunately, my script wasn't executed and I didn't receive the email even in my junk folder. Can someone help me solve this trouble? Thanks in advance!! atar.
  23. when someone doen't fill the entire app out - it will display the areas they mess uped as an error like below. The problem i am having is: If submit it blank it should say all of them are errors but all i get is 1 and if i miss a few then it only displays a random error of the one of them i missed. here is the code and an example of the output. <?php/*======================================================================*\|| #################################################################### |||| # Clan SwFd -- Recruitment System V5 # |||| # -----------------------------------
  24. Nuker_Viper

    Date problem

    i don't quite understand why it displays this: here is the basic code... <?php$TZ = getTZInfo("tz", getMemberInfo("timezone", $membername));$T = getTZInfo("tz_plusminus_hours", getMemberInfo("timezone", $membername));$DST = getMemberInfo("timezone_dst", $membername); if($DST == "On") { $D = "1"; }else { $D = "0"; } $TF = ($T+$D); if($logged_in == "1") { $displaydate = gmdate("l, F j, Y - g:i A - $TZ", time()+(("$TF"+date("I"))*3600)); }elseif($logged_in != "1") { $displaydate = gmdate("l, F j, Y - g:i A - e", time()+((-5+date("I"))*3600)); } ?>
  25. Hello. For some weeks ago, i made a file upload for a gallery.I made it using html5, and everything works fine. the only problem is that when i select multiple files, the uploads funktion works fine when the total of all files is less than 8 mb, because of limitation on the php.I can se, that if i select more than 8mb, the files are uploaded to the server, but i dont think that the php can "move" the files at ones? Does any one have a work around? it is very important to select multiple files due to alot of sub_files! (i was thinking to make something like foreach file(upload and move)) sorry
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