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Found 1 result

  1. in an ongoing attempt to resolve this on my own while i await generous assistance from the other javascripting forum users - the ajax_attributes.js portions get updated continuously, the xml is perfect. selecting the xml and attributes is perfect. handling it in javascript is not... *facepalms* the script has sofar been updated as follows... // top level "global" variables set at top of scriptvar sid = 0;var servicearr = new Array();// plannned future top level variables for reading and storing the attribute "ancestrees"var pss = "0";var ddcnt = 0;var keys = new Array(new Array(),new Array()); // parse servicesvar services = xmldoc.getElementsByTagName("service");var arr10 = new Array();servicearr = new Array();for (var x = 0; x < services.length; x++) { if (services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("sid") && services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("desc") && services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("selected") && indexOf.call(servicearr,services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("sid").nodeValue)==-1) { var arr = new Array(); var aa = 0; var arr1 = new Array(); arr[0] = services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("sid").nodeValue; arr[1] = services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("desc").nodeValue; arr[2] = services[x].attributes.getNamedItem("selected").nodeValue; var i = 1; for (var c = 0; c < services[x].childNodes.length; c++) { if (services[x].childNodes[c].nodeName == "attribute" && services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("id").nodeValue != undefined) { var arr2 = new Array(); arr2[0] = services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("id").nodeValue; arr2[1] = services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("desc").nodeValue; arr2[2] = services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("val").nodeValue; arr2[3] = services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("ord").nodeValue; arr2[4] = (services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("ptr").nodeValue!="")?services[x].childNodes[c].attributes.getNamedItem("ptr").nodeValue:""; arr1[aa] = arr2.join(";;;"); aa++; } } arr[3] = arr1.join(";.;"); // service attributes //salert(arr); if (arr.length) { addrecord("menu_services", arr); servicearr.push(arr[0]); svc = true; } }} as for the xml - it is still without errors, and is still generated as follows. <root><service sid="10" desc="Accounting Bookkeeping" selected="">...</service><service sid="1" desc="Bakkie Canopy" selected="selected">...</service><service sid="3" desc="Bakkie Canopy Accessories" selected=""></service><service sid="2" desc="Bakkie Linings & Rubberizing" selected=""></service><service sid="15" desc="Broadband Internet" selected="">...</service><service sid="5" desc="Business Phone Systems" selected="">...</service><service sid="9" desc="Company Registrations" selected="">...</service><service sid="11" desc="Conference Venues" selected="">...</service><service sid="8" desc="Debt Collection Agencies" selected="">...</service><service sid="17" desc="Office Coffee" selected="">...</service><service sid="7" desc="Office Colour Printers" selected="">...</service><service sid="12" desc="Office Furniture" selected="">...</service><service sid="13" desc="Office Movers" selected="">...</service><service sid="14" desc="Office Network Cabling" selected="">...</service><service sid="6" desc="Office Printers & Copiers" selected="">...</service><service sid="16" desc="Office Water" selected="">...</service><service sid="4" desc="Placeholder" selected=""></service><sql/></root> obviously, this abbreviated excerpt comes from google chrome's view of the file, which has the following header info: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> if nobody wants to help then i guess it's also fine - i am getting there as fast as possible under the current circuimstances can anyone see why the services dropdown, does not want to select the single service which has the selected="selected" attribute? sincerely - Pierre "Greywacke" du Toit.
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