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  1. What is the use of 'window' object? I really didn't understood anything about the window object.
  2. Hello and I desperately need some help with CSS as I am really lost and have read that CSS tutorial I don't know how many times, but something just isn't clicking. I've got the HTML down and have written a web site in HTML in Microsoft notepad, but I need a style sheet to make things look better before I upload the site to a web host. What I need is someone that really knows the CSS code and can explain things in text and not graphics as I am blind and using a screen reader and it doesn't read graphics. I think I have the basic idea of what it is supposed to do and I have the code written down for all the parts like the coloring, the font things, the background and link/visited links and headers and such. What I need to know is how to put it all together, what do I write where in the "head" and the body" and in what order. Is there a way to tie all the pages together with basically the same style sheet or do I need to write the code on each page? I really need some help here and this seemed like the best place to ask, so I hope someone can. Also, what about the W3CSS, does that work better as I see some templates there to use, but I'm not exactly sure what it all means, again I have read and reread the tutorials on this. If I use one of the templates available, do I put that code inside my document or link to it as an outside source or exactly what? This reminds me of algebra when I had to do that in school as I needed help with that stuff. I really wish I had grown up with computers as it's much easier to learn this stuff when younger than older, but the HTML isn't hard and I thought CSS wouldn't be either. Help, please.
  3. Hey guys/gals, I am a bit of a coding dinosaur, and recently got back into html coding, and have slowly been developing my comedy groups website. I've been slowly working with "css", and the list functionality On my event page, I want to display rows of 3 events each, that will have a rounded rectangle background, and the information about each event (with a picture) enclosed within the rectangle. You can find what I am working on at www.standupseoul.com/test1.html My problem is that I need to: 1. Align the 3 events to the middle of the page, not to the right. 2. I want there to be some separation between each <li> . As you can see, they bleed into each other. You should be able to view the source on my page. Any help, suggestions, or tips would be greatly appreciated. If you see some of my coding looks messy or I've put something in a bad spot, feel free to give me your opinion. In the end, I want it to look like I have on this page, but without using Tockify. http://www.standupseoul.com/pages/events.html I used to make pages back in the 90s and early 2000s with just HTML and a little java script, Im kind of getting back into all of this slowly. Thanks a lot!
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