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Found 148 results

  1. Hi All, I recently started to have issues with my website, uHeadphones.Com, only in the Firefox browser. On my index page the icon for my top vendor's (Aerial7, AudioFly, Plantronics, Sony, WeSC) is intruding in my category bar(in-ear, over-ear, bluetooth..etc, etc.). Does anybody know what my issue could be? This is only happening to me in Firefox. Thank You
  2. Hello w3s.i'm not sure if i have asked in the right forum, was unsure if i should put the question in PHP or SQL area, anyways. i have attached a image where i show my so called forum so far made myself without trouble.Now i have ran into trouble that i would like to ask help for. LOOK AT PICTURE FOR THE IDEA here is my code: Menu: $HTMLOUT .= box_start("Forum Menu");$fm_res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mod_forum_menu ORDER BY fm_id ASC");$get_fc_id = (isset($_GET['fc_id']) ? '?fc_id='.$_GET['fc_id'].'&' : '?');//if isset...if (mysql_num_rows($fm_res) > 0)//if bigger than 0...{while($fm_array = mysql_fetch_assoc($fm_res))//fm = forum_menu{ $HTMLOUT .= "(<a href='forums_v1.php".$get_fc_id."fm_id=".$fm_array['fm_id']."' alt='".$fm_array['fm_name']."'>".$fm_array['fm_name']."</a>) ";}}else{$HTMLOUT .= "No forum menu added yet, please contact First Line Support for further information!...";}$HTMLOUT .= box_end(); Forum Categories: /*Category Forums...*/if(isset($_GET['fm_id'])){$fc_res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mod_forum_cats WHERE fc_id = ".$_GET['fm_id']);}else{$fc_res = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM mod_forum_cats ORDER BY fc_id ASC");}/*Category Forums...*/$get_fm_id = (isset($_GET['fm_id']) ? '?fm_id='.$_GET['fm_id']."&" : '?');//if isset...if (mysql_num_rows($fc_res) > 0)//if bigger than 0...{//$HTMLOUT .= "Forum(s) succes showed...<br />";while($fc_array = mysql_fetch_assoc($fc_res))//fc = forum_category{ $HTMLOUT .= "<div id='forum_cats_title_wrapper'>"; $HTMLOUT .= "<a href='forums_v1.php".$get_fm_id."fc_id=".$fc_array['fc_id']."'>".$fc_array['fc_name']."</a><-FORUM CATEGORY LIKE LH!..."; $HTMLOUT .= "</div>"; $HTMLOUT .= "<div id='under_forum_cats_title_wrapper'>"; $HTMLOUT .= "--<a href='#'>ACTUAL FORUM 1 HERE...</a><br />"; $HTMLOUT .= "--<a href='#'>ACTUAL FORUM 2 HERE...</a>"; $HTMLOUT .= "</div>";}}else{if($CURUSER['class'] >= UC_ADMIN)//equal or over ADMIN level for this message...{ $HTMLOUT .= " Admin Message:<br /><br /> Remember to add a Forum category before the real forums can be showed!...";}else{ $HTMLOUT .= "No forum categories added yet, please contact First Line Support for further information!...";}} now, i have done almost everything correct, i think, i have not errors so far.My trouble now lies in that i need to output the actual forums lying under the Forum Categories...how to do this in an another SQL?, the current one as you see is inside a while loop, and i should as far as i have been thinking, be in the same while loop... ideas?... PS:if you need more info, tell me so and i will try to explain in details of what i am doing, thanks again! ...
  3. hello, i have been wondering, and this might be a rookie question, but one i simply need to ask, coz it is making me a little bit insane... i have this CSS right now: /* unvisited link */#forum_cats_title_wrapper a:link { color:#0087DC; text-decoration:none;}/* visited link */#forum_cats_title_wrapper a:visited { color:#0087DC; text-decoration:none;}/* mouse over link */#forum_cats_title_wrapper a:hover { color:#172aba; text-decoration:none;}/* selected link */#forum_cats_title_wrapper a:active { color:#172aba; text-decoration:none;} what i wish, is for the links to show what page i am at, for instance, if i am in a forum, the forum link will be highlighted, meanwhile the others will go down to a more darker blue kind of color... Any ideas? Oo...
  4. ndbbb

    help with html5

    Can anyone help me with the code for this: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/441/html5z.png/ because now i am learning html5 and i don't know how to make it. I'll be very happy if anyone help me with the code
  5. I'm not the greatest at doing HTML codes but have learnt a lot since starting. This leads me on to the problem I'm having. At work we use HTML templates to make up our header and footer and recently I was asked to sort something out so when stuff reply or forward email there's a footer. I thought this was easy enough and adapted the HTML files we already have and used them as a template, all looked good and the job was finished. Now after they've been used a few times it seems that from time to time the reply templet will ignore its setting and go off the original email meaning fonts will change, the size of the writing changes, colours and so on. What I'm hoping someone can help me with is ever advising a way to get the footer to follow its owe setting instead of the original email or to tell me this can't be done. Any help is greatly appreciated and sorry if I didn't use the right terms anywhere. Jordan
  6. Hello all, I have tried so many things to get this to work but to no avail, can someon eplease help me out here with a simple script for n XML steam feed. http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUserStats/GetGlobalAchievementPercentagesForApp/v0002/?gameid=221380&format=xml OK NOW THE ISSUE IS: I have a blank webpage which I have placed the above link into, I simply want the contents of the XML feed from the link to appear in my page....... How do I make the contents of that url appear on the same page?? SO I NEED THE SMALL SCRIPT OR HTML CODE TO DO THIS Also I would like to have the background a certain colour and use a certain font like 12point arial with bold headings and lower case text. Can someone please provide me with the html to allow this XML feed to appear on my webpage with a different colour background, arial 12pt font in bold and lowercase Could someone pleasde please help me.......... With regards Mathew
  7. I am working on a website for a video game streamer I watch and sometimes he plays with other streamers and viewers want to watch them both or in some cases more than 2, all play at the same time. So there are sites that do "dual streams" that will allow you to show both videos on the same page. My idea was to make something similar but scale-able to however many streams are needed. So far I have js functions with all the HTML needed add the video player but not sure how i would add a new video to the page without having to refresh. I am using the document.getElementByID('streams').innerHTML = mainStream()+newStream(); right now to manually show the primary stream and a image to click on to add another stream. function mainStream() { result = "\t<div id=\"stream1\" class=\"td stream\">\n"+ "\t\t<object type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" class=\"stream-object\" data=\"http://www.twitch.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf\" width=\"100%\" height=\"100%\" style=\"visibility: visible; \">\n"+ "\t\t<param name=\"allowFullScreen\" value=\"true\">\n"+ "\t\t<param name=\"allowScriptAccess\" value=\"always\">\n"+ "\t\t<param name=\"allowNetworking\" value=\"all\">\n"+ "\t\t<param name=\"wmode\" value=\"transparent\">\n"+ "\t\t<param name=\"flashvars\" value=\"hostname=www.twitch.tv&channel=the_black_russian&auto_play=true&start_volume=100\"></object>\n"+ "\t</div>\n"; return(result); } function newStream(streamNum) { result = "\t<div id=\"stream"+streamNum+"\" class=\"td newStream\" onclick=\"getStream()\">\n"+ "\t\t<img src=\"lib/new_stream.fw.png\" style=\"width:100%; height:100%\" alt=\"new stream\" title=\"Click to open a new stream...\" />\n"+ "\t</div>\n"; return(result); } In hard code it would look like this when printed: <div id="streams"> <div id="stream1" class="td stream" style="width: 301px; height: 169.3125px;"> <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" class="stream-object" data="http://www.twitch.tv/widgets/live_embed_player.swf" width="100%" height="100%" style="visibility: visible; "> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"> <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"> <param name="allowNetworking" value="all"> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"> <param name="flashvars" value="hostname=www.twitch.tv&channel=the_black_russian&auto_play=true&start_volume=100"></object> </div> <div id="stream2" class="td newStream" onclick="getStream()" style="width: 301px; height: 169.3125px;"> <img src="lib/new_stream.fw.png" style="width:100%; height:100%" alt="new stream" title="Click to open a new stream..."> </div></div> What I am looking to do is when someone triggers getStream() for it to add another stream and list the newStream() code last. This would make the new stream #2 and push the open a new stream part to stream #3. I also would like to add in functionality to close a specific stream. Any help is much appreciated! If I did not explain enough please let me know I will try my best to fill in any details I may have missed.
  8. Hello! I wanna create a form that can send sms to multiple recipient, i've created a form that uses javascript to add or remove textbox dynamically, this code successfully send sms when i fill one recipient number, but fails to send more than one recipient, and as i try to make it send sms to more than one user by making it loop, i get this error, Can someone help? i want to know how do i make this form sends sms towards multiple user Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() <script language="javascript"> function addRow(tableID) { var table = document.getElementById(tableID); var rowCount = table.rows.length; var row = table.insertRow(rowCount); var cell1 = row.insertCell(0); var element1 = document.createElement("input"); element1.type = "checkbox"; element1.name="chkbox[]"; cell1.appendChild(element1); var cell2 = row.insertCell(1); cell2.innerHTML = rowCount + 1; var cell3 = row.insertCell(2); var element2 = document.createElement("input"); element2.type = "text"; element2.name = "CTL_TEL"; cell3.appendChild(element2); } function deleteRow(tableID) { try { var table = document.getElementById(tableID); var rowCount = table.rows.length; for(var i=0; i<rowCount; i++) { var row = table.rows[i]; var chkbox = row.cells[0].childNodes[0]; if(null != chkbox && true == chkbox.checked) { table.deleteRow(i); rowCount--; i--; } } }catch(e) { alert(e); } } </SCRIPT> <?php error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);//Example$gsm_send_sms = new gsm_send_sms();$gsm_send_sms->debug = false;$gsm_send_sms->port = 'COM6';$gsm_send_sms->baud = 115200;$gsm_send_sms->init();$name="CTL_TEL[]";foreach ($tel as $_POST['CTL_TEL']) {$status = $gsm_send_sms->send($_POST["CTL_TEL"] , $_POST["CTL_MSG"]);$status = $gsm_send_sms->send($tel , $_POST["CTL_MSG"]); if ($status) { echo "Message sent\n";} else { echo "Message not sent\n";}}$gsm_send_sms->close(); //Send SMS via serial SMS modemclass gsm_send_sms { public $port = 'COM6'; public $baud = 115200; public $debug = false; private $fp; private $buffer; //Setup COM port public function init() { $this->debugmsg("Setting up port: \"{$this->port} @ \"{$this->baud}\" baud"); exec("MODE {$this->port}: BAUD={$this->baud} PARITY=N DATA=8 STOP=1", $output, $retval); if ($retval != 0) { throw new Exception('Unable to setup COM port, check it is correct'); } $this->debugmsg(implode("\n", $output)); $this->debugmsg("Opening port"); //Open COM port $this->fp = fopen($this->port . ':', 'r+'); //Check port opened if (!$this->fp) { throw new Exception("Unable to open port \"{$this->port}\""); } $this->debugmsg("Port opened"); $this->debugmsg("Checking for responce from modem"); //Check modem connected fputs($this->fp, "AT\r"); //Wait for ok $status = $this->wait_reply("OK\r\n", 5); if (!$status) { throw new Exception('Did not receive responce from modem'); } $this->debugmsg('Modem connected'); //Set modem to SMS text mode $this->debugmsg('Setting text mode'); fputs($this->fp, "AT+CMGF=1\r"); $status = $this->wait_reply("OK\r\n", 5); if (!$status) { throw new Exception('Unable to set text mode'); } $this->debugmsg('Text mode set'); } //Wait for reply from modem private function wait_reply($expected_result, $timeout) { $this->debugmsg("Waiting {$timeout} seconds for expected result"); //Clear buffer $this->buffer = ''; //Set timeout $timeoutat = time() + $timeout; //Loop until timeout reached (or expected result found) do { $this->debugmsg('Now: ' . time() . ", Timeout at: {$timeoutat}"); $buffer = fread($this->fp, 1024); $this->buffer .= $buffer; usleep(200000);//0.2 sec $this->debugmsg("Received: {$buffer}"); //Check if received expected responce if (preg_match('/'.preg_quote($expected_result, '/').'$/', $this->buffer)) { $this->debugmsg('Found match'); return true; //break; } else if (preg_match('/\+CMS ERROR\:\ \d{1,3}\r\n$/', $this->buffer)) { return false; } } while ($timeoutat > time()); $this->debugmsg('Timed out'); return false; } //Print debug messages private function debugmsg($message) { if ($this->debug == true) { $message = preg_replace("%[^\040-\176\n\t]%", '', $message); echo $message . "\n"; } } //Close port public function close() { $this->debugmsg('Closing port'); fclose($this->fp); } //Send message public function send($tel, $message) { //Filter tel $tel = preg_replace("%[^0-9\+]%", '', $tel); //Filter message text $message = preg_replace("%[^\040-\176\r\n\t]%", '', $message); $this->debugmsg("Sending message \"{$message}\" to \"{$tel}\""); //Start sending of message fputs($this->fp, "AT+CMGS=\"{$tel}\"\r"); //Wait for confirmation $status = $this->wait_reply("\r\n> ", 5); if (!$status) { //throw new Exception('Did not receive confirmation from modem'); $this->debugmsg('Did not receive confirmation from modem'); return false; } //Send message text fputs($this->fp, $message); //Send message finished indicator fputs($this->fp, chr(26)); //Wait for confirmation $status = $this->wait_reply("OK\r\n", 180); if (!$status) { //throw new Exception('Did not receive confirmation of messgage sent'); $this->debugmsg('Did not receive confirmation of messgage sent'); return false; } $this->debugmsg("Message sent"); return true; }}?> <html><head><title>SMS via GSM</title><meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"><style> .clbody { font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:9pt; font-weight:normal;}.clfooter { font-family:Verdana; font-size:7pt; font-weight:normal;}h1, .h1 { width:100%; font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:18px; font-weight:bold;}hr, .hr { color:#b0b0b0;}</style></head><body class="clbody"><h1>SMS via GSM</h1><div style="WIDTH:700px"></div><hr size="1"><?phperror_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);?><form action="" method="post" name="myForm"><table class ="clbody" width="700" border="1"> <tr> <td valign="top">Recipient:</td> <td valign="top"> <INPUT type="button" value="Add Row" onclick="addRow('dataTable')" /> <INPUT type="button" value="Delete Row" onclick="deleteRow('dataTable')" /> <TABLE id="dataTable" width="350px" border="1"> <TR> <TD><INPUT type="checkbox" name="chk"/></TD> <TD> 1 </TD> <TD> <input type="text" name="CTL_TEL" value="<?php echo $_GET['CTL_TEL']; ?>"> </TD> </TR> </TABLE> </td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">Message:</td> <td valign="top"> <input style="width: 250px" type="text" name="CTL_MSG" value="<?php echo $_GET['CTL_MSG']; ?>"></td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top">Result code:<font color=green></td> <td valign="top"></td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top"> </td> <td valign="top"><input size="25" type="submit" value="Send" name="CTL_SEND" style="height: 23px; width: 250px"></td> </tr></table><br><br></form></body></html>
  9. Yo W3S again... i have this little project of my own.its a little hard to explain, but also only a theory, so feel free to ask in to it... i have been watching a project called TBdev (its a torrent project, yes, but hear me out first...). i have been trying to see how they have builded up their login system with cookies. and to be more specific, their functions inside the main-file called bittorrent.php. anyways, i am kinda building my own functions for this to work, but im trying to build in a little different way then them... i think... here is my functions: function login_session($db_output, $update_user_db = 0){set_my_session( "uid" );//name the sessionset_my_session( "pass" );//name the sessionset_my_session( "stylesheet" );//name the sessionif ($update_user_db == '1'){ @mysql_query("UPDATE users SET last_login = ".TIME_NOW." WHERE id = $id");}}function set_my_session( $name ){CODE HERE...}function unset_my_session( $session_name ){unset($_SESSION['{$session_name}']);}function logout_session() {unset_my_session('uid');unset_my_session('pass');} now, as you see. then the login_session is the main function here to login with..now, this is my login file: $res = mysql_query("SELECT id, passhash, username, secret FROM users WHERE username = " . sqlesc($username) . " AND status = 'confirmed'");$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res);login_session($row); now, as you see. im taking ALL my DB info out into the function. now here comes the part from where im a little lost, because now i need to build up the function that builds it.that would be the (set_my_session)... my point is to take ALL rows/data out FROM where the username are...so i can see WHAT the kind of data the user has.... BUT. as you see on the login_session, im trying to give them different names for Each and one, so i can see the difference on them...that is the way the TBdev project did it, and that was the thing that was giving into me mostly... so here comes the question...if i am going to take ALL the data out from DB, and i need to know the different name on each and one.is it possible to take the row/col name... like if one of the rows were named 'user_id', is it possible to use THAT name to the session?, and as you can see here at my project right now, do you think i can get it to work?... -thanks for advice if possible!... EDIT: and ohh, as you see... im also needing to UNSET the sessions again, that is where the names for the different sessions come into the picture, but give me some advice, because im pretty surtent that this one will work, just needing a little advice to go on with... -thanks!...
  10. Im looking for a little help, I am in the process of building a website and I want the contact form data to be sent to an email account.After looking at a tutorial on how to send my html form data to php I have hit a problem where the email always goes into the outlook accounts junk folder. I suspsect it may be the code I have used anyway any help would be very appreciated. Anyone know of a good tutorial or example code that will help me send my form data to email? Many thanks
  11. rootKID

    now im pissed...

    ok... i have been working on this thing for a month or so now..im really pissed and need some verification... the last post i posted what actually ALMOST fine.. the only trouble was my explore i suppose.. anyways.. now my explore is NOT my problem any longer.. but google chrome is at this point at an another project.. (pictures added..) i mean.. what?... this is my php file: function stdhead($sitename = '',$css_style = ''){$HTMLOUT = "";//Starting Variable...$HTMLOUT .= "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN' 'http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd'><html xmlns='http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml'><head><meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1' /><link rel='shortcut icon' href='favicon.ico' /><title>$sitename</title><link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='themes/1/$css_style.css'></head><body><a name='top'>";$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='header'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Header/Banner/Logo...";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//Ending Header...$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='statusbar'>";$HTMLOUT .= "StatusBar";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//Ending StatusBar...$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='menu'>";$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='index.php'>Index</a>";$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#'>Index</a>";$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#'>Index</a>";$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#'>Index</a>";$HTMLOUT .= "<a href='#'>Index</a>";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//Ending Menu...$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='content'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Content";return $HTMLOUT;}//STDHEAD FUNCTION ENDS...function stdfoot(){$stdfoot = "";//Starting Variable...$stdfoot .= "</div>";//Ending Content...$stdfoot .= "<div id='footer'>";$stdfoot .= "Footer";$stdfoot .= "</div>";//Ending Footer...$stdfoot .= "</body></html>";return $stdfoot;}//STDFOOTER FUNCTION ENDS... and this is my CSS file: /* CSS Document */* {padding: 0em;margin: 0em;}html {width: 100%;}body {background-color:#2f2f2f; /*Original: 464646*/}#header {/*background: url('pics/head.jpg') top center no-repeat;*/height:100px;width:100%;background-color:#111111;color:#999;}#statusbar {/*background: url('pics/head.jpg') top center no-repeat;*/height:30px;width:100%;background-color:#222222;color:#999;}#menu {/*background: url('pics/head.jpg') top center no-repeat;*/height:30px;width:100%;background-color:#222222;color:#999;}#content {height:100px;width:100%;background-color:#333333;color: #ffffff;}#footer {height:auto;width:100%;background-color:#444444;color: #ffffff;} ideas?...
  12. Hello, My name is Kyle, I recently started an online eSports community. The website is www.eSportSpot.com. I have been making websites for a long time, about 8 years, as a hobby in my free time. However, I have never advanced my coding knowledge past advanced HTML and some very basic JavaScript. I am looking to create a member account system for this website, but I don't want to use an online service (I want to create my own system that I can modify, tweak, and develop exactly the way I want it). I have done a little bit of research about what programming language would be the most efficient and easiest to learn to achieve my goals, but I can not make a decision. I was wondering if anyone in this great community would be willing to help me out. Here are the things that I want to be able to do: 1. Visitors to my website able to create an account using an email address.2. Verification email sent to provided email address.3. Upon being verified, members will be taken to a place where they can edit their profile (picture, bio, website, email, etc.) These are the basic goals that I would like to achieve. On top of that though, some other things that I would like to are: 1. Program my own simple, clean, professional looking message forums.2. Implement system where members can send direct private messages to one another.3. Implement system where I can mark certain members as a 'Featured Author', and then have a page where those members can write and post their own content to my website, without me having to upload the files to my server, or give them the password to my hosting cpanel or anything like that. I understand these goals I have can be somewhat advanced and time consuming, but I do not mind. I am very eager to learn a new programming language and to make this website a success, and I'll do whatever it takes to do so. So, finally, I am basically asking, what language would be the best to achieve these goals? And, when answering, please provide a link(s) to websites that use that language so that I can see it in action. Also, if it makes a difference (I'm not sure if it does or not) the hosting provider that I use is www.BlueHost.com. They have a great cPanel and they support a lot of stuff. Thanks so much in advance for any help you guys can give me! It is greatly appreciated ~ Kyle 'OneShot' Ennis
  13. Hi there - I've been learning html through W3Schools.com. At the beginning of the course I read that using TextEdit is a great too to use for practice. However, now I'm at 'Create an Image Map' (http://www.w3schools...tryhtml_areamap) and I have no idea how to actually assign coordinates to objects in the image I'm working with. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks ! Ekorn
  14. Hey,I am making a demo database and I have some really dirty data that I need to clean up. In the GEO dim I want to change all the Zipcodes with the count of one lead to reflect a zipcode that I can use in a map dashboard. Currently most counts of one contain --=-== and other completely usless informaiton. I think best way is to create a temp view but I can't figure out the code I should use to change the count (1) to whatever zipcode I need. Any ideas would be much appreciated.Thanks!B
  15. Hi, I have recently started to learn HTML as i want to create a fantasy football website. If anyone doesn't know a fantasy football site is a 'game' where players make a team out of real life football players, and the get points based on ho they perform in real life. I have got to the grips of the basics thanks to the good tutorials on here. There are just 2 things i am unsure how to do. If anyone could help me or point me in the direction of help i would really appreciate it. The things i am unsure of is how to make it so somone can log on and have their own team, therefore the each person has a different page. And also, how can i make it so people can pick players from their list to add to the team (if they have enough money) and then save it, linking in with problem 2. Thanks for any help Snowy
  16. I am new to web design and i have been wanting to create a website but i wanna do it by hand not use some lame website to help me create it-- I wanna write my own code. Should i draw out the website first then go through and learn what i need to or do the opposite.Basically I am just asking for advice from people who have experience. Which would be the better route to go, and help me learn html 5 or xhtml, css, and so on?
  17. hi folks, iv gone into my sites php files via FTP to try and edit some sections, the problem im having is that its not a readable file. This is the message im getting:<?php @Zend;4147;/* ñ!This is not a text file!Þí */print <<<EOM<html><body><a href="http://www.zend.com/store/products/zend-safeguard-suite.php"><img border="0" src="http://www.zend.com/images/store/safeguard_optimizer_img.gif" align="right"></a><center><h1>Zend Optimizer not installed</h1></center><p>This file was encoded by the <a href="http://www.zend.com/products/zend_guard">Zend Guard</a>. In order to run it, please install the <a href="http://www.zend.com/products/zend_optimizer">Zend Optimizer</a> (available without charge), version 3.0.0 or later. </p><h2>Seeing this message instead of the website you expected?</h2>This means that this webserver is not configured correctly. In order to view this website properly, please contact the website's system administrator/webmaster with the following message:<br><br><tt>The component "Zend Optimizer" is not installed on the Web Server and therefore cannot service encoded files. Please download and install the Zend Optimizer (available without charge) on the Web Server.</tt><br><br><b>Note</b>: Zend Technologies cannot resolve issues related to this message appearing on websites not belonging to <a href="http://www.zend.com">Zend Technologies</a>. <h2>What is the Zend Optimizer?</h2><p>The Zend Optimizer is one of the most popular PHP plugins for performance-improvement, and has been available without charge, since the early days of PHP 4. It improves performance by scanning PHP's intermediate code and passing it through multiple Optimization Passes to replace inefficient code patterns with more efficient code blocks. The replaced code blocks perform exactly the same operations as the original code, only faster. </p><p>In addition to improving performance, the Zend Optimizer also enables PHP to transparently load files encoded by the Zend Guard. </p><p>The Zend Optimizer is a free product available for download from <a href="http://www.zend.com">Zend Technologies</a>. Zend Technologies also developed the PHP scripting engine, known as the <a href="http://www.zend.com/products/zend_engine">Zend Engine</a>.</p></body></html>EOM;exit();__halt_compiler();?> iv downloaded zend from the site which the message states but when i open it im getting the same file view, does this mean i cannot edit this file??any help would be very much appreciated.cheers folks!
  18. Hello. I'm a bit of a newbie so rather than building a site from scratch I decided to try editing a template. My girlfriend wanted a website for her new business so I said I should be able to do it for her. I found Andreas Viklund's website http://andreasviklund.com/ and showed her the templates. She decided she wanted andreaso6http://andreasviklun...ates/andreas06/so I started editing it using Dreamweaver 8. I then changed something in the code, I'm not sure what and it all went wrong, so I now have to start from scratch. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to edit the template, where to start, what order to do things in etc? Should I edit css first, then the individual pages? I also need to change the colour scheme to grey instead of orange but I can't figure out how. Any help would be much appreciated because I have very little time to get it done and it's been much more difficult than I thought it would be. Thanks in advance David.
  19. Good day my friends, Here is the problemMy site opens (visualy) perfectly in Opera and IE9, but in firefox it moves the like buttons a little, and chrome moves the whole page around...Look at what I'm talking about http://Tuinadviesruud.nl ...Yes it is aired, and it should not be down. This has to be fixed ;/ I messed up the style pretty bad, I know no languages, thats why I messed it up. I can't seem to get it right. If you think you can easily solve this tell me!! I can also send you the style and index if you want to help me.Thanks, Haj
  20. Hello W3S people again. once again im in a little need of help. at least to get it started, im a little lost in this matter...im in the half-way exams at this week. and we got told to make a admin system that could upload images to products... that part i (CAN) do...but here comes my problem... i dont know the part of resizing the images...any ideas or suggestions would be pretty awsome! and thats not for kidding...i just need a little help for the beginning of it, so i can see the syntax... Hoping answers or suggestions soon!... thanks alot in advance! .
  21. website corpuschl.com wont fit to all screen sizes and resolution if \some one could help with ideas and ways to get this to do so i would be greatly appreciative. if we use fluid design through cs6 will the text re size too because it is set in pixels and not percentages. PLEASE HELP!!! good Samaritans needed !
  22. I need a counter for my website where I can manually adjust what it displays. Like I can press up and down. I need it to keep track of wins and losses. If anyone can help, that'd be great!
  23. I need a counter that I can manually press up and down. I need like a ticker. I need to keep track of wins and losses. So if anyone can help, that would be great.
  24. jrppse7en


    Hey guys. Hope everyone here had a great 4th of July holiday! I am building an internal site that of course is only accessible via intranet. Its primary coding is very simple. Its HTML based with some Javascript and some VBScript. I will be honest. I am not an expert programmer by any means. So here is the issue. We have no access to the server logs as we do not admin the logs nor are we allowed to request them. We are basically borrowing the space. My management wants to have each page, when accessed or clicked on (either one) to log the hit to a csv file and a txt file saved on the server. I know a lot of people dont think VBScript is the way to go. This is what is needed in each column in the log: Date\Time stamp \ Hostname \ NT Login \ Page that was loaded We are in a Windows XP\7 Environment. We know this server supports IIS. We are also currently using SSI for our DHMTL menu. I was hoping someone could help me use the DHTML menu as an "onclick" so that any option clicked on the menu by the client would log the above information to a specific file. We are very limited on the access we have on the server. I am not very skilled in VBS at all and this is simply a last minute side project they want to test out. So if someone could help me with this that would be excellent. Thank you in advance.
  25. Hi all, I am currently brushing up on some skills, and I've run into an issue. I'm working with a double line van menu, and I want to include drop downs throughout the menue. The drop downs are ok for the bottom line, but the top line is having some issues. I've attached the file I'm working with. Bonus to anyone who can help me get the css styling the first level of the nav to stop affecting the second level. Thanks,Rebecca index2.html
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