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  1. hi all, i am new to developing, i am trying to develop a site with the help of googling. In my header title, its not aligning to center even if i give the property text-align:center #header { clear:both; height:110px; background-color:#fff; }#site_title { float: left; margin: 25px 0 0 405px; }#site_title h2 { margin: 0; padding: 0; color:#000; } waiting for the valuable inputs
  2. hi friends, I am a beginner in programming.Now i am assigned with the task of making a site with html5 and css.The issue what i am facing is I have a horizontal menu bar with vertical sub menu will come on hover. 3 main tabs home ,health,safety under that i have sub menus health 1,health 2,safety 1 ,safety 2 when i am clicking all main menus are working fine. But when i am hovering menu sub-menu display will come page wont load if i click any sub menu , If i am on home page and on hover am clicking on safety 1(sub menu) the page wont load: Error message:" Thi
  3. I like add some text with time scripts on each big popup images ..... if some one know please send me email http://kapital3.org dmbuffalo7@gmail.com
  4. Hi All,I'm a bit confused as to how it all works - - sometimes I set the local localStorage like:localStorage.setItem("First", "Bob");localStorage.setItem("Last", "Smith");then read on another page like:<span id="First"></span> <span id="Last"></span><script>document.getElementById('First').innerHTML = localStorage.getItem("First");document.getElementById('Last').innerHTML = localStorage.getItem("Last");</script>sometimes it shows fine and sometimes on other pages some fields are blankand other page may show error like:Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set propert
  5. Hello & Thanks , I Need help: using <strong> in html5 css has this for strong .strong {font : strong;} and html has this <strong class="strong">Content:</strong> Sed placerat accumsan ligula. Pls , See code below: What am I doing wrong? <!DOCTYPE html><!-- http://csslayoutgenerator.com//~Notepad_vmProjects/~PerfectOutlines-Html/PerfectOutline-index_html5_liq_lcr_s2_m1000_hh75_fh50_eh_2-Short.html--><html><head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <!--[if lt IE 9]><script src="http://html5shiv.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js">
  6. Dear All I am trying to save some images in the browser’s local storage, but as the image size is more, the local storage is exhausted. Please let me know, is there a way to increase the Local Storage size programmatically using Java Script. As I am doing this for a ePub I am not sure on the other storage methods. Thanks Saai Murugan
  7. Hello,I have few problems that I cannot solve and if possible with your kindness that you can help me figure out the problem.The website is a coming soon page : www.tealovers.caThe problem: When you check on on a smartphone or a pc or mac with the resolution of 1280px x 800px. The logo is not center with everything else, it s cut. <div class="row" ><div class="col-xs-12 jasm-logo" data-scroll-reveal="wait 0.25s, then enter top and move 40px over 1s"><a href="#" title=""><img src="img/logo-1x.png" class="jasm-logo-1x" alt=""></a></div></div> and the
  8. This is my first time asking a question here, I'm quite a noob so don't be mad at me if I mess up a little. The thing is, I am doin a one page web based on skrollr: https://github.com/Prinzhorn/skrollr and I use this fantastic slider called BX Slider: http://bxslider.com/ I have already put two of the three sliders i need (those works great). The problem comes when I try to make a custom pager in the third slider using this HTML code BX slider provides me: <ul class="bxslider"><li><img src="/images/730_200/tree_root.jpg" /></li><li><img src="/images/730_200
  9. is there a way to have text-to-speech not read a certain words or numbers. example: " 3. I'm a noob " I dont want tts to read "3." and just read " I'm a noob". I have tried speak:none and aria-hidden="true" , But that appear to only work for screen reader and not tts. I am using google text to speech. and my code is in html5. Thanks Updates: This question seem to be unclear to some people. I am making an android app book that have the feature text-to-speech. When text-to-speech is enable, It read everything on the page. I want a code that can control what i want it to read on the page and wh
  10. Hello everyone! My name is Ron Kane and I am an accomplished web developer and technical writer having done many technical manuals, general information and "how-to"s in the Content Management field. I have significant success in utilizing the Adobe Suite and Microsoft SharePoint products with respect to creating content and following industry based style guides. My biggest success to date was working with one of my past company's Chief of Staff for a SVP in revamping their entire Intranet portal. This portal went from being unprofessional looking and having no web traffic to being
  11. Brief question concerning the HTML certification. The study material they recommend (in order to succeed in this test), is to study the HTML Tutorial page. Is that the ONLY section that relates to that particular test? What i mean is that there are other sections (HTML Forms, HTML SVG, etc). I wasn't certain if the test will include those sections as well. Can someone help clear this up for me? Also, what if you have no supervisor to watch over you. I'm by myself studying for these tests. Do we really need a supervisor to take these? I appreciate your help in clarifying these two q
  12. Hey all!A bunch of us have been putting together a web-based drawing app. In a nutshell, users connect in real-time to draw or chat on a sort of interactive whiteboard. Plenty of these are made in Flash, but we are determined to build it in JavaScript and HTML5; a site that immediately works on mobile (because it's not Flash), tailors to everybody from drawing tablet users to people who want to screw around, chat and play games — and with an awesome, modern look that other apps lack. The thing that works so well is these kinds of programs give you a lot of freedom of expression that I think by
  13. So, I'm trying to make this website for a friend and the sidebar is not cooperating! It is having a bit of issues it keeps on going underneath all of the content instead of going to the right side like it is supposed to do! I'm going to insert some code and tell me if you see something that will make the sidebar go off to the bottom instead of going to the side! Sorry the code snippet is not working <html> <head> <title>About Us | NueroEdge</title> <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /> <meta name="description" content=""
  14. DIY-Forum


    Hello everyone I've been wondering about this Sass language, is that usable on the net? it seems that it is very good in limiting the troubles with styling running wild when you have not done it properly in css, like doing every style class in a special order, Sass seems to define every element to be styled alot better, is that right? and should it be used more? If in the case that it should be used more, maybe you should add a category together with css? both on the forum and maybe on the website itself under the css category? Kris
  15. Hello, I have a php web page that contains graphics, and I want to incorporate into this web page a drop-down list, selecting the year, we display the graphic that matches this year at the same page ... I created the drop-down list in html but I know how to have when you click on an item in the drop-down list displays all my graphics in the same web page. here is the list that I created: <form name="test" method="post" action ="home.php"><select name="annee" onChange="this.form.submit()"> <option value="1"> 2009</option> <option value="2" >2010&
  16. Hey everyone,Trying to make a website for learning purposes and I am totally lost. I'm teaching myself CSS3.0 and HTML 5.0 having learnt CSS2 and HMTL4 many years ago. None and no CSS I write is ever applied to the HTML5 webpage despite being referenced and both the HTML and CSS files being in the same folder together. And yes, I've Googled a lot and looked up my old textbooks and am still super stuck...see attached or look below for the code:PS: Using Microsoft Expression Web 4 (trial) OxfordEngineering.html<!DOCTYPE html><html><meta charset="UTF-8"><t
  17. So I've got this conundrum for a web-based drawing app I'm trying to have made. It's one where users can connect in real-time to draw with each other in the same space (like an interactive whiteboard). This has been done plenty of times in Flash (sites like FlockDraw). But how practical would it be in HTML? Trouble is, I've had difficulty finding the right sort of ActionScripters for the job, the program would then require Flash which isn't always available (iPhone, iPad...), and mobile compatibility is quite important. On the other hand DRM is virtually nonexistent on HTML, certainly not near
  18. SO is HTML5 finished? came accress these today? thoughts?? http://www.zdnet.com/now-html-5-is-finished-w3c-boss-jeff-jaffe-discusses-what-comes-next-7000036254/ http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/2nzq4i/now_html_5_is_finished_w3c_boss_jeff_jaffe/ http://www.cnet.com/news/html5-is-done-but-two-groups-still-wrestle-over-webs-future/ http://www.i-programmer.info/news/191-htmlcss/7915-html5-is-a-finished-w3c-standard.html
  19. I want to create a dynamic header like the image attached... By dynamic i mean the borders should adjust according to the length of the text Help Appreciated
  20. Prior to HTML5 it was possible to dynamically format a text so that a heading of 1 to 3 lines could be centred and the balance of the text left justified. The <center> </center> construct did this. HTML 5 has cancelled the command and the note says use CSS. Could someone explain how CSS might replicate the dynamic formatting.
  21. Hi guys I have been experimenting with Google Maps API and I have been able to create 2 different Maps that do what I want 1 map to do. I have a map with pins that I retrieved from a SQL database and another map that has weather layers using KML. Whenever I try to merge these two maps together both the weather layer and the pins fail to load. I think it has something to do with the function that initializes the maps. In lm.html I always used the initialize function to load the body but in the index.html the template uses a load body function. I think this is what causes the errors I am getting
  22. hello, I am new to this forum and beginner in html5 language . My goal is to create a canvas or svg that consists of grid where I can add rectangles and circles with specific sizes and positions(by dragging objects). what I should use and how I can save all information like sizes and positions in my database to display or modify it in another page. is the example thanks.
  23. Hi, I have to upgrade this artist webpage to html5 and responsive design. Before that, I'll preciate your critiques. Regards! María http://www.julianguerrero.com/
  24. Hi I wasn't sure exactly how to ask this so I made up a couple of mock-up pictures to help. I am making an audio website and currently I have each song in an html file being called into a list. they each have their own audio player. Works fine, but is a bit cluttered with many players on screen when the list is large. I would really like to have a master audio player in the header and each song in the list has just a play button when clicked will play the song in the main audio player at the top as shown below.I will have the main player at the top in a sticky/floating header so it remains
  25. Hello, I have a master div ID in which I have a number of other divs: <div id="master"> <!--This is the open master div--><div id ="namestrip"></div><div id ="basicsbox"></div><div id ="videobox"></div><div id ="experiencebox"></div><div id ="teachingstylebox"></div></div> <!--This is a closes the master--> I have set the height of the master DIV ID to auto hoping it resizes to accommodate whatever is in it: #master /*the box we work in*/ { width: 1024px; height: auto; } However, as you c
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