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  1. UPDATE: Please skip to Post #11 (where I've re-started the post with, "UPDATE: Restarting question/post here...") Is it (reasonably) possible to autoscroll a text (txt) blob during the playback of a video on a page, and if so then how? What I'm wanting to accomplish is very similar to what SoundHound does with audio files and lyrics; while the audio file plays the synchronized lyrics scroll by in a frame. For example, I have a video 10 minutes long that I will play on a web page. I have a txt file with short lines of data.I can manipulate the txt file however needed to make this
  2. Good Day to All. I have a website to display my artwork and poetry. In the poetry section there is the main page with links to other pages and also an anthology which lists my poems by title, the titles are linked to a page to view the poems in their entirety. When you click the link to any poem, that page also displays the anthology so that you can easily navigate to the next poem that interests you without having to return to the main poetry page. The problem I find myself with is that when I want to add a new poem to the anthology I need to edit every page that contains that list. Not so
  3. Hello & Thanks , I am making my way thru game tutorial - http://www.w3schools.com/games/tryit.asp?filename=trygame_controllers_keys and I would like to know , what is the purpose of a 'name :' label ( canvas : , start : , clear : ) ? var myGameArea = { canvas : document.createElement("canvas"), start : function() { this.canvas.width = 480; this.canvas.height = 270; this.context = this.canvas.getContext("2d"); document.body.insertBefore(this.canvas, document.body.childNodes[0]); this.interval = setInterval(updateGameArea, 20);
  4. lease see my code below, I have sorted out all my coding to work how I want it too, but for some reason I just can't get it to load the map when you open it up in a browser. Can anyone see where I have gone wrong and guide me to get it work please. Thank you. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?libraries=places"></script> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script> <title>County Polygons + Markers w
  5. I am trying to embed some kml files for local county bodries but am not sure how to asign multiple ones as I am coding in dreamweaver. Also I have made a drop down menu for eack kml file but am not sure how to link and get it all to work, mainly want the boundries to be shown on the map at all times and when selected in the dropdown menu, that particular county is shown on the map. Please see my coding I have done, and if there is any advice i would appreciate it. I am completely new to this and trying to teach myself. var kmlUrl = 'maps/central bedfordshire' ; var kmlOptions = { suppressInf
  6. I have done some research into adding date and time elpsing. There seem to be a few different ways it can be done, but I am having trouble fitting it in to work for me. I have managed it so the the map is still displayed and my county selction function works fine, but where I have tried to incorporate the time and date with the marker placement it hasn't worked not does the placement of the marker now either. The error in my browser console states no element found which I google searched with no luck of a resolution exxept for a firefox debug. Here is my coding, If anyone can guide me in where
  7. Hi How can I change the code that when the counter get to 30 seconds he will stop and start to count again..? This is the script: (function($){ // Number of seconds in every time division var days = 24*60*60, hours = 60*60, minutes = 60; // Creating the plugin $.fn.countup = function(prop){ var options = $.extend({ callback : function(){}, start : new Date() },prop); var passed = 0, d, h, m, s, positions; // Initialize the plugin init(this, options); posi
  8. Let's pretend, there's a <div> on a page. There's a usual HTML form inside it that sends information to another php-file. By default, the visibility of the div is hidden, and the click on the button makes it visible. The question is how to close the form (i.e. hide the div) using a button or <a> element on the div, WITHOUT the sending data to php-file. In other words, how to close this <div> as if it is usual popup-window, without changes?
  9. Hi all, I have created a static web site on our company network. It is not exposed to the internet. They are pure HTML - no CSS or scripting so far. I meant for it to be very simple cause I was very limited by time. But, apparently, a search mechanism is required. I found the google and other auto creators on the web. But they require ,as far as I understood, to set an internet web URL and do not support internal sites. whereas my urls domain is in the form of: 192.168.4.xxx/something.htm So, do you know a solution I can use? a free component or a javascript I can use?
  10. Hi, I am using express framework form to get inputs from user and sending it as email by using node mailer. However i am unable to receive the image and system type (Combo box).I am new to node.kindly help. ### My HTML code ``` <div class="container"> <p style="font-size:24px;">ONLINE SUPPORT REQUEST</p> <hr size="2%;"width="50%;"> <form role="form" name="myForm" onsubmit="return(validate());" action="" method="POST" > <div class="form-group"> <label for="name">What is your name?</labe
  11. I am trying to allow a user to input their own info in to their place make, say a reference number for example, but am struggling to do so. I believe the way for this is a regular counter loop, but i am not sure how and where to put it and even if that is the right thing to do. Can anyone help me with this please. The code below is what I have done so far. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style type="text/css"> #supplementwindow { display: none; position: absolute; left: 10px; top: 10px; } </style> <!-- Google Maps and Places API --> <
  12. I came across a very odd issue in a project and hope someone here would have some insight into WHY this is happening... Have googled for days and can't find this issue anywhere, but I find it hard to believe no one has come across it before... We have a webpage (asp) which can result in a dynamic length, and we need to find out what the length of any particular presentation of this page is. Normally, this would be very simple by using the onload body.scrollHeight value. In fact, when the page is loaded in a pop-up using window.open, the value of the scrollHeight is accurate. If we p
  13. Hi I have an absolute div on my html page. my requirement is when i click on the rest of the page (other than the absolute div) the div's display should become none. I mean the div should not be displayed. How can i achieve this? any simple solution? Please help.
  14. Hello, Having some issues with this Given http://codepen.io/caim/pen/pggZOx I'm trying to replace the first column from input to select dropdown but having trouble figuring out how to read the data for each cell. It was working fine with an input and normal td but now the select entered the picture and it's skipping one column. The day drop-downs are for newly added rows currently. This is how I'm trying to read the data, maybe I'm missing something essential here $BTN.click(function () { var $rows = $TABLE.find('tr:not(:hidden)'); var $tds = $TABLE.find('td:not(:hidden)'); var h
  15. http://craft.minestatus.co MineStatus - Minecraft Servers MineStatus is a brand new modern minecraft server list. Personal Server Analytics Votifier Voting Sharing Profiles Comments Blogs I have recently created my second site. Tell me what you think.
  16. Hey, while reading the javascript tutorial I found some mistakes on this site. It input of most some methods is wrong or confusing. For example the method createElement gets the same input as replaceChild. Greetings.
  17. Hello, while reading the tutorial about js i found this paragraph: According to Stack Overflow fullName is not a function, because the result depends on the state of the object and is not always the same. Maybe you need to correct this or be more precise with your definition of a function.
  18. Hello, I have created this code: if (w > maxWidth || h > textHeight) { if (y < x) { [y, y] } else { [x, x] } } else { [value[0], value[1]] } It is a piece, but it gives to understand what I want to optimize without the rest. How to modify this code to work with: Switch Statement instead If/Else mode? This is a expression of After Effects. Thanks.
  19. To sum things up... I'm looking for as much reviews as possible. I've been working on minestatus for the last year now. I've come across many programming roadblocks and developments to further improve the quality, user impression, user interface, and user engagement. If you guys have any ideas on how to make my site better in any of those categories that would be amazing. Thank so much! Link to site: http://minestatus.co Site Name: MineStatus Site Description: MineStatus is a new social sharing plateform I've created. It allows users to make there own profiles, upload content, disp
  20. hi. a blind it student doing a web based audio space invaders game for the blind. pulled different bits of code from different tutorials to learn. now, need some mentoring. if any javascript or scripting gurus here, need your help. have done the code, but not sure if it is right, can some one help me out and take a look, then show me a better way to do things. then i then need to go and find a mespeak.js speech api, and then some more human voices, and see if i can find a tutorial. about how to speak out the objects on the screen, and also then just need multiplayer, regions area, updates, and
  21. Hello everybody, I'm new in angular so sorry if my question is ridiculous. I have a drag and drop file area and when I put a file I put his details (attributes: name, size, type) on inputs disabled because I don't want that users can change them. All of that is a form, so I want to save this with angular in scopes. Here my code: <div ngf-drop ngf-select ng-model="files" class="drop-box" ngf-drag-over-class="'dragover'" ngf-multiple="true" ngf-allow-dir="true" accept="{{acceptSelect}}" ngf-pattern="pattern" required>Arrastre y suelte su archivo aquĆ­</div> <div ng
  22. I have developed a html template using table, something like below. I'm having problem to insert the data from mysql to be inserted in specific column in the html table. Could anybody help me.. _________________________________________________________________________ |Name: | |Student ID:| | |Address: | | |
  23. Hi, I am currently trying to implement the posting of a canvas image to a Twitter wall.Below, first you see the JS I came up with.What I can't figure out is how am I supposed to get the keys and tokens provided in the PHP function below that code. Such PHP function is contained in the uploadFile.php file.JS: var base64img = canvas.toDataURL().split(',')[1]; $.ajax({ url: "uploadFile.php", type: "POST", data: base64img, processData: false, contentType: "application/octet-stream",
  24. So, I do not have a specific code, but I just want to understand collision. I guess an example that I am thinking of is agar.io. I have read many examples about collision, or how in agar.io the cells eat eachother, and it just doesn't make sense. Could anybody please explain it to me, and use it in an extremely simple code. I am very much a beginner. I have learned about html, javascript, and jquery using codecademy, but I am not experienced!! Could someone please give me a simple explanation of how to make 'cells eat eachother' using a simple code. Again, I am a beginner! Thanks for any h
  25. Hi, I created a simple badge generator app here. I am using the html5 file input and <canvas> to display a badge template and the user has to select the picture. The problem is that sometimes (randomly?), as soon as the image is selected, it doesn't show up in the pixels I designated it to appear in. A quick debug made clear that, when this occurs, the image object is there but it has width 0 and height 0 (see screenshot below).
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