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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! First of all, I have very little experience with xml and I just learned yesterday about RSS feeds, so please simplify your answers if you are willing to help me. I did only read that rss uses the xml format, and apologise if I've posted this in the wrong place. I am trying to recreate an actual earth environment by using a raspberry pi that reads a RSS feed from a forecast site, which again is hooked up to an Arduino. The feed I am using is from bbc weather: https://weather-broker-cdn.api.bbci.co.uk/en/forecast/rss/3day/2525068 How can I pull certain values (temp,
  2. Hello, this post will contains some suggestions which have no link between them. -Firstly, i think it could be great to have something which allows us to follow news from w3schools "easily, something like a page where we could see the last update in a single line. example : 02/03/2018 Update "How to" section 01/30/2018 Add php tutorial (server side) In fact, the website become "big", then it could be an asset. -Secondly, i see more and more websites which have a functionnality to switch the theme (to a night theme) by clicking on o
  3. I am confused about the use of the <link> and <enclosure> subelements of the <item> subelement. The difference between the <link> subelements of the <channel> and <item> elements appears clear, but the difference between the <link> and <enclosure> subelements of the <item> subelement are difficult to understand. For example, if your RSS feed contained a long series of <item> subelements with each referring to a different podcast, why would you need both a <link> and <enclosure> for the same <item> subelement.
  4. Hello, I am trying to create an RSS reader based on this example: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ajax_rss_reader.asp Specifically, I am attempting to modify this example so that the reader will access and display all the available comic images (and nothing else) from any given web comic RSS feed. I realize that it may be necessary to make the code at least a little site-specific, but I am trying to make it as general-purpose as possible. Currently, I have modified the initial example to produce a reader that displays all the comics of a given list of RSS feeds.. However, it also disp
  5. Hi, I've just built a basic web site, but I now realise (by going through the process) that I need to understand other languages & processes in order to make the site streamlined & fully functional. Because I've only learnt html & css (on a basic level) my understanding of php, sql, js, xml, etc is very poor. I therefor need some advice on what the best mechanisms are for inputting data, storing it & displaying it on the web, possibly with some type of rss feed too. The basic process the site is doing, can be described as follows: 1. Users enter data using an online fo
  6. Greetings all. I've read the w3schools tutorial on reading rss feeds on blogs One thing I wondered was if there was a similar php example for reading from a forum thread feed http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=rss&type=forums&id=2 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. how can i create dynamic rss feed using php fo my website....and how can show dynamically that feed please give me proper guideline.
  8. below is an enclosure tag from craigslist RSS feed. Can anyone tell me what the "enc:" in the tag means <enc:enclosure resource="http://images.craigslist.org/00Y0Y_kZI4M6ZKl0o_300x300.jpg" type="image/jpeg"/>
  9. Hello!I'm working on a portfolio on XML languages and want to include some thoughts of users about those languages such as RSS,SVG, SMIL and so on. Are there any websites I can read upon opinions related to those topics. Maybe some thought about the how those languages will do in the future. Thank you!
  10. Mark H

    RSS Feed Reader

    Hi all, Just a quick question on rss feed readers. I want to add a rss feed to my website and I am wondering if anyone could recommend a particular feed reader to embed on the web page? Many thanks! Mark.
  11. I create Rss feed but it does not work with https:when i subscribe it wiht outlook express. it add extra httpe.g;http://https:/www.abc.com Please why this happen with https site.My email id is emc_waseem@hotmail.com My problem just like that site. please see it.https://mvp.support..../gp/mvprssfeedshttp://www.verisign.com/rss/ When i subscribe this site RSS feed with outlook express. it give wrong url in feed.Can you send me coding in asp.net for Rss feed for SSL? My email id is emc_waseem@hotmail.com
  12. The purpose of this assignment is for you to exercise your skills on: 1) server side processing ofXML technologies, 2) consuming web services and 3) making use of digital map services. Your taskin this exercise will be to develop and implement a web-based personalized location based newsservice that will visualize news content in the digital maps based on the location of the particularnews.The system you will develop should provide the following functionality to its users.1. Your system should allow the users to aggregate three different RSS feeds (they should bepure RSS and NOT GeoRSS feeds).
  13. sakat

    RSS and XML

    I wonder if anyone can help me? I am trying to connect to a RSS feed - which is in a xml file format - and display selected content from the feed in a web page; I am using a Wordpress site to display the output but I do not think that is really relevant. What I am stuck on is how exactly I import [connect to] the feed and then display selected content from the feed. I am used to dynamic content using PHP, MySQL, scripts, client and server side scripting etc so I feel that I should be able to work this out but am finding it very difficult to find reading material on the subject that I want.
  14. div id issue. My website was created by another company in Wordpress and I'm trying to make some edits to it. On the home page, there's a section on the bottom right hand called "From the Blog" and it pulls the latest blog postings. I want to change that section to "Industry News" then put an RSS Feed from another site in that section. I cannot figure out where the coding is to change this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Site URL: www.shahconsultinggroup.com
  15. Hello Guys,I have this code which creates a text that redirects to a random post for a given feed URL ( For blogger blogs ) <div id="myLuckyPost"></div><script type="text/javascript">function showLucky(root){ var feed = root.feed; var entries = feed.entry || []; var entry = feed.entry[0]; for (var j = 0; j < entry.link.length; ++j){if (entry.link[j].rel == 'alternate'){window.location = entry.link[j].href;}}} function fetchLuck(luck){ script = document.createElement('script'); script.src = 'http://googleblog.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/summary?start-index='+luck+'&max-
  16. Hi all, I am trying to display an RSS feed on my ASP website. Currently, the date is displayed as "Dec 07 2011." I would like to display it as "December 7, 2011." Here is the code I've put together so far: <html><head><title>RSS Feed Using ASP Classic - For Texas Longhorns Football Schedule from TicketCity.com</title><style> *{font-family:verdana;} td{vertical-align:top;padding:5px 5px 5px 5px;}</style></head><body><%' change the RSSURL variable to the exact URL of the RSS Feed you want to pullRSSURL = "http://blog.surepayroll.com/feed/?al
  17. ben03

    Basic Rss Parser?

    Hi chaps, I am hoping someone can recommend me a simple to implement script for displaying a blogger feed in a page? I am needing one that I can just pop in and set how many posts to display and the 1st so many characters of the main content. Preferably one with a demo or step by step as am new to this! Using a javascript one currently which and lumpy and horrible so looking for an alternative! Thanks.
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