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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend anywhere that I can learn code part time in the United Kingdom? I have been teaching myself html, css, etc on a basic level & now venturing into php, mysql, js, etc & think that having a tutor or guidance would really help speed up my learning process. Any companies or colleges offering part time courses in these area's will hopefully fill in the holes in my knowledge & help me progress. I'm not really concerned about qualification certificates, the knowledge is more important to me. Thanks for any advice. Old Guy.
  2. I'm having trouble with getting the image in the right order. I'm trying to filter images gotten from the database based on the button link. I got the reference from http://www.evoluted.net/thinktank/web-development/jquery-filtering. I have about 20+- buttons and for each button, I am getting all the picture that is being under that filter button through database. (Not sure where to post this, but I think it's more suited to be under css). Basically, I have gotten the css all wrong (my css is basic too ><), so I hope you could help me(where i have gone wrong) and give some pointers. Her
  3. Dear Friends , I am just going through SQL Stored Procedure which is previously created. it contains mail Generation in HTML through SQL. in following code i am not able to understand use of number (1) & (2) please explain me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SET @tableHTML = N'<H>MRP Indent Details</H>' + N'<table border="1">' + N'<tr><th>Indent Code</th><th>Indent Date</th><th>indent Type</th>' +
  4. I get the error ERROR 1066 (42000): Not unique table/alias:I cant figure out whats wrong with it.SELECT p.id as id_produk, p.nama_produk, p.stok, p.url_title, p.deskripsi, p.file_name, p.id_kategori_produk, p.fk_jenis_id,p.fk_merk_id, p.fk_gudang_id, p.created_at, kp.id, kp.nama_kategori, jm.id, jm.jenis_material, mm.id, mm.merk_material, gm.id, gm.gudang_material FROM produk as p, kategori_produk as kp, produk as p, jenis_material as jm, produk as p, merk_material as mm, produk as p, gudang_material as gm WHERE p.id_kategori_produk = kp.id, p.fk_jenis_id = jm.id, p.fk_merk_id = mm.id, p.fk_gu
  5. jaylow

    foreign key error

    Hello, i have 2 tables. one is for users to sign up and the other is to make character. i added a foreign key to the character table to link it to the members table not when i sign up it just adds me to the table but when i want to make a character it give me this error i want to link the character_id to the id in the members table, so i know what character belongs to what member.. i get: ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO `character` (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('jay', 'male', 100000, 0, now()).Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constra
  6. Hello, i am having issues adding info to a database i have a html from where a user should fill in charname and select ###### then press submit. if i do this i get the error ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO character(charname, ######, xp, gold, accdate) VALUES(jay, male, 0, 100000, now()).You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'character(charname, ######, xp, gold, accdate) VALUES(jay, male, 0, 100000, now())' at line 1 <?php include_once 'db_connect.php'; include_once
  7. Nuimi

    SQL - Update

    Can you help me with sql, I need update form, but I don´t know how can I do it. $db= new mysqli("localhost", "dany66", "*******", "mathstart"); $email_n = $_POST['email_n']; $vek_n = $_POST['vek_n']; $datum_n = $_POST['datum_n']; if(isset($email_n)) { $update1 = "UPDATE inf(email) SET email= '$email' WHERE jmeno = '" . $_SESSION['username'] . "'"; $pokus = $db -> query($update1); if(fetch_assoc($pokus) == TRUE) { echo("<script> alert('Řádek s e-mailem byl změněn.')</script>"); }
  8. I love what w3schools is doing with the SQL tutorial - good stuff. I noticed that one of the most fundamental elements of w3schools (the "Try it now" button) goes missing about half-way through the SQL Tutorial. May I ask why? I teach sql at a local community colleg. I have gone through several textbooks with mixed results, and I am always keeping my eyes open for new ways to teach. I would love to incorporate w3schools SQL tutorial into my class; do you have a db dump available for download of the tables you use? One of my lessons will be having students figuring out how to get the data
  9. I have a mySQL posts table, a files table, and a relationships table. I need to sum file download counts grouped by the post the files are associated with. SELECTp.id, p.post_title, count(d.download_id) FROM posts p INNER JOIN file_log d ON p.id = d.file_idgroup by p.post_title The above query works as long as the titles of the files are the same, which is not always the case. I really need to group them by their relationship to the post they are associated with. The relationships are stored in relationships r, which shows r.post_id (which is p.id from posts), and r.file_id (wh
  10. Hey everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the book "SQL QuickStart Guide" that is currently free in the Amazon Kindle store. You can download here: http://www.amazon.com/SQL-QuickStart-Guide-Simplified-Structured-ebook/dp/B00UCFK44U/ref=sr_1_18?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427911263&sr=1-18&keywords=sql
  11. Hello, I need delete row in html table select row and click button delete make delete using ajax Currentally can make delete without ajax but I need delete row and stay on page without make submit on other page code html,php <?php $resualt=mssql_query("SELECT * FROM Address where user_id='$UserId' ") ;echo "<table border='1' class='imagetable' id='imagetable'width='400px' >n";echo '<thead>'.'<tr>';echo '<th>Street</th>'.'<th>Quarter</th>'.'<th>From</th>'.'<th>To</th>'.'<th>Notes</th>';echo '</tr>'.'&
  12. I currently am doing a little work on a seasonal website for our golf league and wanted to improve the content with some databases. Going online and reading some articles regarding doing this I came across the issue of whether to write my code using SQL object oriented, SQL procedural or I guess what is the latest and greatest scripting, PDO. What I have read is that if I have any thought of changing over to another database type other than SQL, PDO would be the way to go. But my thought is that I most likely would not because I not only may never deal with other types of databases but I do
  13. I love the work going on at w3Schools - awesome stuff! For the SQL Tutorial, might I suggest a accessible logical model for the tables? For instance, in the "Try it" demo pages, there is a right-hand-side pane with all the available tables, but there is no way to just view the columns of those tables without leaving behind the current sql worksheet. It would be tremendously helpful if users/students could view, via some kind of client-side magic (javascript?), the model of the tables. Ideally, this would include the metadata like primary key and constraint information, but just starting wi
  14. Hey all!A bunch of us have been putting together a web-based drawing app. In a nutshell, users connect in real-time to draw or chat on a sort of interactive whiteboard. Plenty of these are made in Flash, but we are determined to build it in JavaScript and HTML5; a site that immediately works on mobile (because it's not Flash), tailors to everybody from drawing tablet users to people who want to screw around, chat and play games — and with an awesome, modern look that other apps lack. The thing that works so well is these kinds of programs give you a lot of freedom of expression that I think by
  15. Hello everyone, I did try to search alot for an answer on this one, but I could not find it anywhere. I'm trying to have a simple search feature for my site, but I keep getting a blank page when doing a search containing multiplie words "like this" Tried to work it out with a str_replace but did not do the trick, have done this before, and it does work when just outputing the val as an echo instead of a query, so I'm blank now and appreciate any help! //function for replacing empty space with % function moreWords($val){$val = str_replace(" ","%", $val);return $val;} //Query$getCa
  16. I want to develop a library system in which fine will be calculated as follows- the code should be in php and sql database. I want to retrieve date from database and subtract it from current date. The difference will be then multiplied with 5 to know the fine. How can I do this? How can i retrieve date from database and subtract it from current date? returndate is column name from where i want to retrieve date for id=1 and issret is the table name. <form id="form1" name="form1" method="post" action=""><label for="txtDueDate"></label><input type="text" name="DueDate" id="
  17. Hello, i am trying to retrieve data from five different tables and union the tables into one. I was wondering if there is anything I can do in my coding to make it more efficient as it is taking considerable time to run. The code is: SELECT 'Order' As Order_Trade ,[sourceSystemId] ,[ReceivedData] As Order_Trade_Date ,[ReceivedTime] As Order_Trade_Time ,[LastExecutor] As Trader ,[ExecutingBookId] As Book ,[OrderId] As Order_Trade_ID ,[buySell] ,[CounterpartyCode] ,[ExchangeId] ,[Version] As VersionNumber ,[ins
  18. Hi i have a table called hospitails. the table structure is as below Hospitals:- Hospital_id Bigint name varchar(45) city_id bigint district_id bigint state_id bigint now i need to search hospitals based on name,city_id,district_id,state_id. the query must cntain all the 4 fields. when user does not provide any of the value all the hospitals with all the names from all the cites,districts,states has to be listed. when user provides partial name and ignores the rest of the three fileds, it has to provide all the hospitals that starts wi
  19. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question so forgive me if it is not. I am having some challenges encrypting/decrypting and even using passwords in plaintext. I noticed that "the use of passwords" was not included in the PHP/mySQL tutorial examples (I am still wondering why since most websites require passwords). Please can someone direct me to a section where the use of passwords was explained? The way w3schools.com explains basics makes it very easy for me to understand and get a firm foundation that is why I will love if it was explained in this website. Thank you.
  20. I am wondering why this is not working. I have a table of order line items. each order can have multiple line items with the same transaction ID just different item codes. I am trying to find single transaction ID's with a specific item code. I also tried doing a count (transactionnumber)<2 but could not figure out how to add a where for the item number. So an order for just this item select distinct(transactionnumber) from Orders (I thought this would select any unique transaction number IE only one occurance)where Code='9987' When I run the above and check the transaction numbers
  21. Hi, I've just built a basic web site, but I now realise (by going through the process) that I need to understand other languages & processes in order to make the site streamlined & fully functional. Because I've only learnt html & css (on a basic level) my understanding of php, sql, js, xml, etc is very poor. I therefor need some advice on what the best mechanisms are for inputting data, storing it & displaying it on the web, possibly with some type of rss feed too. The basic process the site is doing, can be described as follows: 1. Users enter data using an online fo
  22. I need your expertise on this problem I have. I have a Vehicle/Driver Inspection Database and I'm trying to create a Traffic Violation Point System, its a system when drivers commit certain traffic offences they will incur driving-offence points.System: The points for violations that all occurred within the last 12 months of ONE ANOTHER are added together to calculate point total. If the accumulated points is reached 14 points driver is suspended the points will be REMOVED or minus 14 points after the suspension has been served.Example:Date of Offence - Number of Points [*]Aug. 6, 2013 - 6[*]
  23. Hi all PHP newbie and first post! I hope someone can help. I have looked at some of the tutorials but still can't get my head around how to get the data from within a PHP script. Trying to create a form with two fields "Date" and "Channel" to look at the 'calldate' and 'channel' columns and then give a count result, so just want to find whatever specified on the form and give the number of ocurrences found grouped by date. Ie, how many ocurrences for specified 'chanel' %CLI/1234567% for a given date. Thanks
  24. I have recently started a new position in my company as a Junior Database Developer. I have previously worked in Data Analysts roles; mainly using advanced Excel & VB. I have a strong passion for SQL, as I now aim to develop my career down the Database Developer route. In my first month, I have began to get to grips with using SQL syntax; building and creating tables etc. Whilst I appreciate it takes time to understand how processes work, I am eager to further understand what things mean; how things work & why. After reading up on numerous forums, not everything is explained e
  25. hello friends I have a table with three columns col1,col2 and col3. how do I add rows based on column1? col1|col2|col3| A | 2 | 4 | B | 6 | 8 | A | 10 |12| C | 14 |16| C | 3 | 2 | Output col1 col2 col3 ----|-------|-------| A | 12 | 16| B | 6 | 8| C | 17 |18| I am running the query in ms access from vb.net, can someone tell me why it does not work select col1, SUM(col2) as col2, SUM(col3) as col3 from table1 group by col1 Thanks
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