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Found 3 results

  1. Here is my code: The code fails at line 36: $txt = substr($mtcontent, 0, strpos($mtcontent, "</title>")+7); <!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Untitled Document</title> <style type="text/css"> body { margin:20px; padding:0; background-color:#0000FF; color:#FFFF00; } </style></head><body><h3>/* make a copy of the file to parse for assurance */</h3><br><?php copy("C:UsersownerDesktopPLUcodes.htm", "C:UsersownerDesktopworkfile.htm"); if(!file_exists("C:UsersownerDesktopworkfile.htm")) { die("File not found"); } else { echo "got copy"; }?><br><h3>/* get a file handel for the workfile */</h3><br><?php $myfile = fopen("C:UsersownerDesktopworkfile.htm", "r") or die("Unable to open file!");?><h3>/* copy content of workfile into a var, $mtcontent, for parsing */</h3><br><?php $mtcontent = fread($myfile,filesize("C:UsersownerDesktopworkfile.htm"));?><h3>/* we don't need the file workfile.htm open anymore, so close it using the file handel for that file */</h3><br><?php fclose($myfile);?><h3>/* get the content of our string from the first byte up to the closing title tag */</h3><br><h3>/* well put it in a varable called $txt */</h3><br><?php $txt = substr($mtcontent, 0, strpos($mtcontent, "</title>")+7); echo $txt;?><h3>/* then add the string litteral <head><body> to the end of our string */</h3><br><h3>/* have to use the HTML code for the grater and less than symbols, else won't work */</h3><br><?php $txt .= '<head><body>'?><h3>/* lets see what we have */<h3><br><?php echo $txt;?></body></html> I have tried using strpos($mtcontent, "<‚ĀĄtitle>") instead of strpos($mtcontent, "</title>") But that causes the page to render strangely wrong. At the end of the page, I want to echo the variable txt, but it appears to be empty.
  2. Hello, I am pretty new to JavaScript, but I am working on a project. Currently I have to find a way to determ if a postalcode is an correct postal code. (A dutch postal code) For that I will have to confirm if two correct letters are entered in the form.I think my explanation is really unclear, so I will try to make it more clear for everyone. The postal codes in The Netherlands look like this: 1234 AB. In one place, e.g. Amsterdam, they use the letters "AA, AB, AC, AD, AG, AH, AJ" etc. The script has to look for one of those letters with the correct combination (AA, AB, AC, AD, etc). If I enter a different combination (e.g BA), it should give me the alert "This postal code is incorrect". I have absolutely no idea how to do this, and googling didn't do much as I do not know the keywords I have to look for. Here is an example of my current, not working, script: var postalcodes = /(AA|AB|AC||AE||AH|AK|AL|AM|AN|AP|AR|AS|AT|AV|AW|AX|AZ|BA|BB|BC)/g;var a=document.forms["form"]["postcode"].value; if(a.match(postalcodes)) { alert("Correct!"); return false; // Just doing return false to test the code } I also tried "a.Search()", didn't work neither. Do you guys have any idea how I can do this?
  3. Hello, I am trying to comprehend how to compare the length between Strings.i have the following, to compare the length of 10 countries inserted by the user. It also orders them from lowest to highest: public void load() { teclado=new Scanner(System.in); paises=new String[10]; for(int f=0;f<paises.length;f++) { System.out.print("Ingrese el nombre del pais:"); paises[f]=teclado.next(); } } public void ordenar() { for(int k=0;k<9;k++) { for(int f=0;f<9-k;f++) { if (paises[f].compareTo(paises[f+1])>0) { String aux; aux=paises[f]; paises[f]=paises[f+1]; paises[f+1]=aux; } } } } When I use the same method with numbers it works. For instance: public void ordenar() { for(int k=0;k<9;k++){ for(int f=0;f<9-k;f++) { if (vec[f+1]<vec[f]) { int aux; aux=vec[f]; vec[f]=vec[f+1]; vec[f+1]=aux; } } } } So I deduce maybe : if (paises[f].compareTo(paises[f+1])>0) is not correct, because it's the only difference comparing it to the method on numbers.Is there any other way to compare the length between Strings? thank you in advance. p.s I took it from a tutorial which has been working fine till now. I have even checked the "compareTo" on other sites and it seems to be appropriate but I don't know why it's not working here. I would appreciate any help.
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