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  1. <?php$database = "test";$connect = mysql_connect("localhost","assessment","hsilgne");if(is_resource($database)){mysql_query("CREATE DATABASE ".$database,$connect) or die(mysql_error());}mysql_select_db($database,$connect);$sqlTable = "CREATE TABLE scoresTable (id int NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,PRIMARY KEY(id),name varchar(15),score int NOT NULL)";mysql_query($sqlTable,$connect);mysql_query("INSERT INTO scoresTable (name, score) VALUES ('Tin','100') ");mysql_close($connect);?> I've searched online for this and some answers are like usingOBJECT_ID() But it seems not working or I don't know the exact syntax.Could anyone point me to the right direction?
  2. Hi, I have an HTML table of variable size (it is actualy a grid on the server) and I have a problem to print it in IE 8. When a page break occures the content is cut off in the middle of the row. I tried to use javascript to calculate the position of the tr tag relative to page length and then set the pageBreakBefore attribute, but this is not my favorite solution. Firefox seems to handle printing automatically, without any css or jscript required, but I nedd it to work in IE too. I would appriciate any kind of help. Tnx in advance
  3. <!-- I don't want any space here --!><table><tr>***test1***</tr></table>I'm using HTML in IBM's Lotus Notes Domino product, using what IBM calls pass thru HTML to render some nice looking tables in my application. My tables are perfect except I have a blank line in front of each <table></table> that I can't see to get rid of. Any thoughts? From what I can tell HTML itself is the culprit for automatically inserting this blank line, though I can't rule out that it might be how the other product is rendering the HTML. Thanks, Paul.
  4. I am working on a website for a company who does Karaoke and they need a song list. I have a sample page of a few songs selected from a sample database I set up. The MySQL and PHP I used organize the artists (removing the word "the" from the artist name), and then the songs when the artist has multiple songs on their list. However, when the artist has multiple entries in the database, I only want their name to appear in the first instance. For example: Adam Ant - Goody Two ShoesThe Beatles - Eleanor Rigby__________ - Hey Jude__________ - The Long and WInding RoadBlondie - Call Meetc. (obviously, this will be much more structured when appearing on the web page) As opposed to: Adam Ant - Goody Two ShoesThe Beatles - Eleanor RIgbyThe Beatles - Hey JudeThe Beatles - The Long and Winding RoadBlondie - Call Meetc. Here is my code as of now: <?php//Link to Database$link = mysql_connect('localhost','root','') or die("Could not connect!");$dblink = mysql_select_db('songlist') or die("Could not find database!"); //Order by Artist and Song, Removing THE from Artist$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM songs ORDER BY TRIM(LEADING 'The ' FROM artist), song"); //Start Tableecho "<table>"; //While Loopwhile ($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) { //Declare Variables $artist = $row['artist']; $song = $row['song']; //Display Song List echo "<tr><td>" . $artist . "</td><td>" . $song . "</td></tr>"; } //End Tableecho "</table>"; //Close Connectionmysql_close($link);?> What should I add to get the desired effect? Thanks in advance,Mark
  5. I am frustrated because this: <div style='width:400px:height:150px;border:1px solid blue'>...</div> does not give me a 400 by 150 pixel region on the page.(the 'border' could be background-color; it's just there toshow the region boundaries.) <div> always seems to be page width.The best I can get is with <td> (table cell),which will be no bigger than the enclosed contents. I want a "box" into which I can put thingsand those things will be inside the boxand the box will be around those thingswith the specified size.Exclusive - nothing else on the page will be inside the box(<\<div><img align='left' eats contents way past the </div>)! Is this even possible with HTML and CSS ?
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