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  1. can u make me a header like the ones in this site? http://allhiphop.com/I can get the video and the graphics/picture... i just need to know if you can put it together like that! Thanks!
  2. Hi! This actually my first post, but excited to finally be part of the W3 forum! So I recently installed a WP template and started customizing it and used the Page Builder option for a few of the pages. My question is on the home page where the 3 icons are, yellow blue yellow, below them is text. I have tried to alter the color of the text when I go to the HOME page itself in the WP admin to just highlight and change font color and then when I update it just goes back to what it has been. Wondering if it is the Page Builder messing with it? Tried also going into the style.css to look for where i could alter it but am having trouble there as well.. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! heres the site - www.asamusic.us
  3. Hello I'm making a site in Wordpress with the following theme: http://wordpress.org/themes/rambo This is my site: http://leitmotif.cl/maximise/ How can i delete the dots in the titles of the footer widget and how can i make the columns smaller so i can put 4 of them there? I used firebug and i learned that the section is "footer widget", but i just can't find the dotted line section nor the size. It just let change the color of the line and size of the text, but nothing else.Could you help?
  4. Hello I'm making a site in Wordpress with the following theme: http://wordpress.org/themes/rambo This is my site: http://leitmotif.cl/maximise/ How can i delete the dots in the titles of the footer widget and how can i make the columns smaller so i can put 4 of them there? I used firebug and i learned that the section is "footer widget", but i just can't find the dotted line section nor the size. It just let change the color of the line and size of the text, but nothing else.Could you help?
  5. It may be the worst question in the forum, but I really need to ask.If WordPress can do so much so easily, why do we need to learn PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, that seem so hard. What can be built with these frameworks that is in demand.Please don't be annoyed with the naivety of the question. I would really appreciate some insights regarding this matter.
  6. Hi, If you use the touchpad "Swipe funktion)to scroll between the images instead of the keyboard arrows at: http://karimphoto.com/gallery-category/stories/#brick-making-in-bangladesh You will see that instead of slide one image it will slide two images or jump back and forth between different images. I understand if this is some that I can’t fix easily but thought I give it a try. On: http://dimsemenov.com/themes/touchfolio/ And WordPress 3.9.1 Thanks
  7. kevinm

    CSS Layering Issue

    Hello, Thanks for taking the time to view my post. I am having an issue with my main navigation. The sub/hover menu seems stuck behind the main content area, and I have tried editing some of the CSS rules by adding z-index values, but I cannot fix the layering. Help, please! My menus are useless!... Thank you so much in advance for the help. Please let me know if you have any questions. Here is a link to the site: http://cuzzys.com/brickhouse/
  8. Think i have a easy issue for all people here. I received some help from stackoverflow and now I need the final adjustment. I would like to change the width on a specific page in Wordpress. I'm using the theme Touchfolio: http://dimsemenov.com/themes/touchfolio/about.html my page: http://karimphoto.com/about/ This is the code I'm using now to adjust the width: .page-id-247 .hentry, .page-id-247 .aligncenter { max-width: 700px !important; The only problem I have now after resizing the width is that the image won't resize any longer. Same problem on both computer and mobile devise. Any input on this? Thanks,
  9. Hi, I having problem with the placement of the background image which is generated with the plugin Background Manager together with the theme Touchfolio. Here is how my page looks now and this is how I would like it to look and funktion. Basically I would like to be able to adjust the placement of the image. I’m using Firebug and Chrome Developer Tools but don’t find where to do the changes or place the code… The custom stylesheet in background manager is not doing anything for me. In the end I’m looking for a solution with a background image viewer that changes on on page (re)load and resize to different screen sizes and mobil devices… If I activate full screen mode in background manager it looks good on my phone and it also make the image responsive, but on non mobile device it covers the whole screen witch I don't want. If anyone have some input for me I would be very happy Thanks
  10. My site www.bebraveinfertilityjourney.com is behaving oddly. I originally tried to get my sidebar to extend all the way down to the bottom of the page, which i why I started setting all my divs to "height= 100%". It didn't work, so I fixed it instead, which freezes the sidebar so it scrolls with you. I'm okay with this solution, but now there is a strange white background that only goes halfway down the page. If you can see, it stops right around the beginning of the next post. I want the background of the article to be white, but it should only be about 10 pixels out on either side of the text itself. The top portion is much wider. Any ideas on what is causing this? For your information, I am using a child theme to edit the twenty fourteen theme in wordpress. Thanks for your help!
  11. I have downloaded several WordPress plugins for text expansion. However, none of them seem to have the one feature I need.I need to be able to click a link to expand the text, but when you click a different link, it closes the previous one as well... Are there any ways to do this? I don't know very much jquery, but this seems to be the favorable way to do it... Can anyone hold my hand a little here?http://beta.cleantelligent.com/benefits-test-mobility is the page with the current expander plugin activated. I'm currently using one called Expand +Collapse Funk.Any help here would be fantastic! Thanks!
  12. I have a list of 'post_status'' => 'future' which are published at certain dates throughout the year. These posts are custom posts whith Advanced Custom Fields. Since a couple of days I'm trying to display "Today" of published posts (for that particular day). The word "Today" should only display if date of the post equals the current date otherwise the the scheduled posts should be displayed. The query which looks like this display future posts: $future= new WP_Query(array( 'post_type' => 'hijama_days', 'date' => date('d/m/Y'), 'posts_per_page' => 1, 'order' => 'ASC', 'post_status' => 'future',)); The loop looks like this: while ( $future->have_posts() ) : $future->the_post();// next line is from Advanced Custom Field Docs$gdate = DateTime::createFromFormat('Ymd', get_field('gregorian_date')); I've tried this to display "Today" when the current event has been pusblished for that day: $currentdate = new DateTime();<p>When is the next event date?</p><?php if( $gdate->format('d/m/Y') == $currentdate->format('d/m/Y') ){ ?> <h1>Today</h1><?php } else { ?> <h1><?php echo $gdate->format('l') . ' '; the_title(); ?></h1><?php } ?> <h4>Gregorian: <?php echo $gdate->format('d/m/Y'); ?></h4> Somehow I cannot figure why is not working for me. Please help me out here.
  13. Okay, so my site, http://www.cleantelligent.com, has a specifically styled form in the footer. I had to use inline styling to get all the fields to show up where I need them. In Firefox and IE, it looks fantastic and all lined up. But when I opened it in Chrome, all the fields are misplaced. I tried using the following browser hack: /*Chrome Fix*/@media screen and/*!*/ (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0) {.infusion-field-footer{ float: left; padding-top: 5px;}.chromefix-fn{ position: relative; left: -200px !important; margin-top: 3px;}.chromefix-phone{ left: -6px !important; position: relative !important;}} But it's still not affecting the styling in Chrome. Any ideas here? I can post any additional code you need upon request.
  14. how can i improve page speed on this site? theres lots of errors on this web site anyone has suggestions i have been testing the site.
  15. I want to make a page where on each **tags** :My page should look alike : http://www.missmalini.com/aamir-khan-2/Above page is coming from http://www.missmalini.com/celebrity-fan-pages/this are categories with **Tags** :I also know that the patten is likeBig Image is First ( **First** latest Post of resp. tag )... then 4 image with title are from **Second** post )and then only title after **sixth** post .. its means they have **divide latest 10-12 post** with this structure..2 } if u see on top ( above Ten Latest Aamir Khan Updates ) there is "**Aamir Khan Full Bio** " which is ***different*** for resp. **tags**.3 } If Scroll Down there is Photos and Videos of resp. celeb ( which is tags or may be category wise )Hence how i can do this ( means how i can make such Own Custom Page code ) can any one let me know.
  16. Hi there. We're working on a new website with Wordpress using a custom template, but on the front page there is extra vertical space that we cannot pin down, despite lots of searching. Here is a screenshot: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/9013/ggat.png The area in red is the extra space The website can be currently seen at www.troyandray.com Using the browser dev tools we've narrowed it down to the class "entry-header" or possibly "Post-1...." but editing either class doesn't seem to fix the problem. Also, curiously, this extra space is absent on other pages, for example, if you click the article's title. I've compared the CSS between the two pages and cant find any significant difference. Any thoughts?
  17. Hopefully someone can help me solve with this "easy" problem! I'm looking for a way to populate data in a Contact Form 7 (WordPress) from session. The session will be started by clicking on a book now button like this: <?php session_start(); if(isset($_GET['bookingdate'])) { $_SESSION['started'] = true;}?><a href="?bookingdate"> Book now </a> After clicking the button and the session is started I want to redirect to the form "booking " page and populate one of the fields with the booking date. The visitor will fill the rest of the form and submits. After submission the session will be destroyed. Would that be possible when using Contact Form 7 and WordPress?
  18. For my WordPress site, beta.cleantelligent.com , I have a blog which has a custom sidebar. (sidebar-blog.php)When you click on a single post (single.php), the sidebar goes away, even though it is correctly coded into the php.http://pastebin.com/sRE1GV1W - Single.phphttp://pastebin.com/Q6ej6qM5 - sidebar-blog.phpIs there any idea why this isn't showing up? I'm not super proficient when it comes to editing functions.php, so if it involves that, please explain it in simple terms and specifically.Thank you!
  19. Hi all, what a great forum you've created. I keep reading and eventually I need your help. I'm running that site and the W3 Validator spits out some errors related to the brackets. As you see, I'm using a wordpress theme and I don't even see those brackets in my code. Now I'm wondering if you have any solutions to that which you can offer. Thanks and regards Chris
  20. Hello guys, I have the following problem. I made a website and put it in wordpress. Right now it's hosted on my localhost. The site works perfect. no problems but when i go on another computer or mobile device and i go to my ip address. The Css of the site doesn't work. This is the code which i use to get the css <!-- CSS Code --> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/style.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/reset.css"> I don't know what the problem is and my php is not that well. I know the problem is not that I have 2 stylesheets that works perfect. Also it doesn't show any picture. It only shows my html. Sorry for my use of english I hope someone can help Greetz
  21. How can you block a wordpress from being downloaded? So what i want to do is disable to option for any one to download a wordpress site. I know some site are able to be downloaded. But others you cant download and if you download it only downloads certain folders. Does anyone have experience in doing this? If so is there a plugin?
  22. I have started over on designing my website's blog.beta.cleantelligent.com/blogI am trying to use a custom template (t-blog.php) to design the page. It will also need a custom sidebar in order to list archives, etc.This is different from my main website.I can't seem to get the blog template, or the blog sidebar to work. Nor is it displaying my posts. I have changed the settings in Reading so that "Blog" is my posts page.Any idea why it's not working at all? (The title of the page seems to be calling my most recent posts title, but the blog post itself is not there.)
  23. Hi all, As the title tells you already my website isn't shown properly in IE (any version). On my mac everything is fine. But as you can see on the screenshot my sidebar is too narrow in IE. I want it to be as long as the footer. I would be happy if someone could tell me what I put wrongly or didn't put at all in my CSS.. Thanks! PS: I made it in WORDPRESS, theme=Twenty Eleven, sidebar="#secondary" http://f.cl.ly/items/2N432K3b123J190i1p03/Naamloos.jpg My child-CSS: #page {margin-top:0px; font-family:Helvetica Neue; background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin-bottom:0;}body {font-family:Times; font-size:14px;}#content {width:500px; height:388px; opacity:1 !important; padding-left:30px;}#primary {height:579px; background:white !important;}#access a {color:#eeec73; font-size:15px; font-family:Helvetica Neue; width:67px; text-align:center; line-height: 7.333em; height:110px;}#secondary {margin-top:-6px; margin-right:-4px; border-left:none; max-height:400px; add_width:300px;}#branding {border-top:none;}#branding img {float:right;}#supplementary {border-top:0;padding: 1.325em 0%;}#site-generator {text-align:left; border-top:0px; background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1); width:984px;}#site-generator a {margin-left:10px; color:white;}/* Two Footer Widget Areas */#supplementary.two .widget-area {float: left;margin-right: 3.7%;width: 48.1%;}#primary {margin: 0 -26.4% 0 0;width: 61.9%;}#content {margin: 0 34% 0 0%;width: 90%;}#secondary {margin-right: 0%;width: 38.8%;}#secondary img {border:none; width:100%; height:579px;}#access div {margin-left: 10px;}#access img {width:379px; height:95px; background:transparent; margin-top:8px; color:white;}#access { background: transparent; clear: both; display: inline; float: left; margin:0; width: 1000px; height:110px; border-top:0; }#access li:hover > a,#access a:focus {background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1); color:white; font-weight:500;}#access li:hover > a { background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1); color:white; font-weight:300;}#access .current-menu-item > a,#access .current-menu-ancestor > a,#access .current_page_item > a,#access .current_page_ancestor > a { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.1); color:white; font-weight:300;}.entry-title { display: none;}.hentry, .no-results {border-bottom: 0px solid #DDDDDD;}
  24. My navigation's drop down menu just quite working. I'm not sure what the problem is. The coding is all there and looks fine, so does the CSS. I don't see anything that should be effecting it. Help? You can see the design here: http://sugar-baby.org/The navigation SHOULD drop down like this: http://i43.tinypic.com/1zodpbb.jpg
  25. I'm using AutoThickBox. (http://wordpress.org/plugins/auto-thickbox-plus/)The plugin is firing just fine. However, the thickbox pops up down in the bottom right corner of the screen. How do I position it over the image they have clicked? I'd like it centered on my page. Where is this option?I feel comfortable modifying the css, if I could only figure out where the code is for the position of the window...Any help?my website is beta.cleantelligent.comThe video is on the final slide of the slider.
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