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  1. I've been staring at this for hours and searching forums for an answer. I have also gotten this message from another validator: "Character 'P' following the text '<' does not fulfill production 'Misc', which highlights the first start tag of <Product>. Could anyone recommend a solution? As far as I can tell I only have one root element, but maybe I'm missing something. <?xml version="1.0"?> <xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" elementFormDefault="qualified"> <xsd:include schemaLocation="amzn-base.xsd"/> <xsd:element name="product"> <
  2. How can I use PHP Code for the links.xml file for the Live Search Script (http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_ajax_livesearch.asp). I have thousands of Links, which I want to be searchable. <?phpforeach ($verbs["a"] as $key => $list) {echo '<link>'."n";echo '<title>'.($verbs["a"][$key]).'</title>'."n";echo '<url>a/'.letter($verbs["a"][$key]).'/</url>'."n";echo '</link>'."n";} ?> I want also to know, how to change the script, because I want, that the first letter should be find only words, which starts which this letter and so on. like Search:
  3. Hi,I'm trying to find some existing XML format that describe actions, characters, things, locations .... I would like to develop a software to write a play script and save it to an XML.Does anybody knows if something exists??Thanks!Massimo
  4. I've created a php file that gathers data from my SQL tables and creates a multi-sheet Excel workbook file in XML. I started this process by creating the file as I wanted it to appear using MS Excel 2010 and saved it as a XML file. I then wrote my PHP code to dynamically create the MS Excel XML file. In internet Explorer 11, when this is done, the file opens as a MS Excel file. My problem is that it doesn't work in Firefox (Version 31.0). In Firefox, it prints out on the screen as an unformatted XML file with the following message above the screen - "This XML file does not appear to have
  5. The next button of carousel,a kind of slider appearing below navigation menu containing link like home,suggestions etc. is not working. Earlier when we used to click on next button another thumbnail and title used to appear of next post in gadgets category,but now nothing happens. Here's a screenshot of non-working button
  6. hi i want get my currency convert from this XML file http://www.xe.com/datafeed/samples/sample-xml-usd.xml i try this code xmlDoc=loadXMLDoc("http://www.xe.com/datafeed/samples/sample-xml-usd.xml");x=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName('cinverse')[10].childNodes[0].nodeValue;document.write(x); but don't work my currency is (Iraq Dinars) please help me
  7. I need your help for a question about XSLT. It is part of my preparation for an exam. The information given is as follows: HTML rendering of the XML document from Figure 1. Note that groups, and staff within each group, appear in the same order as in the XML document. At the end of each staff member entry, there are the identifiers of other groups to which the academic also belongs. These are hyperlinked to the start of the corresponding group sections. The final result of applying XSLT must be as shown in the attached picture. The XML file is as follows: <?xml version="1.0"?><?xml-
  8. i have Xml that looks something like this: How can i filtering this xml for cb="1" ? I know only xpath & DataSet are ways for filtering this xml: <root> <node id="1"> <node cb="0"></node> <node cb="0"></node> </node> <node id="2"> <node id="21" cb="0"></node> <node id="22" cb="1"></node> </node> </root> What the most efficient way to make it like (filter by cb=1): enter code here <root> <node id="2"> <node id="22" cb="1"></node> </node> </root> With regards, Evgen
  9. On my blog,when I open it at the first time then some of the images and things are loaded but to get whole page I have to refresh it 2-3 times,is some kind of javascript doing this or this is a defect ?
  10. I want to create a PHP form that sends the details from the form as a XML attachment. What is the easiest way to do this?
  11. On my blog TechnoPcArea the sidebar is appearing belo the blog psots,I think it should be appearing at the right side.I cross checked the css and everything is fine,what has happened.Can anybody help Me ? Below is a screenshot I hope this screenshot would be helpful
  12. I'm in the final stretch of this project. It 1) takes data from a server-side SQL database using php; 2) generates and saves a xml file to the server; and 3) uses a xsl transform and word template document along with the previously generated xml file to generate a word 2010 document which is pushed out to the client. I've been able to get the word document working just fine for all of the text fields but am having trouble with the checkbox. I want to be able to check or leave un-checked a checkbox in the word template document based upon a value in the xml file. The relevant xslt code sect
  13. Hi thereI'm not a programmer, but need some help to find a way of displaying text in the CDATA section of an XML file using XSL. Or if there is an alternative to using XSL then I'm all ears (eyes?). Take, for example, the following line of my XML file: <property id="instruction1" media="screen"><![CDATA[<p>Select the <span class="bold">option</span> you think is correct.</p>]]></property> I ONLY want to display the text between the 'p' tags, i.e. "Select the option you think is correct." The formatting 'span' tag can be included if necessary, just as
  14. I'm trying to load an xml file into an html file using jquery... i'm using jquery bc the site is built in Adobe's Business Catalyst and doesnt allow for any server-side scripting languages. The XML fIle is broken down into five sections - Corporation Builder Subdivision Plan and Spec- with child nodes within themThe following node names are in the following format (Parent Child). The data that I am trying to display are the: "Builder BrandName", "Spec SpecStreet1", "Spec SpecPrice", "Subdivision SubParentName", "Plan Description", "Spec SpecElevationImage", "Spec SpecBedrooms", "Spec Spe
  16. targetNameSpace is to set a name space for the xml element in my schema? yes or no then an explanation comment please. a xmlns:xsi="uri" is to set the prefix for the xsi namespace and axsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="uri" is to set the location of my schema? yes or no, then a feedback comment please. is the targetNameSapce needed... I find it non-necessary to do when it can(by what I'm reading) define top level element and complex type(another question is that by definning type level complex type, do that also mean that type level complex when use in a element that is nested in another element
  17. It'll be great if you could fill the xmls tutorial with example. Considering how short most of them all. Espically xslt, xquery, xpath, etc.
  18. On my blog,I have added a code for page navigation,but it doesn't works,.Nothing appears at the place of navigation,Can anybody help me to fix that ? The code can be found in the html of my template,between the:<!--Page navigation stars--> and <!--Page navigation ends-->tag. Or you can also see the code below <!--Page Navigation Starts--> <script style='text/javascript'> var postperpage=9; var numshowpage=4; var upPageWord=" < "; var downPageWord=" > "; var home_page="/"; var urlactivepage=location.hre
  19. I want to change my xml file into xsl so that it can fit into my chart, I am trying to put it into ascending form… This is my .xml<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="banks.xsl"?> <chart caption='Banks' xAxisName='Bank Types' yAxisName='Amount' numberPrefix='$' showValues='0'> <set label='UOB' value='420000' /> <set label='UOB' value='910000' /> <set label='DBS' value='720000' /> <set label='OCBC' value='550000' /> <set label='UOB' value='810000' /> <set label='DBS' v
  20. There isn't any clear(known) example of this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><!-- Edited by XMLSpy -->-<bookstore>is this a document fragment?-<book category="cooking"><title lang="en">Everyday Italian</title><author>Giada De Laurentiis</author><year>2005</year><price>30.00</price></book>And can extract this fragment?-<book category="children"><title lang="en">Harry Potter</title><author>J K. Rowling</author><year>2005</year><price>29.99</price></book&g
  21. The previous button of carousel,a slider appearing below menu containing links like Home,All Posts etc. is not working correct on this blog.It is appearing in the following way:- I have highlighted the button which is having problem, it should appear in the following way:- Can anybody help me,it is spoiling the look of my blog,
  22. With the previous template of my blog,I created various pages with the font Sniglet.And now after changing the template,main font of my blog is Oswald.So is there anyway in javascript,css,html5 or in xml through which I can add a piece of code in the homepage of my blog and all the Sniglet fonts would get replaced with oswald
  23. There's a carousel at the top of this blog,a kind of slider just below the menu containing text like Home,Suggestions etc. and there is text background added on the text appearing over the images it appears behind the text but not the way I want.I want it to appear in the following way,how to do it.
  24. In my this post-->http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-to-make-your-websites-design.html or others like it,in steps to add the widget the bullets are not appearing,at the place of <li> tag disc's should appear but nothing is appearing,why ?
  25. hello dear all new to this forums and also new to php. so do not bear with me.well i am not too familiar with PHP. We just should run a few more xpath queries inside the loop for all the address keys and the website. we need to do this here <?php/** * OSM Overpass API with PHP SimpleXML / XPath * * PHP Version: 5.4 - Can be back-ported to 5.3 by using 5.3 Array-Syntax (not PHP 5.4's square brackets) *///// 1.) Query an OSM Overpass API Endpoint//$query = 'node ["amenity"~".*"] (38.415938460513274,16.06338500976562,39.52205163048525,17.51220703125);out;';$context = stream_context_
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