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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm hoping someone may be able to spot something I'm missing. I have a page ART86 gallery that has 9 lines of thumbnail images that, using JS onClick opens a modal with the enlarges image displayed. All works fine for the first 4 lines of images but, from line 5 onwards, the second image only displays the cursor pointer part-way across the image with the normal arrow cursor for the remainder and the rest of the thumbnails don't display the pointer at all. Consequently, none of those displaying only the arrow cursor will not operate the onClick command. I'm using a straight crib fr
  2. Hello,I'm new here and to be honest it's the first time I am writing into a Forum. Until now I was only reading through various posts which considerd the same problem as I had. But now I really have no idea what to search and where my problem is. Down here is the PHP Script I have written for a Prom Vote in a nearby school. It would be really great if someone could find my mistake and correct me. <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title></title> </head> <body> <?php$con = mysql_connect("localhost","xxx","xxxx
  3. I have a problem with my website. I'm trying to build a navigation bar that has another one underneath it and that appears after you hover a top level menu item: XHTML 1.0 <div id="navContainer"><div id="navigation"> <ul id="nav"> <li id="item1"><a href="#">Item 1</a></li> <li id="item2"><a href="#">Item 2</a> <ul id="submenu 1"> <li><a href="#">Sub Item 2.1</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub Item 2.2</a></li> <li><a href="#">Sub Item 2.3</a></li>
  4. i have been struggling with this for quite a while now... any suggestions? i am about to start tampering with the z-index...the html snippet is as follows: <div class="bodycont"> <div class="sidebar1"> </div> <div class="content"> <h1>Heading Here (as text H1 Chaparral Pro)<hr align="center" color="#c3c1ae" noshade size="1" width="98%" /></h1> <h2>Blah Blah (as text H2 Chaparral Pro)</h2> <p>Trebuchet MS - size 14 - Editable text in here Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetu
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