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Found 3 results

  1. Can i use two databases for a single website? can any one give me suggestioins please
  2. Types of Indexes: Full - examines all of the words in every stored document as it tries to match search criteria (text specified by a user). Partial - also known as filtered index is an index which has some condition applied to it so that it includes a subset of rows in the table. Partial-Blocked - ? Multi - ? Does anyone know any learning resources where I can read up on partial-blocked and multi indexes? I'm unable to find anything under these terms, perhaps they are known as something else? Also, how do these compare to types of index found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Database_index#Types_of_indexes. I assume they are the same just named differently since the definitions are similar, though I'm not sure. If someone could help clarify some of this for me, I'd be very grateful. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. SqlBeginner


    I am a recent grad and have started my career working for an It department. I am on my second project and am having some issues figuring out how to do a task.Our IT department manages many medical facilities. As of right now each facility is tracking their trainings invidually and now my boss (head of IT) wants all facilities to start to have a centralized system in tracking trainings. We purchased train tracks which is a system that pretty much tracks trainings and we have the client server version with web accessability. We ultimately want the HRM database to communicate with the train track database so that it'll automatically put new hires and certain positions into specified trainings. I am a beginner in SQL so my question is what would be the best route to go about getting these two databases to communicate this. I've seen some information about linking and joins but I'm still not 100% sure which would be the best route.
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