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Found 2 results

  1. JCabral


    Hi I am new to this forum and very new to this SQL issue. As you know Excel allows you to sort a set of data in ascending or descending order and through an ordered list. And here begins my problem, ie I would like to know if it is possible to do this order through a SQL statement. Sort ascendingly and descending I already know how to do but what I wanted, and it is shown in the example I attached, it was first to sort by field F58 in ascending order and then to sort by field F66 by the following list 'RR-CON, RR-COGP, RR -COCN, RR-COCS, RR-COGL, RR-COS ' I've got an example, with the VBA code that fetches me a table from the F58 and F66 values according to certain criteria, and then that data is only sorted by field F58, I'd like it to be sorted from the list above. It's possible? Many thanks Jorge Cabral Teste com SQL_V1 - ENG.xlsm
  2. ssalazarjr

    Excel Query

    Is their a way to ignore the first two rows when importing an xls file into Excel? I download an xls file from my POS software but it includes two useless rows to start at the spreadsheet. The data headers start at row 3 and the rest of the data is volatile underneath the headers. I used Excel Query Wizard to walk me through importing the data from the xls file. Excel Query Wizard recognized the first column as “Export” and each additional column as F(n). I understand it does that because it assumes that I should have column headers in the first row. I also understand that because my xls file has “Export” in cell A1, that Excel Query Wizard recognizes it as a column header. But my column headers actually begin in row 3. So what I did was import all the columns (example: Export, F2, F3, etc), then I renamed them by using “AS” in the import language (example: Export as “Date”, F2 as “Location”, F3 as “Employee”, etc). But what I would really prefer is for the query to ignore the first two rows in the xls file and import the columns based on the column headers that begin in row 3. It would also be nice if I could tell the query to import “Location” without having to use “as”.
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