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Found 3 results

  1. I've made this typo million times on w3schools that i've entered address w3schools.com/forums and that page displays error "page doesn't exist". I would like that w3schools.com/forums would redirect same way as w3schools.com/forum would do.
  2. Hello everyone!I have a few questions, I have taken on a project this week that is kinda complex. My first question regarding this script is this: I am going to have a forum with a few drop downs text fields and text boxes and check boxes/selections. for this example lets say there is a total of 12 elements (from the above list) Thats the easy part no what i need to do is. I am going to have a $var that can be anything from 1 to 150, now i need the forum drop downs text fields, text boxes and check boxes/selections to repeat with in that forum for the amount of $var. Then when all that info is field out i need it to post to a mysql db. What i dont understand how to do is make php rename all the name boxes for each example by default i will have: |--fname--|--lname--|--start_date--| --end_date--|--night--| and so on.... So what im assuming i need to do is make php do (with $var being 3)... |--fname--|--lname--|--start_date--| --end_date--|--night--| and so on....|--fname1--|--lname1--|--start_date1--| --end_date1--|--night1--| and so on....|--fname2--|--lname2--|--start_date2--| --end_date2--|--night2--| and so on.... And how do i get my php insert mysql script to dynamically know names of the fields (fname, fname1, fname2....and so on) and have them stored in mysql. Thank you for the help!Kelly
  3. Original Subject: Forum Question: Is it possible to lock your posts? So this is my final new topic of the night and it's even more minor than the last. I'm just curious if I can lock my posts after my questions have been asked or should I just let it fall aside. some forums appreciate locking; some don't care; many don't have the option (from a non-admin view).
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