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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I did animated leafs on my web-page and after that my links did'n work. I tried to set the animation to run just one time, but it didn't help. Is just so, that animations and links don't work at the same page? Animation is made with @keyframes.
  2. I have a strange link problem, links on the left side of my page work fine but not on the right, even though it's the same code. see my code go to ardownes dot com then click families any help appreciated
  3. when we use target attribute in a anchor tag <a> we can use many target values like _blank,_parent. i want to know that when we use _parent target attribute ,it opens document in parent frame. here i am not understanding the term "parent frame'? what is a parent frame?
  4. I could really use some help with this little project I am doing, which to me at least isn't that little since this is completely new to me so any advice or tips or help will be greatly appreciated. Im currently making a series of html files that if they can function correctly will turn into a website but, they are not functioning good at all because any pictures or links to the other pages are not functioning at all so, enough of these words here's what I have so far for my photo gallery section: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><body style="background-color:green;"><h1 style=text-align:center;color:black;background-color:blue;">Amazing photoshop creations</h1><p style=text-align:center;color:black;">(mostly of my friend Chris.)</p><a style=text align:center;href=/Home.html>back to home</a></body></head> <body><img src=chris8.jpg" alt="dog humping friend" width="300" height="300"><p style="text-align:center;font-family:algerian;color:black;font-size:28px;">now for some pictures.</p><p style="text align:center<img src=demotivational.jpg alt="paula deen" width="300" height="300"></p><hr></body></html
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