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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone on w3schools, I am having trouble with block level elements on my page. I am using a div tag, however, I wanted to create an inline style with double-lined borders and one half of a letter width padding offsetting the text. Also, I am trying to make the block positioned horizontally
  2. Hi Guys, Could you please help me out with this one. I have a style sheet that manipulate certain elements on my page. I would however like to know if I could style a portion of a paragraph with the inline style method. The code on my webpage is as follows: <p class ="two">Hello World - CSS allows you to modify margin, paddings and borders.</p> I would like to apply and inline style that only affects the word "CSS" want to change the font and the color but it does not work. example: <p class="two">Hello Word <style = "color:white; font-bold:,>CSS</st
  3. I am unable to make an XML inline style override an external style sheet.I am using a valid xml v1.0 document, with a valid and widely used xsl style sheet.The document displays correctly in a web browser (apart from not displaying inline styles), using either IE8 or Firefox.I want to be able to set the font colour of certain parts of the document (any field, including headings) to red, rather than the default colour. Those parts are then made more visible for comment and correction when the pre-publication document is posted on an intranet.As a test, I have used the inline style example:<p
  4. I'm trying to build a newsletter in html and it is necessary that all the styles are inline styles in order to be shown in all kind of mail servers and I want to use the a:link, a:hover, a:visited and a:active into an inline style. How can I do that?. I also have a problem with an image I used as background in a cell (the newsletter title),you can see it on a browser and in live mode in Dreamweaver, but when I send the mailing or in design mode in dreamweaver you can't see it, it began to happen when I modified that image and uploaded again. I will really appreciate your help. for reference ww
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