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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone!I am relatively new to the whole idea of web developing,and I am currently learning most of the things.I've created a website using joomla,but I constantly have this problem,which I cannot find how to solve.Basically joomla has its administrator control panel where you can edit some things,but if you want to edit more than the basic you have to locate,and edit css or html (correct me if Im wrong). And this is where my problem starts. Although I can sometimes edit something using firebug tool of the browser,I cannot find the css file (through FTP) to edit and make my changes permanent.Could you please show me how I can do that step by step?What I am currently trying to do is change the position of the search box (I am trying to do exactly what this website here has done with its search box,so top right corner),but there is only one ''module position'' as its called in joomla,and this is the ''nav'' position.Once the search box is placed in the nav position,it is being placed directly underneath the home tab (as seen in the screenshot).You can see in the screenshot where I would like it to be with red letters.The website is: http://www.georld.com/Help guys !
  2. Hello Friends,I have website say abc.com.I'm using virtuemart & virtual domain component.i have created subdomain & link with that virtuemart's category menu.now i have entertainment.abc.com.I have done some customizations in virtuemart router. Now the problem is google is crawling wrong URL'sIf link would behttp://entertainment.abc.com/movie-review.htmlThen google also crawlshttp://abc.com/entertainment/movie-review.htmlit's creating problem SEO point of view. we have used jRoute everywhere in portal.Can anyone pointed out in this issue? It would be great help for me.
  3. Hello everyone!!! I have install a joomla plugin by the name AllVideos Plugin. All I have to do is to put some tags like this {youtube}h2TLC0zGwKE{/youtube} somewhere in to my site and my video shows up!!! In this point I need your help... In to my php code I have add a hidden textbox that holds video's source and a div that will show video when I click on an image using javascript.Part of PHP code <input id="video_url" name="video_url" type="hidden" value="" /><div id="video"></div> Part of JAVASCRIPT code var Open = String.fromCharCode(123,121,111,117,116,117,98,101,125); // {youtube}var Close = String.fromCharCode(123,47,121,111,117,116,117,98,101,125); // {/youtube}var video = document.getElementById("video");var video_url = document.getElementById("video_url");...video.innerHTML = Open+video_url.value+Close; The problem is that youtube tags appear just as plain text! Take a look at this image: Any idea how I will make it work??? Thank you in advance!!!
  4. I'm using Joomla 2.5 & Virtuemart.I have website like yellow pages. I have to show records city wise.I have enabled SEO & enabled .htaccess.Currently my url ishttp://localhost/mywebsite/yellowpagesNow i want if i'm accessing from toronto then it should behttp://yellowpages.mywebsite.com/torontohow can i do this??
  5. hi there again... battling a bit with this issue, the category "contact us" from the joomgallery in the following joomla page loads:http://www.gamersedg...atid=3&Itemid=3but i am however, trying to make the single image in the category, automatically clicked on page load. i know triggering this is possible with jquery - but here follows my attempt after the page is loaded: <script class="jsbin" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.4/jquery.min.js"></script> <script language="javascript"> <!-- var q = "option=com_joomgallery&view=category&catid=3&Itemid=3"; // the querystring to check for $(document).ready(function(){ // perform onload of document if (location.search.indexOf(q)>=0) { // if querystring matches eg. valid page $(".jg_catelem_photo").trigger('click'); // trigger jquery click on link } }); //--> </script> however, it instead breaks all the loading into lightbox as would happen if a thumbnail is clicked. i need to trigger this click onload, as if the user did it - eg that the image loads within the lightbox as currently happens when you go to the url and click on the thumbnail.... how would i emulate a click, but pass the rel="lightbox[joomgallery];" attribute of the link? 0o any help - asap, would be appreciated... thanks in advance,Pierre "Greywacke" du Toit
  6. Hi, I currently have a working joomla site online, but it seems to be affected wif virus, so i am thinking of a solution I tought of backing up the database from phpMyAdmin after doing that i tryed to reinstall joomla 2.5, it worked but it didnt bring back my articles
  7. gany

    section or aside?

    Hi, I (roughly) know what the new aside and section tags are supposed to do, but I'm not certain which one to use: I'm working on a 3 column layout for a Joomla site. The left column will contain the sub navigation and some images. The center column is for the main content and the right column for images and banner ads. The left column I would make a section, the center column article and the right column aside. Is this the correct way to do it, or should I name the left and right columns both sections? Thanks, Gany
  8. Sorry if this may have been answered before but I could really do with a specific answer to a specific set of circumstances. I am very new to anything other than basic css.The best way to describe what I mean would be to look at the site in various browsers. http://www.livingwithaddicts.com/ .I have put this together for a charity using the Joomla CMS (version2.5). If you look at the site in Firefox it is as (for now as it ain't finished) how it's meant to look. It's fine in Chrome and passable apart from some easily solvable positioning issues in Opera. Then we get to IE and I have just added background:#485fc5; to get it to render partly as i wanted and will do the same to get the bg on the forms. I would like to explore some other ways of styling so it looks acceptable in IE. I don't want to go down the route of replacing gradients or text shadowing with graphics. Is there away of having a set of CSS that is only called if someone views in IE? If so how can I do this? Is this what's known as a hack? Other possibilities are that as I am using Joomla, I have had to put some inline styling into specific content and I think some of the generated code might either be depracated and/or a bit messy. Would this affect how it renders. Also I hurriedly (lazily) c& p'ed a chunk of css and modified the hex values to incorporate it in my existing css.(To anyone now sighing with disapproval, I apologize) This may not be the up to date syntax and I only heard of webkit the other day so that's what a novice I am. I will paste it here and hopefully not embarrass myself to much. If anyone fancies a look (or a laugh) then please do. I would really appreciate any advice. Here's the the code. I will attach screenshots to demonstratebody { background: #485fc5; background-image: linear-gradient(bottom, #485fc5 13%, #6e86ee 57%, #a0b0f5 79%); background-image: -o-linear-gradient(bottom, #485fc5 13%, #6e86ee 57%, #a0b0f5 79%); background-image: -moz-linear-gradient(bottom, #485fc5 13%,#6e86ee 57%, #a0b0f5 79%); background-image: -webkit-linear-gradient(bottom, #485fc5 13%,#6e86ee 57%, #a0b0f5 79%); background-image: -ms-linear-gradient(bottom, #485fc5 13%, #6e86ee 57%, #a0b0f5 79%); background-image: -webkit-gradient( linear, left bottom, left top, color-stop(0.13, #485fc5), color-stop(0.57, #6e86ee), color-stop(0.79, #a0b0f5));}
  9. Update again: Solved, thanks to ShadowMage! Turns out Dreamweaver was putting in strange characters that the browser didn't understand, most likely from copying & pasting from Firebug. Update: Posted an example, cant figure out how to link so scroll down to the bottom. I've been running into this problem on several occasions the past few months and it can be a major setback. What I have to do is take a Joomla website template and make changes to the CSS to get it to look how the client wants. I usually do this by making overrides as opposed to changing the original code (don't want to royally mess something up and be unable to fix it.) Every now and then I'll add a few lines of code to a CSS file and for reasons that are beyond me, it won't work. The syntax is right, there are no typos, its referring to the right IDs/classes. I use the Firebug addon for Firefox to check out elements and the CSS that's being applied to it, and it'll show me something like this: It knows I've got code on line 316 that should be applied, but it's not using it. I check the CSS file and the code's definitely there, and there's nothing wrong with it. It should be overriding the stuff on line 311 cause that's just how CSS works (or have I been out of the game for too long?) There have also been times where I'll make changes to the original code and it will ignore either the whole thing or parts of it. No typos, syntax is fine. Even dead simple stuff like just switching out a background image url. (Yes, it was a valid url.) I'm stumped. Am I missing something major about the way CSS works? I used to do a ton of web design, but then hardly any web stuff during college. Has something big changed in the past 4 years? Or do you think it has to do with Joomla and nothing to do with CSS? This is the most frustrating thing I've ever run into and has cost me tons of time.
  10. Hi community,I want to write a script which performs the following action,1) I want a module which displays a search box where user can enter a zip code2) After hitting search button the code which search the pincode in a csv file which i have in my server and return the fields which that pincode associate to be.3) Display that returned result in that module.In detail, the core project is whether we are able to deliver the package in certain area[pincode]. So the user before purchase anything from us must want to check we are delivering that area. The .csv file looks like, it has 4 fields, pincode, delivery status, approx time of delivery. So the script wants to read the pincode and return the other fields. hope i explained clearly. Sorry for my bad english.Cheers from Selvamani
  11. Hi,I am new to Joomla, and just getting started with html and css code.I have been reading for over a day now about how to change a vertical menu to a horizontal menu. I have used the css code "display:inline;" and removed the "display:block;" according to the instructions that I found on the web, but it didn't work.Joomla version 1.5.23Template: joomla 18 http://www.joomspirit.com/vmchk/free-joomla-1.5-templates/template-joomspirit_18.htmlwebsite: http://www.mvseahorse.nl (I want to make the menu at the top horizontal)As far as I can see the css code that has to be changed is in the moomenuh.css file, and the first code in this file I have pasted below.I know this question has been raised many times before, but like I said, I got stuck. I appreciate your help.Joris#main_menu {clear:both;display:block;height:28px;position:relative;z-index:100;list-style: none;margin:0;padding:0;text-align : left;/** change **/}#main_menu .moduletable{margin:0;}#main_menu li{margin:0;padding:0;height:28px;float:right;position:relative;list-style : none;/** change **/margin-top:-1px;padding-top:14px;}#main_menu li a, #main_menu li span.separator {display:block;float : none !important;float : left;position:relative;z-index:1000;text-decoration:none;/** change **/color: #eee;line-height:28px;text-transform: capitalize;letter-spacing: -0.5px;font-weight: normal;font-size:105%;padding:0px 18px;}#main_menu li li a, #main_menu li li span.separator{/** change **/color:#eee;float:none;font-size:100%;line-height: 13px;letter-spacing: 0;font-weight:normal;padding: 6px 2px 6px 5px;text-transform:none;margin: 2px 4px 0px 4px;border: 1px solid #666;background-color: #333;}#main_menu li.parent {}#main_menu li.parent li{}#main_menu li li.parent{}#main_menu li ul {display:block;width: 160px;position:absolute;z-index:99;left: -999em;clear:left;/** change **/margin-left:0;margin-top:0;padding: 6px 0 4px 0;background-image:none;}#main_menu li ul ul {margin: -29px 0 0 158px;/** change **/padding-top:0;background-image:none;}#main_menu li li {width: 158px;height:auto;padding:0;}
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