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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, i must do a query that finds all words that finish whit a,e,i,o or u. i' ve used this query but my output in empty . select City from Station where City like '%[aeiou]'; i' ve used the wildcards wrongly?
  2. plus one ("+1") "like button"-voting system I just want to have non-authorization (non-voting "system" at all - just for like button). I want to click "Like"-button key and want to have other users which visit this webpage to see this. Like-button with no additional things (no dislike) just: 1. Press - HTML/Javascript 2. Send PHP (PDO!) 3. Receive Textfile (may be.. mysql) *it has to be as simple as it could be* 4. Show +1, which would be visible to other visitors (ajax/js - optional). That example to be working. I have mysql and apache and php PDO (php5.5.6)! This is with no PDO and I don't think It could work (php5.5.6) and in any case.... The upperscript is not very much comprehensible though, because the only thing I done in PDO was: Considering the upper borrowed example ,I have some speculations: I don't need Ajax for my first steps (at all) - because it's long and lots of unknowns and after all it's increasing complexity. Might it be not a bad idea to refuse to use mysql. I had had a two-week (or so) searching(examination/looking) before js tryings when searching (in English) how to do PDO. (I should say it's a great effort to fight for your little desirable piece of code over an inet). Reminder for myself: 1. Launch mysql: /etc/init.d/mysql start just for likes: 1a) Make a db, make users, grant rights OR 1b) After mysql launch with the help of PHP/PDO: grant mysql rights admin, make a db, make db users & grant them rights to db, make tables and INSERT data INTO tables (may be a single like-table). OR even 1c) Make a textfile - and forget this brain pain and append to it (like I do it in bash >>). 2. Make HTML 2a) <form><input type=button id="likebutton" onClick="databaseinsertevent()"> 2b) ......onClick=Database insert without any functions - just because it is very many text 3. Make JavaScript 3a) something+=something+1 >>like 3b) show like on page 4. Make PHP/PDO or PHP/txt-file 4a) read last line of txt txt 1 2 3 4b) a database (much more complex variant) $db=new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=test;charset=utf8', 'root', 'hyuiuik'); foreach($db->query('SELECT like FROM TABBL') as $value) { echo $value['nn']; foreach($db->query('INSERT like TO TABBL') as $something <-- #comment//* Repeat the 1st output 5. Link all modules 5a) HTML + Javascript 5b) html/js + PHP 5c) PHP/PDO + mysql (or a textfile) 5d) run /etc/init.d/apache2 start *5d1 Link apache2+mysql+php(+pdo) (emerge -av php/pdo etc...,config..) if needed ------------------------------------------------- I am in my first steps of a difficult winding climb towards ⬘
  3. 1.if you was building a search bar to search post titles from your database, where the titles has more than 1 word what would you use in your mysql_query LIKE or MATCH AGAINST? 2.if you was building a search bar to search post titles and post info from your database, where the titles and post info has more than 1 word what would you use in your mysql_query LIKE or MATCH AGAINST? please give logic and resigning. thank you in advance.
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