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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I have a web page that is not standard compliant, just need it available temporarily until I can build it using CSS. Created in Dreamweaver CS3, HTML 4.0.1 Transitional with tables (ouch), using the "insert plugin" feature. Page has multiple MP3 files that were converted from the .aiff format by the app All2MP3 for Mac. If you can suggest a free converter that includes metadata, as this one does not. Am working with old equipment & browsers, so cannot test visually myself, but I am told that the files function fully as intended in current versions of Safari, IE & Firefox, but auto play simultaneously without controller functionality in Chrome. My suppositions, but no conclusions from searching... websites created with tables that contain media (anything other than text) are not supported websites created with HTML 4 & tables containing media are not supported files created with All2MP3 app are not supported because the app is too old, latest version 2010 HTML 4 code, specifically the embed tag & attribute parameter syntax automatically created in Dw is not supported the plugin used within Dw CS3 is too outdated I appreciate your assistance! Pic of code attached also. <td width="280" height="50" align="left" valign="top"><font color="#CC3366" size="2" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> Unbridled Emotion Mvmt. No. 2</font><br> <embed src="ue2.mp3" width="250" height="16" loop="false" controller="true" autoplay="false"></embed></td>
  2. Hello everyone here m new i need help if u can do i want make a mp3 music site with download fecture so anyone can explan it how i can make i want show mp3 file detail like airtest , file name , size, album name and then show 3 type of music download option like 48,128,320kbps if u know how i done plz help me for this
  3. I have a website that uses <audio controls> <source src="shows/enviro green.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> It was working but now when I go to a page containing the code it says 'Downloading data from environmentalspectrum.org.uk ' constantly and the video will not play. Does anybody know why?
  4. The goal of the attached project is to assist a learner in mastering proper spelling. The method is that they will hear an audio file of a word, then they type it into the window. The page then indicates if they got it correct. The spelling part seems to work. But . . . . I do not know why the JavaScript is not causing the sound files to play. I am not a JS guru. I have done what I can, but still cannot find the mistake. Can anyone help? (needed files attached in a zip) speller.zip
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