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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, bear with me I'm new to this and not too good at learning these days due to ms induced brain fog.... I've been using classic asp code from the tutorials to write a table with data from an access DB, I can get connected to the DB ok and can get all records into a table but can't seem to work out how to get the contents of several fields into the same table data box before going through the loop to write the next table box with the data fields from the next record, I just get a new box for each field, I'm sure it's something simple but I'm just not getting it. Do I need to open a new connection for each table field and how do they nest? I managed to get it to add table row tags every third entry which cheered me up. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Hi, I need a tutorial (in .pdf) on how to make a login page for a web app and secure password database using MS Access. Do you have any reference? Thanks!
  3. I am trying to filter a table between two dates in ms access from vb.net . the query below does Not work when data type is date/ time . When I change data type to text, it gives me sum of the columns. Is there anyway to fix it? Thanks select * into Table3 from (SELECT 'Table6' AS [Table], SUM(a) - SUM( AS Result FROM table6 where date_ BETWEEN " & FromDate & " AND " & ToDate & " UNION ALL SELECT 'Table7', SUM(a) - SUM( FROM table7 where date_ BETWEEN " & FromDate & " AND " & ToDate & ")a"
  4. Hello, first post here at W3Schools. I made an older ASP project for tracking jobs at work. Part of the ASP app saves specific job details to a MS access database table. When the job is first created in the DB, one job (root) folder with two subfolders are created on the server at that same time. serverjobs11452 serverjobs1145211452 PHOTOS serverjobs1145211452 RESEARCH set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath) set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath & "" & strJobFolderNumber & " PHOTOS") set foldername=fso.CreateFolder(newpath & "" & strJobFolderNumber & " RESEARCH") The structure of the job folders on the server is such that only the first time a job is created the root folder and 2 subfolders are created in the newly created root job folder (eg. 11452). Subsequent jobs with the same root job number (eg. root 11452 then later 11452-2) do not trigger the creation of an additional job (root) folder or subfolders within the job root folder. Another part of the application supports a job management page for tracking job progress as they move through the business process. The job management page is accessed with a link in one ASP page to another ASP page (passing a value to access the DB and build the page) that is created server side and returned in a new browser window. format of the link for a typical job management ASP page for jobs 11452 and 11452-2: http://server/jobs/JobMgmtResponse.asp?hdnJobNumber=11452&submit=GO http://server/jobs/JobMgmtResponse.asp?hdnJobNumber=11452-2&submit=GO How would I do this: I would like to create and place a link (shortcut?) to the job management ASP page, on the server, in the job number root folder (eg. serverjobs11452) for each job saved to the DB with the same root job number. These would be created for the first job (eg. 11452) and subsequent jobs (eg. 11452-2, 11452-C) as jobs are added to the DB Each job with the same root job number saved in the DB needs to have a link (shortcut) to the job management ASP page that can be directly accessed when viewing any particular job's root directory (eg.serverjobs11452) on the server and returned to the requesting browser. This link needs to be saved on the server in the root job folder. I've done research into this and cannot find a way to format a link or shortcut to the job's management page dynamically with ASP as a job is added to the DB then save it to the job root directory. Please give me a hand with this. I'm not sure it can be done or maybe I'm not approaching it from the right perspective. Thanks
  5. Hello, New at this DELETE thing. I wish to write a DELETE query that will remove records from the 'REPAIRS" table. The conditions that must be met is that the "active" field = false in the "REPAIRS" table and that the "tradeID" field in the "REPAIRTRADE" table = cet. I'm confused about the statement needed and the syntax. Any help is truly appreciated.
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