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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the book "SQL QuickStart Guide" that is currently free in the Amazon Kindle store. You can download here: http://www.amazon.com/SQL-QuickStart-Guide-Simplified-Structured-ebook/dp/B00UCFK44U/ref=sr_1_18?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427911263&sr=1-18&keywords=sql
  2. i have a form in which i have a field date of birth , and a textbox to fill date of birth , when a person fills his date of birth like 01/01/1990 , then it will be saved into database , and when i retrieve this date form database then this comes 01/01/1990 12:00 AM , i want only date part from it. This is my form to fillup date of birth form.aspx <tr> <td width="30%"> Date of Birth <br /> </td> <td style="width: 1px"> :<asp:TextBox ID="txtDateofBirth" runat="server" placeholder="dd/mm/yyyy"></asp:TextBox> </td> <td class="td2"> </td> </tr> this is code for form.aspx.cs SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("insert into ApplicantForm(NameofApplicant, dateofbirth)" + "values( @NameofApplicant, convert(Datetime, @dateofBirth, 103)", con); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@dateofBirth",txtDateofBirth.Text); this is code for print of this date of birth print.aspx <asp:Label ID="txtDOB" runat="server" ></asp:Label> this is code print.aspx.cs SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("Select * from ApplicantForm Where ApplicantId=" + ((Request.QueryString["ApplicantId"])) + "", con); dr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); txtDOB.Text = dr["dob"].ToString();
  3. When I execute the following SQL statement : select IT.ITEMID, IT.ITEMNAME, IT.ITEMNAMEFR, IT.ITEMSTRUCT, IT.ITEMSTRUCT2_, IT.ITEMSTRUCT3_, IT.ITEMSTRUCT4_, IT.ITEMSTRUCT5_, IT.ITEMSTRUCT6_, ist5.DESCRIPTIONFRBE, ist5.DESCRIPTIONNLBE, ist5.DESCRIPTIONENGB, ist5.DESCRIPTIONDE, ist6.DESCRIPTIONFRBE, ist6.DESCRIPTIONNLBE, ist6.DESCRIPTIONENGB, ist6.DESCRIPTIONDE from InventTable as it join itemStructTable as ist5 on ist5.structLevelType = '5' and ist5.structLevelID = it.itemStruct5_ join itemStructTable as ist6 on ist6.structLevelType = '6' and ist6.structLevelID = it.itemStruct6_ When I print the result of the array ( via print_r(mssql_fetch_array($this->recordSet, 'MSSQL_BOTH) , the recordset is set as follows : $this->recordSet = mssql_query($sqlStatement, $this->connection); ), I get the following result : Array ( [iTEMID] => 31-0030-0347 [iTEMNAME] => Rubberdoeken Ruby UV 1,70 : 330 x 1000 mm [iTEMNAMEFR] => Blanchets Ruby UV 1,70 : 330 x 1000 mm [iTEMSTRUCT] => T [iTEMSTRUCT2_] => 31 [iTEMSTRUCT3_] => 3100 [iTEMSTRUCT4_] => 310030 [iTEMSTRUCT5_] => 310030100 [iTEMSTRUCT6_] => 310095 [DESCRIPTIONFRBE] => Ruby UV 1,70 [DESCRIPTIONNLBE] => Ruby UV 1,70 [DESCRIPTIONENGB] => Ruby UV 1,70 [DESCRIPTIONDE] => Ruby UV 1,70 ) The prefixes for the table names are not present, so I only get one set of descriptions instead of two. Is there a way to force PHP or MSSQL to give me the exact fieldnames I used in my select ?
  4. hi, any sugesstion for me??i need jquery table template but i need for MSSQL not MYSQL..... thx
  5. hi,i have got a problem. i have database MSSQL and i want to migration to MYSQL.anysuggestion for me??because i want to build a Ecommerce site.btw anyone know the risk if we publish a database MSSQL using IP public??i think this is a second option if i can't migration to MYSQL. :Sad:
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