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Found 4 results

  1. I have just created and uploaded a python module namely "sroot" . You can simply install it using pip in python cmd. By typing :- pip install sroot It works similar to math module bt the difference is that if you use math.sqrt(8) it will give 2.something, in decimal form Rather if you install sroot using pip and then just simply import sroot and type sroot.sqrt(8) it will give 2√2. Isn't it amazing. You can use any integer. Lemme know if you tried and liked it
  2. Hello everyone!I am relatively new to the whole idea of web developing,and I am currently learning most of the things.I've created a website using joomla,but I constantly have this problem,which I cannot find how to solve.Basically joomla has its administrator control panel where you can edit some things,but if you want to edit more than the basic you have to locate,and edit css or html (correct me if Im wrong). And this is where my problem starts. Although I can sometimes edit something using firebug tool of the browser,I cannot find the css file (through FTP) to edit and make my changes permanent.Could you please show me how I can do that step by step?What I am currently trying to do is change the position of the search box (I am trying to do exactly what this website here has done with its search box,so top right corner),but there is only one ''module position'' as its called in joomla,and this is the ''nav'' position.Once the search box is placed in the nav position,it is being placed directly underneath the home tab (as seen in the screenshot).You can see in the screenshot where I would like it to be with red letters.The website is: http://www.georld.com/Help guys !
  3. Hello,I am a Newbie to HTML and CSS I am currently using this Template(http://demo.alledia.com/bolt/) for my Joomla site,and I need to make some modification 1) I need to change the bleu Color of the FREE NEWSLETTER(see screen shot) module to red like the LOGIN FORM on the demo site 2) the picture in the Donate Module is not quite well center,but I do note now how to center in Properly. There is no padding on the right site( see screen shot)In the editor I got this code: <a class="red" href="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=52&Itemid=69" target="_parent"><img height="158" width="158" src="images/stories/DONATE.jpg" alt="DONATE" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" /></a> Could anyone help me? Thank you in advance for your help
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