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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Everyone. I would like to create a dropdown list with the features described below and have played around with various existing code on the web, however, I thought it would be wise if I found out first if my aim is even possible to start with before exerting any further effort on something that has no chance of working. My knowledge on the subject is very limited; I am familiar with basic HTML and am able to modify/combine some code from existing examples/demos. I am posting in the JavaScript section of the forums as I presume that JavaScript will be necessary. The features I have described below are all that I require; I don't need a whole bunch of 'options' to change things around. I have composed a picture (attached) to help show what I wish to achieve and have provided some explanatory notes below. SECOND BOX: List of all items available in alphabetical order. List items visible upon loading. Vertical scroll bar, as there will be hundreds of items in the list. Each list item can be quite long so box should be wide enough, however, horizontal scroll bar if necessary; no text wrapping, only one item per line. FIRST BOX: Field to type search terms into. No minimum number of characters. As soon as a single letter is typed in the box, all items that 'contain' (not only start with) that letter are revealed in the second box. Pressing backspace to delete a letter increases the list in the second box again. Letters typed are emboldened in the second box; no highlighting, underlining or other emphasis. AREA UNDER SECOND BOX: Single-clicking an item in the second box removes that item from the second box and displays a block of four or three lines of text relating to that item underneath the second box. Clicking on another item in the second box removes it from the second box and displays its corresponding block of text underneath the first block of text, i.e. in the order it was selected and NOT in the order that it originally appeared in the second box. Single-clicking a block of text removes it from the area under the second box and displays its corresponding item in the second box again in its original (alphabetical) position. I think I would prefer the blocks of text to be in a free area under the second box and not boxed in, however, I am not 100% sure of this and would consider a third box. ADDITIONAL: Must work in IE8 and IE9 and compatibility with other versions/browsers would be a bonus. Must allow being maintained in the long term. Speed is very important and whatever method/language/code is used needs to load as fast as possible with its features/functions responding as quickly as possible. Note that the picture shows everything just for illustrative purposes. Of course, in an actual working example, in this instance, if 'Fruits' and 'Nuts' were displayed in the second box, the area under the second box would be blank and if the area under the second box displayed the two blocks of text, the second box would be blank. So, my questions are: Is the above possible? If yes, would anyone be kind enough to point me in the right direction, i.e. advise me on which language/type of code would be most suitable for this task. Any links to similar examples/demos would be very much appreciated! Most avenues I've come across seem to lead to JQuery! Is my task not possible without dependencies on JQuery or other/external scripts? Am I correct to assume that if I wanted everything to be hard-coded, I would require a LOT of knowledge? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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