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Found 5 results

  1. I'm working on this session, and it shows if I'd like to test NULL value, I'll need to use below syntax: However, I'd like to know what if I have no idea which column(s) has(have) NULL value? How should I make a query to look for ANY record that includes NULL value without writing specific column_name?
  2. Having NULL type as an object to be a bug in js, is there any harm to code this could result in, and what precautions should we take to avoid such harm?
  3. hello, I have a table, that contains null in one column. when I query on that table null is also appearing in the result. Is there any option to hide the null? ------------- | id | name | |----------- | | 1 | null | | 2 | BANK | ------------- expected result is: ------------- | id | name | |-------------| | 1 | | | 2 | BANK | -------------
  4. Please kindly go tohttp://lifelearning.xtreemhost.com/lib.htmlA testing page. Just check the checkbox "Lib1" and do not enter anything in the input boxI have checked if sFound1 is null in the if condition (already commented in the codes,but the table (at the bottom) still returns the null value. Can anyone help me a bit here?Many thanks in advance.
  5. What I am doing is checking for a null. I think I have not really crafted this properly. The form elements do contain a ' value="" ' in some cases. Should I be checking instead for ""? Do I need to convert window.physichaladdress to a string? This is the target line: if(window.physichaladdress != null) Thanks! <?php?><!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>My Title</title><script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5/jquery.min.js"></script><script>$(document).ready(function(){$('#enteraddress').hide();$('#entercoords').hide();$('#theyellow').hide();$("#radio01").click(function() {if ($(this).is(':checked')) { $('#enteraddress').show(); $('#theyellow').show(); $('#entercoords').hide(); }});$("#radio02").click(function() {if ($(this).is(':checked')) { $('#entercoords').show(); $('#theyellow').show(); $('#enteraddress').hide(); }});});</script><script type="text/javascript">function sepysfunction(){window.physichaladdress = document.mymapgetter.physichaladdress.value;window.thelat = document.mymapgetter.thelat.value;window.thelng = document.mymapgetter.thelng.value;if(window.physichaladdress != null) {alert("Alert Sepy!");}</script></head><body><form name="mymapgetter" action="action.php"><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="legaldisclaimer"><h1>Legal Disclaimer:</h1><p></p></body></div><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="locationoptions"><h3>How would you like to enter your location data?</h3><input type="radio" name="radio" value="" id="radio01">By physichal address?</input></br><input type="radio" name="radio" value="" id="radio02">By latitude and longitude?</input></div><div style='border: solid 1px black; margin-bottom: 10px;' id="enteraddress"><h3>Enter your physichal address:</h3></br><input type="text" name="physichaladdress" value="" style="width: 100%;"></input></div><div style='border: solid 1px black;' id="entercoords"><h3>Enter your latitude and longitude:</h3><input type="text" name="thelat" value=""><- Lat.</input><input type="text" name="thelng" value=""><- Lng.</input></div><input type="submit" id="theyellow" value="getmap" style="width: 100%" onClick="sepysfunction()"></input></form></html>
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