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Found 6 results

  1. Hi W3schools, I am learning alot from you guys , doing great job for us and making us at least myself great. I would like to suggest w3schools to get some Oracle tutorials on your website after learning SQL Oracle would help to Oracle developer. Thanks.
  2. XML_Code.txtXML_Code.txtI am new to the world of XML, so need a little help on how to approach this issue. On trying to generate an XML file using an Oracle code, I obtain an incomplete XML tag at the end of the file. My guess is that the spanish content inside the XML is causing this. I have tried to change the encoding format from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1, but the error still persisted. Here is a sample output:- HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1 Server: DWS/4.1 Cache-Control: no-cache Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=2551F518D867AB17F8CA73885E7F9CA2; Path=/ Content-Type: text/XML;charset=UTF-8
  3. Hey everyone, I wanted to share with everyone the book "SQL QuickStart Guide" that is currently free in the Amazon Kindle store. You can download here: http://www.amazon.com/SQL-QuickStart-Guide-Simplified-Structured-ebook/dp/B00UCFK44U/ref=sr_1_18?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427911263&sr=1-18&keywords=sql
  4. Hi, I have created a database but when I try to insert data in oracle, I get an error ORA-02291: integrity constraint (T.BRANCHES_MEDICINE_STOCK_FK) violated - parent key not found. This branches medicine stock fk is above the relation between branches and medicine table. I used INSERT INTO Branches (branch_id, branch_name, stocklist_id, contact_id) VALUES ('b01','London Road','mst01,mst02','cd01');INSERT INTO Branches (branch_id, branch_name, stocklist_id, contact_id) VALUES ('b02','Loughborough Road','mst03,mst04','cd02');INSERT INTO Branches (branch_id, branch_name, stocklist_i
  5. Hi I have simply select and works great: select 'CARAT Issue Open' issue_comment, i.issue_id, i.issue_status, i.issue_title, i.ISSUE_summary ,i.issue_description, i.severity,gcrs.Area_name, gcrs.sector_name,substr(gcrs.stream_name,1,case when instr(gcrs.stream_name,' (')=0 then 100 else instr(gcrs.stream_name,' (')-1 end) ISSUE_DIVISION,case when gcrs.STREAM_NAME like 'NON-GT%' THEN 'NON-GT' ELSE gcrs.STREAM_NAME END as ISSUE_DIVISION_2from table(f_carat_issues_as_of('31/MAR/2013')) iinner join v_gcrs_with_stream gcrs on i.segment_id = gcrs.segment_idwhere UPPER(ISSUE_STATUS) like '%OPEN%'
  6. I'd like to access a database that is on the client side via Javascript and was wondering how to best go about this. I was thinking it may work to use Ajax to call a C# data application, but wondered if that would be most efficient. I suppose PHP would be another alternative, but I prefer working in C# if I can. Thanks!
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