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Found 9 results

  1. OK, first and foremost, am using classic ASP as that is what I have to work with. All electronic forms in my company are currently in classic ASP. Too many of them to move to .net any time soon. That said, I have written an html form that includes sending a SOAP request to our CRM (ticketing system) which is vendor hosted. They are supplying the .net web service to the CRM's database. This will send back a response not only of a successful receipt, but also a ticket number which I am to display to the customer's screen. I am pretty comfortable with the sending part, I think. It is the response I am not so sure about. I've done XML responses through a web service before; however, I've never had a response I would have to parse before. Here are the questions that I have: 1. Are the request and response generally coded in the same envelope or separately? 2. I'm pretty comfortable displaying text received in a response using xmlhttp.responseText, but HOW would you parse the SOAP response in classic ASP? Below is the code I have for the Request: strXML = "" strXML = strXML & "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""UTF-8""?>" & strCR strXML = strXML & "<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV='http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/' xmlns:SOAP-ENC='http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/' xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' xmlns:xsd='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema'>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <SOAP-ENV:Header>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <m:header xmlns:m='http://VenderURL'>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <docType>Esr Client</docType>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <version>3.0</version>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <sender type='CUSTSYSID'>WIN</sender>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <receiver type='CUSTSYSID'>CCC</receiver>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <requestSyncType>synchronous</requestSyncType>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <deployment.Mode>test</deployment.Mode>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <partner type='CUSTSYSID'>" & String & "</partner>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <transactionId>" & IntPONumber & "</transactionId>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <timestamp>" & strTimeStamp & "</timestamp>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </m:header>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </SOAP-ENV:Header>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <SOAP-ENV:Body>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <m:serviceRequest xmlns:m='http://VendorURL' action='String'>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <ticketInfo ticketNumber='String'>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <refTicketNumber>" & "intPONumber" & "</refTicketNumber>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <openedDateStamp>" & strTimeStamp & "</openedDateStamp>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <sentDateStamp>" & strTimeStamp & "</sentDateStamp>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <transDateStamp>" & strTimeStamp & "</transDateStamp>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <problemDescription>" & "strCCDescription" & "</problemDescription>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <resolution code='String' timeStamp='YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS'>" & String & "</resolution>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <shortDescription>" & strSubject & "</shortDescription>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <status>2</status>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <priority internalCode='3'/>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <severity code='3'/>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <sla contractId=””>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <contractName>Winn-Dixie SLA Contract</contractName>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </sla>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <technician.id>" & strTechnician & "</technician>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <category name='IssueCode1'>INCIDENT</category>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <category name='IssueCode2'>HARDWARE</category>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <category name='IssueCode3'>BREAK / FIX</category>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </ticketInfo>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <entitlement>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <code>" & CustCode & "</code>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </entitlement>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <contact type='primary' vip=”false”>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <company>WINN-DIXIE</company>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <Email>WD REQ</Email>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </contact>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <serviceAddress site='0'>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </serviceAddress>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <equipment>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <model>" & part_no & "</model>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <description>" & strConfigItem & "</description>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </equipment>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <extrinsics name='FLEX2'>" & strPartDesc & "</extrinsics>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </m:serviceRequest>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <SOAP-ENV:Fault>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Client</faultcode>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <faultstring>[ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message</faultstring>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " <faultactor>http://b2bqc.compucom.com/soap</faultactor>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </SOAP-ENV:Fault>" & strCR strXML = strXML & " </SOAP-ENV:Body>" & strCR strXML = strXML & "</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>" ' End of Request section ' Call the webservice using POST baseURL="[url="https://b2bqc.compucom.com/ws/CcEsrV4:provider"]https://b2bqc.compucom.com/ws/CcEsrV4:provider[/url]" 'Link for Production Environment Set objXmlHttp = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.3.0") objXmlHttp.setTimeouts toResolve, toConnect, toSend, toReceive objXmlHttp.Open "POST", baseURL, False objXMLHttp.Send(strXML) Here's the code for the response: strXMLResponse = ""strXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & "<SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV='[url="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"]http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/[/url]' xmlns:SOAP-ENC='[url="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/"]http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/[/url]' xmlns:xsd='[url="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"]http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema[/url]'xmlns:xsi='[url="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"]http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance[/url]'>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & "<SOAP-ENV:Body>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " <serviceResponse>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " <status code="?">string</status>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " <statusMsg>string</statusMsg>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " <ticketNumber>string</ticketNumber>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " <refTicketNumber>string</refTicketNumber>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & " </ESR:serviceResponse>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & "</SOAP-ENV:Body>" & strCRstrXMLResponse = strXMLResponse & "</SOAP-ENV:Envelope>" ' XML Response from VendorresponseXML = xmlhttp.responseTextresponse.write("Your Ticket Number is: ") & "<b><font color='#cc0000' size='4'>" & responseXML & "</font></b>" Any guidance anyone can provide would be greatlly appreciated. Thanks, BillM
  2. Hi, everyone! At the present, REST services are widely in use. But they have disadvantages. They do not have a formal description file, and not easy to design. SOAP services, in contrast, require less effort to develop but not as fast as REST, and not easy to consume in web browsers. I am thinking about a new type of web service that combines the strength of the above two, and I would like to present the idea to web service providers. But I don't know how to start. Where should I go first? Do you know someone who is interested in such idea and can promote its use? Or, rather, do you think SOAP and REST are efficient and there is no need to invent a new one?
  3. Hello, my config is : windows server 2008 R2, WAMPP, PHP 5.3.0 with SOAP extension enabled. when i use __soapCall, i obtain this error on screen : Wrong Version this is the code (i use local copy of WSDL - service.xml) : $header = new SoapHeader("...."); $file = 'http://www.mysite/service.xml';try {$soapclient = new SoapClient(null, array( 'location' => $file, 'uri' => "http://www.mysite/", 'trace' => 1));$soapclient->__setSOAPHeaders(array($header));} catch (SoapFault $e) { // error }...$parameters = array(...); $params=array(null, new SoapParam($parameters, 'parameters'));$services = $soapclient->__soapCall("myWebService", $params); if you have a idea ? the call of __soapCall is it correct ? problem with SOAP and windows server 2008 ? problem with version of DLL ? .... Thanks you in advance, FM
  4. HiI need to parse a SOAP response xml and display come of the nodes values in an HTML page.I have tried to do this, but it doesn't work:<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><script>if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {// code for IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari xmlhttp=new XMLHttpRequest(); }else {// code for IE6, IE5 xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); }<!--xmlhttp.open("GET","testing.xml",false);-->xmlhttp.open("POST","http://{server}/soap/services/ICDMS_PortalFormsIntegration/Processes/LC_GetDeployedFormsList?wsdl&lc_version=9.0.0&version=1.0",true);xmlhttp.send();xmlDoc=xmlhttp.responseXML;document.write("<table border='1'>");var x=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("FormType");for (i=0;i<x.length;i++) { document.write("<tr><td>"); document.write(x.getElementsByTagName("id")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue); document.write("</td><td>"); document.write(x.getElementsByTagName("name")[0].childNodes[0].nodeValue); document.write("</td></tr>"); }document.write("</table>");</script></body></html> Can anyone help? Is there a different way I need to make the SOAP endpoint call?Thanks in advance
  5. Hi to all, I need a little help about understating SOAP and xml shema. Client who is sending me some data send as shema.xsd in which all xml attributes are defined. As this is .xsd file I do not know if this goes for soap communication. I have made a parser in php which parse me all attributes and save it to mysql. First I was having a problem because I did not get any body attributes in http post ($_POST, I just get head, where was few SOAP parameters). I have to do it like: soap_response = file_get_contents('php://input'); Ok, now I get all parameter and my apache sends 200 OK. Problem is that on other side my client gets: ServerWsError [Could not create message from InputStream: Invalid Content-Type:text/html. Is this an error message instead of a SOAP response?; nested exception is com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.SOAPExceptionImpl: Invalid Content-Type:text/html. Is this an error message instead of a SOAP response?] Where could be a problem? This is my
  6. Hi there, I have been looking up on how to use SOAP in relation to php and have managed to hit a bit of a snag with it. Basically on my server i get some information which is presented in xml format from sharepoint. I then wish to access this data from a php file on another server and print it out onto the screen. I have heard using a soap call is the best method for this. The problems i am having are as follows: Gaining authorisation to the xml file i which contains the soap contents i.e. how to log in with username and password Reading the soap content in php to capture some data and print it out Shown below is a copy of my data which is in an xml format: <xml><s:Schema id="RowsetSchema"><s:ElementType name="row" content="eltOnly" rs:CommandTimeout="30"><s:AttributeType name="ows_DocIcon" rs:name="Type" rs:number="1"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_LinkFilename" rs:name="Name" rs:number="2"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_Created" rs:name="Created" rs:number="3"><s:datatype dt:type="datetime" dt:maxLength="8"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_Author" rs:name="Created By" rs:number="4"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:lookup="true" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_CheckoutUser" rs:name="Checked Out To" rs:number="5"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:lookup="true" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows__x007b_064b332a_x002d_4d9e_x002d_4e7e_x002d_8cf9_x002d_227b6c7972db_x007d_" rs:name="Learner Name" rs:number="6"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_StartDate" rs:name="Start Date" rs:number="7"><s:datatype dt:type="datetime" dt:maxLength="8"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_JobTitle" rs:name="Job Title" rs:number="8"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_Region" rs:name="Region" rs:number="9"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType><s:AttributeType name="ows_Learner_x0020_Email" rs:name="Learner Email" rs:number="10"><s:datatype dt:type="string" dt:maxLength="512"/></s:AttributeType></s:ElementType></s:Schema><z:row ows_DocIcon="xml" ows_LinkFilename="learner_name.xml" ows_Created="2012-03-20 16:26:24" ows_Author="17;#**** *****" ows__x007b_064b332a_x002d_4d9e_x002d_4e7e_x002d_8cf9_x002d_227b6c7972db_x007d_="****** ******" ows_StartDate="2012-03-20 00:00:00" ows_JobTitle="Director" ows_Region="Durham" ows_Learner_x0020_Email="******@hotmail.co.uk"/></rs:data></xml> Ok so that is the code for one learner record which i am wanting to parse in php...all i want to know is, what do i do to get the learner e-mail address? (the one with the value xxxxx@hotmail.com from the page which requires authorisation to view it. So far i have tried the following with no luck (hashed out the main part of url as contains confidential material): <?php$xml = simplexml_load_file("http://*********.co.uk:8088/OPS/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={6A2E72AB-8F77-4B94-A7FA-DB00527CEFB4}&XMLDATA=TRUE");echo $xml->AttributeType() . "<br />";foreach($xml->children() as $child){echo $child->AttributeType() . ": " . $child . "<br />";}?> I have also tried the following php code to display the learner name field (that is the name starting with ows__ with letters, underscores and numbers as shown below). it just says failed to load external entity which i am unsure about: <?php$client = new SoapClient("http://*********.co.uk:8088/OPS/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={6A2E72AB-8F77-4B94-A7FA-DB00527CEFB4}&XMLDATA=TRUE", array(trace=>true, 'login'=>"*******", 'password'=>"*****"));$res = $client->row(array('ows__x007b_064b332a_x002d_4d9e_x002d_4e7e_x002d_8cf9_x002d_227b6c7972db_x007d_'=>5));print $res;?> As you can see i have hashed all of the confidential details out but if somebody could maybe correct my php code so that i can gain access to the file, parse an element from the xml and then display it on the screen then that would be great. Obviously i do have more records but only displayed the first one for demonstration purposes. I also have access to the request and response generated by the server if you wish to see them or maybe point me in the direction on how i can use them instead to print out the values in php. Many thanks, Mark
  7. I'm relatively new to SOAP, so please forgive any lack of knowledge I should have... We have a server application with a SOAP interface, and the SOAP operation response data contains an element which is a complex type, which looks something like : <myResult code="123" description="invalid parameter NAME"> When (for any reason) the server fails to process, or reject a request, at the SOAP level, which results in a Fault element to be in the response, the client would also like to receive an appropriate application response data element like in <myResult> above. My question is this, when a response is sent (presumably with an HTTP response code of 500) containing a Fault element, is it allowed/recommended to ALSO include application level response data ? The Fault can/does contain enough information, basically the same information. For example, is this kind of response allowed, a basic Fault with a <myResult> element added : <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/"> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <SOAP-ENV:Fault> <faultcode>SOAP-ENV:Server</faultcode> <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring> <detail> ... </detail> </SOAP-ENV:Fault> <myResult code="123" description="invalid parameter NAME"> </SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope> As background we are using gSOAP, and when a SOAP error occurs, a callback function is called, and the Fault element populated. What we may need to implement is something that grabs the <faultcode> and <faultstring> and puts this into the <myResult> element attributes, but I'm not sure if this is "allowed" or recommended...
  8. sepoto


    http://asp.wheelpros.com/cs/ws/dealerline.ashx?service=makes&year=2010 In regards to the link above I have been told that I need to interact with the link via SOAP. I am new to SOAP so I am a bit lost really on how to interact with the message retrieved by the link. I know I want to get the message and store only the important parts in an array for use later. Does anyone have sample SOAP code for this? Thanks!
  9. So I've been trying to put together a little weather application using the NOAA's weather feed. The site I am connecting to is http://graphical.weather.gov/xml/ Basically, I'm a newbie when it comes to PHP. I want to code it such that a user can enter a zip code and retrieve a host of climatic data. If any one is familiar with tapping into this database (the NDFD) and could help, I'd be very grateful. Below is the code. I first want to retrieve the latitude and longitude of a given zip code and then, because both coordinates are given as a string, I want to break them up into $Lat and $Lon, respectively, and I've been successful with these specific steps. However, I believe I am running into trouble generating the XML from the $result variable and running into trouble with the subsequent parsing on the XML. I'm thinking the issue is with how I am calling the NuSoap client and associated NDFD server file. Anyways, here's the code, and I'd be very appreciative of any help. Thanks. <?php /* http://sourceforge.net/projects/nusoap/ */require('../lib/nusoap.php'); $getZip = array('zipCodeList' => $_GET['zipCodeList']); try{ $c = new nusoap_client('http://graphical.weather.gov/xml/DWMLgen/wsdl/ndfdXML.wsdl', 'wsdl'); $LatLonList = $c->call('LatLonListZipCode',$getZip); $LatLonStr = $LatLonList; $LatLon = explode(',', $LatLonStr, 2);$Lat = ($LatLon[0]);$Lon = ($LatLon[1]); $parameters = array('product' => 'glance','numDays' => 5,'format' => '24 hourly','latitude' => $Lat, 'longitude' => $Lon); $result = $c->call('NDFDgen', $parameters);}catch (Excepion $ex){/* nuSOAP throws an exception is there was a problem fetching the data */echo 'failed';} /* parse the XML data into a giant data object */try{$xml = new SimpleXMLElement($result);}catch (Exception $ex){/* the XML was probably invalid */die('Failed to parse the XML');}
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