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Found 5 results

  1. Hei Guys, my Name is Manuel and I'm trying to develop my first self designed Webpage. As a starting Point I choosed a template from w3schools.org. So far my Webpage is a one-page site with scripts displaying Content and removing it (when clicking on Navigator menu). Everything is designed with w3.css . I'm displaying a lot of Content. Especially a lot of Pictures (already optimized to a maximum of 200KB). So Here Comes my Question: What can I do to improve loading performance of my Website? What can I do to check and improve the Google Rating? I build a Ajax request to call a mailScript.php on the Server. Is this OK or is there any better method? I hope you can understand my Questions even if they are a bit beginner like. Thanks for your replies. Greetings from Germany Manuel
  2. Hi all, How is the performance and speed compare between a website that is coded with html 5, CSS 3, MySQL, and PHP 7 only and the same website but added to it js, jQuery, and JSON?
  3. Hi... I heard that the 'require' is slower than 'include'....But, i don't know how to check their speed..Please tell me how to check the php code speed ....
  4. So far i know that columns with 1-5 character should be marked as "Char" instead of "Varchar" because of less memory usage. Does this run SQL-database faster if i just choose certain values like SELECT name, password FROM account instead of SELECT * FROM account? Does it actually mater do i choose char or varchar?
  5. knutsford


    I am calling the xml file from laterooms using $xml = simplexml_load_file("http://xmlfeed.laterooms.com/index.aspx?aid=11929&rtype=4&kword=" . $County[0]); where $County[0] is the county name The I am using a loop to echo the contents of 5 of the child nodes foreach ($xml->hotel as $hotel){ } It is very slow so is there a quicker way of using the xml file? There are umpteen child nodes for each Hotel which I don't need which will be slowing it down to start with. Thanks
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