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Found 5 results

  1. I have a session running after someone registers and log into my page and i want to use that session ID How can i use the session id to store new information into a other mysql database and when the same user logs in retrieve it again from that database? I want that the user log into the page and then create a character. I just don't know how to bind it together. I made a new page where you need to create/select Character name, $ex, Race, Home world and a new table called "players" with those 4 in it plus id and User_id how would i code it so that the users session ID from the
  2. Hopefully someone can help me solve with this "easy" problem! I'm looking for a way to populate data in a Contact Form 7 (WordPress) from session. The session will be started by clicking on a book now button like this: <?php session_start(); if(isset($_GET['bookingdate'])) { $_SESSION['started'] = true;}?><a href="?bookingdate"> Book now </a> After clicking the button and the session is started I want to redirect to the form "booking " page and populate one of the fields with the booking date. The visitor will fill the rest of the form and submits. After submission the
  3. I wonder why session_destroy() does not work on the page (destroy_session.php). Set the session: http://learntolive.x10.mx/PHP/Sessions/set_sessions.php <?phpsession_start();$_SESSION['username'] = "username1";$_SESSION['password'] = "password1";$_SESSION['array'] = array('array0','array1','array2');?><html><head><script type="text/javascript">var sPageFullPath = String(window.location.href);var iDelim = sPageFullPath.lastIndexOf("/");var sPageRootPath = sPageFullPath.substring(0,iDelim+1);var iCount = 3;var iTimerCount = iCount*1000;var sRedirectURL = "get_sessio
  4. Yo W3S again... i have this little project of my own.its a little hard to explain, but also only a theory, so feel free to ask in to it... i have been watching a project called TBdev (its a torrent project, yes, but hear me out first...). i have been trying to see how they have builded up their login system with cookies. and to be more specific, their functions inside the main-file called bittorrent.php. anyways, i am kinda building my own functions for this to work, but im trying to build in a little different way then them... i think... here is my functions: function login_session($db_outp
  5. hello w3schools once again.. was thinking..im building this new website with user-login's to the website.. is it possible to make a box that will show ALL logged in users within like 10 min or so?.. was just thinking about it...if yes, wonna give a clue about it?.. -thanks alot! ...
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