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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I'm building a website and I'm wondering if I can use a stylesheet provided by W3schools for some elements on the site. This is the stylesheet http://www.w3schools.com/lib/w3.css Thanks,
  2. Hello. I Was Reading A Stylesheet When I Found A Strange @import Rule,I've Never Faced This Rule. What Is The Difference Between Including A Stylesheet Using @import Rule,And Doing The Same Using <link rel="stylesheet"/>?,And Do You Suggest Me To Use This Rule?.
  3. Hi, I need to reference the w3.css stylesheet on a server for a competition (building a website is required and we want a good looking one, but we can't have the stylesheet reference a link it has to be on the server). When I went to download the css the link provided me with a page filled with a bunch of code that I couldn't fully understand, but it did not download any files. Anyways I simply don't know what I'm doing and would appreciate some help on this. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I have tried so many things to get this to work but to no avail, can someon eplease help me out here with a simple script for n XML steam feed. http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUserStats/GetGlobalAchievementPercentagesForApp/v0002/?gameid=221380&format=xml OK NOW THE ISSUE IS: I have a blank webpage which I have placed the above link into, I simply want the contents of the XML feed from the link to appear in my page....... How do I make the contents of that url appear on the same page?? SO I NEED THE SMALL SCRIPT OR HTML CODE TO DO THIS Also I would like to have the background a certain colour and use a certain font like 12point arial with bold headings and lower case text. Can someone please provide me with the html to allow this XML feed to appear on my webpage with a different colour background, arial 12pt font in bold and lowercase Could someone pleasde please help me.......... With regards Mathew
  5. Hello, I'm new to html but have been put in charge of updating my companies website. I need to change the header and page marker on the site from blue to orange. After discovering the stylesheet I was able to see that these were actually .jpg and .gif files which is why I wasn't able to just insert the colour name (#FF7519) I wanted. I am not sure how to go about making these and do not seem to be using the correct terminology to find the answer through google. Can anybody assist? I'm using a Mac but do not have photoshop. Header file name: top_bg.jpg Page marker file name: button_on.gif I would like them exactly the same, just with a colour change. Thank you in advance. I apologise if this is posted in completely the wrong area.
  6. Hi. I'm just looking for clarification on something.I have a page which I uploaded to a folder on a server. The page has associated with it a style sheet (CSS) and other files. Currently I believe the code in the page is looking for the associated items in the wrong place as it is coded thus:<link href="index_files/style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><script src="index_files/functions.js" language="javascript"></script>the folder these items are now placed in is a totally different place than the addresses aboveas they are in www.canwork-fromhome.com/Cash-in (the 'Cash-in' part is the holding folder)I have the style sheet and the functions.js in the same folder but the index page does notfind them addressed in the current way.I'm not sure how to write the address in after the"href=" to allow the code in the index page to find the code in the style sheet and fuctions.jsCan anyone point me in the right direction?ThanksJohn M.
  7. I'm working on the TEI stylesheet for EPUB for a BA degree project. I'm trying to modify the stylesheet files, so that they create a list of names selected by me, displayed at the bottom of the file (a final index).I'm trying to force the xsl to write an xml code in preflight mode after the body section (inside “<back>”). But I find hard to define what to do in my template... I even thought to use a function, but I don't understand how do that.I tried to make sure that the right file is selected with the code xsl: attribute; I found this method on the internet but I do not know if it's right.This is my code: <xsl:template match="tei:body" mode="preflight"><xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-ofselect="inputDir"/></xsl:attribute><xsl:choose><xsl:when test="position()=last()"><back><div type="indiceNomi"><b>Indice dei luoghi:</b><xsl:apply-templates select="tei:rs[@type='luogo']"><xsl:sort order="ascending"><p><xsl:value-of select="."/></p></xsl:sort></xsl:apply-templates></div></back></xsl:when><xsl:otherwise></xsl:otherwise></xsl:choose></xsl:template> I would like to know if you can show me which file I need to edit to change the CSS in the epub outuput.Can you please explain me what you would do in my situation, or help me in some other way?Thank you.
  8. Hi guys, I am currently having some issues with certain elements of a website I am building displaying slightly differently in different browsers. One example is: I have a form which contains two text input fields and two buttons. I have the text input fields one beneath the other and the two buttons below them, side-by-side. They sit beside one another fine in Chrome and IE9 (believe it or not!) and barely in Opera. However, in Firefox they do not. I have given the buttons a class and played around with the margins and padding, I also floated each button to the left. I am also aware that each browser has it's own default CSS rules? I imagine this would play a big part in elements displaying differently. Is there a way that I can remove each browsers default rules? I hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
  9. I'm using WYMeditor (http://www.wymeditor.org) on a website I'm building. The way the editor works is by inserting an iframe into the page. Unfortunately, that means that there are no styles applied to the content of the iframe. Consequently, I want to insert a stylesheet into the iframe to make it look like what it will when the edit is saved. Here's how I went about it: $('#edit').wymeditor() // initialize wymeditor // add styles to iframe var iframe = $('iframe').first(),style = document.createElement('link') style.type = 'text/css'style.rel = 'stylesheet'style.href = '/styles/styles.css' iframe.contentWindow.document.body.appendChild(style) This works when I enter the "add styles to iframe" section from the console. But when I put them into a script on the page, it doesn't work anymore. I did some debugging to see why, and it is because the iframe is not loaded yet ("undefined"). If I run the function 1 second after the WYMeditor is initialized, then it adds the stylesheet successfully. But there must be a better solution than that, though. Any ideas?
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