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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to escape a loop if $mainRow's value has already been called. Here is what I have but it is not working. while ($stmt->fetch()) { $mail_main[] = $mainRow; $main_arr .= ''.$main_arr.', '.$mainRow.''; $main_arr_array = explode(",", $main_arr); if (in_array($mainRow, $main_arr_array, TRUE)){ continue; //break; } }
  2. I would like to create a stored routine for MySQL that figures out the number of business or working days for a month (Working Days are Monday thru Friday). I have not created the procedure portion of it yet as I want to ensure that the code works first. Please note that there is a function called first_day. This is a function provided by my hosting provider. I also have another function for this that will figure out the first day of the month if I didn't have it from the hosting company. It is not currently used and can be removed for testing purposes. I am testing this through phpmyadmin SQL Query. phpmyadmin uses the mysql extension and not the mysqli extension processing if that makes a difference. (The hosting company refuses to update it). It's a syntax error however I don't know what the syntax error is. All it tells me is: 1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'WHILE(@daycount < @totaldays) DO IF (WEEKDAY(@checkweekday) < 6) THEN ' at line 2 My Syntax Error is in the following: WHILE(@daycount < @totaldays) DO IF (WEEKDAY(@checkweekday) < 6) THEN My Code: SELECT MONTH(CURDATE()) INTO @curmonth; SELECT MONTHNAME(CURDATE()) INTO @curmonthname; SELECT DAY(LAST_DAY(CURDATE())) INTO @totaldays; SELECT FIRST_DAY(CURDATE()) INTO @checkweekday; SELECT DAY(@checkweekday) INTO @checkday; SET @daycount = 0; SET @workdays = 0; BEGIN WHILE(@daycount < @totaldays) DO IF (WEEKDAY(@checkweekday) < 6) THEN SET @workdays = @workdays+1; END IF; SET @daycount = @daycount+1; SELECT ADDDATE('@checkweekday', INTERVAL 1 DAY) INTO @checkweekday; END WHILE; END; SELECT @workdays; I receive the same error with the following bit of code so it probably has something to do with this: SET @workdays = 0; IF (WEEKDAY('2013-06-13') < 6) THEN SET @workdays = @workdays+1; END IF; SELECT @workdays; Is someone able to assist?
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