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Found 3 results

  1. Difference between https and http in iis during web hosting
  2. CNT

    confusing naming

    What is OpenDNS.com ? Of course, I browse in that website... still trying to understand this. Is this OpenDNS.com for registering a domain name? If yes, is it free? Is it also a webhosting? I tried looking for the offical DNS registering website, where is that? I did understood surface about DNS and ICANN, but now I am litle confused. Can WHOIS be controled without paying for it. I am just learning that I have to "point my domain to" webhosting. What is that called? routing? I am not only looking for "free" stuff. I just want to understand what/where I am entitled to get a domain in offically prices. I understand there is a tiny automatically charge for ICANN. At this point, I want to leave the website that I paid my domain at (reason is if doing email from PHP, the email shows the website). I guess, to make this "simplier" for me, what is OpenDNS.com? I like to know little more about this before I actually create a account with them. It is my understanding that I need two things: (1) a DNS (a domain name) and (2) a webhost (where my website would be) and those two can be from seperate places (or "all-eggs-in-one-basket"). A webhost is, of course, a paid place (while some offer free hosting) or can have own's web server (I am not there yet... I am seriously thinking about it just to learn from it, try out for a year to see if it's worth it). Lastly, I hope this is the right place for this... Web Servers. Chuck
  3. In the HTML tutorials, all images were added from a web location (img src="url"/>), when creating my new site, how do i add the images which are on my computer. Do I have to upload the images to a FTP location on the web first and then create the web pages? OR Should i create everything under one folder on my computer and then upload the entire folder to the web host?
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