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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there!!Is there any way to find the absolute position of an element? (Element.offsetTop, Element.style.top etc, are all give the relative position of the element related to its parent element).Thanks in advance!!Atar.
  2. I have 2 questions. First one is most important! I attach the php, and the css files here for you (Hello dsonesuk ) to look and maybe help me with this. I may know how to do this, but then i might need to change it all and do it all from a a beginning again. So i would like a fast change advise for this problem. Anyway here it goes: I have the class called "sidboxes" wich are located to the right of the container(browser). And in that class 3 classes - the classes are called sidbox1, 2, and 3 for each of the 3 boxes. So i have now as you can see in the css an position:absolute. When i minimize the window here at the workplace i am, it moves around 5-10 mm. But when i am at home at the laptop this whole class move about 10 cm into the middle! I tried(not at home though but here where i am now on a different computer.) to write relative instead(as i think it actually must be relative!) but then this whole class moves down and makes a big space below everything. Now the images are not attached but i think you know how to help anyway . The boxes are supposed to be at the same place AS they are when having the absolute tag, BUT not move around when minimizing a window. As neither absolute seems to be the right tag to use, i need help now, cause i tried with relative both outside and inside the container i have. 2 question: What can i do to remove that empty space at the bottom wich is about 2-3 cm???? (the last cssfile attached is for the menyboxes to the left. I think the empty space got to do with them....) index52.php pse52.css pse5menyset2.css
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