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Found 1 result

  1. Weiss

    Sticky notes

    Hi. Im trying to make an online sticky notes system. each user will be able to subscribe to number of boards. each board will hold memos. so in case me and my friend are subscribed to the same board (we can both subscribe to different boards also regardless) and i put a memo on that board, my friend will see that memo also. So... i crated the sql database, and now when the user logged in, he is automatically see the boards he's subscribed to and the memos on that board. only thing is, i want him to be able to add memo to a board. as for now, the script takes the userid, then run sql query to check his subscribed boards and saves the boards id on an array, after that, on each board, the script loops thru the memos on the database to see which memo is connected to that board id and then display it. so im not sure how can i do the Add note thingy here, i thought about making a little form inside each of the display boards, a simple <teaxtarea> and <submit> and when user submit i run the SELF PHP page and insert a query. ONLY problem is, how can i know which of the forms did the user submitted? if there could be a way the form could hold the board id number inside of it.. is there a way to do that? im posting a pic to try to explain what i mean. **You can see the title of the board in pink, after that all notes float left and the form comes after the notes. in this example to user subscribed to 2 boards. thank you
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